What Tips Do You Have For Cooking Latine Food That Make It Ten Times Easier, Faster, Or Tastier?

If there’s one thing I know for certain, it’s that my fellow Latine folks make some incredible food. Whether it’s a Latin American dish you grew up making — like pupusas or mofongo — or just adding your own spin to something simple, the food is always 10/10.

Well, as a Latina who is…not a great chef, to say the least, I’ve decided to ask you for your best cooking tips and tricks.

selena gomez holding a whisk over a bowl

Perhaps you like to add a secret ingredient — like bacon grease or chiles — to your refried beans to take them to the next level (and everyone loooves it, but nobody can figure out quite what it is).

refried beans

Maybe you have a special way of making tamales that’s such a gamechanger, everyone always asks you make them for Christmas Eve.

tamales wrapped in banana leaves

Maybe it’s something more simple. Like, perhaps your go-to spice is cumin, and you think a lotttt of people would make way tastier food if they added a bit here and there to their sauces or marinades.


Or perhaps you think some food pairs way better with yucca or plantain than it does with something like rice or roasted potatoes, and waaay more people should try the combo for themselves.

plate of yucca with a check mark and plate a potatoes with an x

However simple or complex your tip is, I want to hear about it! In the comments below or via this anonymous form, tell us about the cooking hack (for food from Latin American countries or otherwise!) that you swear by. It just might end up in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

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