Whether You Were A Horse Girl Or A Scene Kid, We Want Photographic Evidence Of Your Embarrassing High School Phase

We’re a couple of weeks into the new school year, and high school kids all over the world are getting used to their classes, making new friends, and of course, discovering and settling into their own unique adolescent phases.

By mid-high school, I myself was deep into my sad Tumblr girl phase where I listened to The Smiths, only wore black, and thought I was better than everyone else.

"thinking I'm too cool for Christmas"

If you’re anything like me, losing yourself deep into a phase is how you got through the hell that is teenagerdom. And eventually, that stage in your life helped you form into the person you are today, no matter how embarrassing or insufferable you were.

So, I want to see pictures from your weird teen phases!

Maybe, like me, you were brimming with teen angst. So, to deal with it, you latched on to the angriest music you could find, and before you knew it, you were acting and dressing like what you thought was considered punk — complete with a fake nose ring and skull accessories you got from Claire’s.

Perhaps, you were a bit celebrity-obsessed. You lived and breathed shows like Laguna Beach and The Simple Life. You wore trucker hats and Ugg boots, said “that’s hot” constantly, and forced your friends to take fake paparazzi pictures of you.

Ashley Tisdale and Brenda Song

Or, maybe you had some hobby or interest that most kids your age didn’t, but you loved it so much, it kind of became your entire personality — and people could tell just by looking at you.

Whatever the phase was, I want to see a picture of it! In the comments below, share a photo of yourself during a phase you went through in high school, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

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