What's Something You Wish You'd Known Before You Got Married?

Marriage is a big step in a relationship that many couples choose to embrace together. People can get married for a variety of reasons, and there’s really no set time table for when to tie the knot. Some couples may do so quickly, and others may wait years. No matter a person’s path to marriage, there are some lessons you just can’t learn until you go through the whole process.

Perhaps, you found wedding planning to be incredibly stressful, and you felt like you couldn’t focus on yourself or your partner because you had to worry about food, drinks, setup, teardown, decor, entertainment, your guests, etc. In hindsight, you wish you had talked to more couples about the planning process and hired someone to help with coordination. You underestimated how chaotic and stressful it could be, and you feel like you didn’t really enjoy your own wedding as a result.

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Or, maybe you rushed into a marriage during an emotionally vulnerable time of your life. You were overly trusting of someone who did not have your best interest at heart, and sadly, you later learned the importance of a prenup.

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Or, perhaps you only lived with your partner for a few months before getting married. You were in a lovey-dovey honeymoon phase leading up to the wedding, so living together felt like a dream. After you got married, everything changed. They expected you to do all the housework despite both of you working full-time jobs, and they began pushing you to quit your job to prepare for being a stay-at-home parent. You had discussed some family planning things before getting married, but your partner had always pushed it off saying you had time. Now, you wish you had had more tough conversations before marriage so that you wouldn’t feel so stuck.

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