Things To Buy During Fall Prime Day That'll Help You Get Ready For The Cold Weather Ahead

Amazon’s fall version of Prime Day (the Prime Early Access Sale) begins today and there are more deals than you could ever conceivably look through in an ENTIRE LIFETIME.

We waded through the mountains of bargains for you and found some of the best deals in every category.

FYI — deals move quickly on Prime Day. We’ll do our best to keep this post and imagery as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately. Check back throughout Prime Day to see our latest updates as the deals change!

Note: To get these deals you have to be a Prime member, so if you aren’t already, sign up for a free 30 day trial here


A set of four claw clips for up to 47% off because you can normally get away with washing your hair less during the winter…this’ll make getting your dirty hair outta your face THAT much easier.


A luxurious lip sleeping mask for up to 30% off that’ll have you saying “new lips, who dis?” when you wake up in the morning. Although it’s technically a “sleeping” mask, you can still slather this on throughout the day if you want to add some extra sheen to your lip color.


A rechargeable electric lighter for 41% off that’ll help you easily light all your seasonal candles. Matches? Lighter fluid? I don’t know her.


Briogeo’s cult-fave Don’t Despair, Repair hair mask for 30% off for a weekly boost of deep conditioning. The blend of rosehip oil, algae extract, B vitamins and more boosts strength, shine, and moisture levels, AND reduces breakage. That’s getting the job done…especially during a season that seems to rob your hair of all moisture.

A model's before/after with more defined curls


Or Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 Repairing Treatment for 20% off, which beauty enthusiasts and hair stylists alike have sworn by for *years* to instantly revitalize, repair, and strengthen hair of all types. If your hair is having some 🥴 days because of heat damage, recent coloring, or split ends, this bottle is about to be your new BFF. (Also heads up — Olaplex shampoo and conditioner are also on sale!)


A 23andMe DNA testing kit for 50% off that’ll give you PLENTY to pore over whenever it’s too cold to even consider leaving the house.


A bottle of professional grade callus-removing gel for 40% off to dissolve those caked-on calluses you never thought you’d get rid of. Plus, it only takes about seven minutes to use, so it’s perfect if you need your feet to look presentable in a hurry.

Reviewer's foot before and after using callus gel


A Roomba robot vacuum for 49% off (this is the best deal on record for this Roomba!) so you can watch your house get cleaned of all those extra leaves and bits you keep tracking in without even having to get up from the couch. Technology can be great.


A set of three jumbo coloring pads for 63% off that’ll certainly keep your tykes busy for more than a minute — they’re gonna have a blast coloring in these massive pages!

a child coloring in the big coloring pages


A Vitamix Professional Series blender for 37% off (that’s $230 in savings) — this baby chops, grinds, blends, emulsifies, and can even heat up soup! After all, it IS soup season now.

dark gray blender


A glare-free Kindle Paperwhite for 29% off so you can cozy up to a good book without running out to the library or bookstore. Plus, you’ll be able to read in the bath without fear of ruining a prized copy of your favorite novel.


A popular Kitchenaid mini stand mixer for 32% off perfect for whipping up ALL kinds of seasonal treats in bulk so you can share with your friends. (We’re friends, right?!)


A quiet Levoit air purifier for 30% off that’ll help remove airborne dust, allergens, smoke, pet dander, and more that seem to really be out and about once your heat kicks in for the season.

A reviewer's white air purifier in their bedroom, next to a nightstand to show its small size


A Ninja “NeverDull” knife system for 40% off including 12 knives, kitchen shears, and a borderline genius knife block with a built-in sharpener so you can chop ingredients with ease (and more safely!). After all, you keep telling yourself that once it gets cooler you’re *really* going to start cooking.

The knives and block


A Walking Pad under-desk treadmill for 37% off that folds right in half for easy storage so you can get your steps in while you’re watching TV or just can’t bring yourself to go outside due to the scary-low temps.


And a flywheel stationary bike for 42% off with a built-in tablet holder perfect for watching TV or using a workout app (like Peloton!) without having to figure out layers for venturing outside.

A reviewer's bike


Or a NordicTrack S22i exercise bike for 40% off to get your legs pumping and up your heart rate without ever having to leave your home — especially now that it’s cooling down *shivers*. You’ll also get a 30-day iFIT membership to stream live and on-demand workouts.


A set of energy-restoring shower steamers for 41% off for days when you wake up and you just can’t even because of the forecast. These are made with grapefruit, cocoa orange, and citrus essential oils to give you a quick jolt *much* more relaxing than that rude alarm clock of yours.

Reviewer holding three foil wrapped shower steamers


A Shark upright vacuum for 40% off because…*looks at your carpets* *looks back at you* *looks at your carpets* *looks back at you*

the purple corded vacuum cleaning a rug


A tiny milk frother for up 46% off in select colors that makes rich, creamy froths in seconds, because why stop at regular tea and coffee when you can have velvety-soft milk tea and lattes?


The Fitbit Inspire 2 for 42% off (it’s the lowest price yet on Amazon!) so you can keep track of your steps, cardio and more — the battery even lasts 10 days on a single charge (and some reviewers say even longer)! This can be especially helpful during winter months when you can move a shockingly short distance on the reg.

A reviewer's pink fitbit on their wrist


The Amazon Coat* for 45% off, a chicly oversized parka that’ll keep you truly toasty warm — and make everyone think you splurged big time. Mega style, mega warmth, and pockets for days? Yeah this is my fave winter coat.I have talked so many people into getting this jacket because it really is *that good*.

Me showing the sherpa-lined hood and many pockets in the green winter coat


Or a long puffer coat from the same brand for 30% off so you can confidently tackle colder temps knowing your bottom will be protected from gusty winds. This hood is also removable!


A teddy jacket for 30% off — a warm yet stylish addition to your winter wardrobe. You’ll love layering up in this whether you’re at home, school, running errands, or hanging out with friends.

buzzfeed editor wearing the teddy jacket in tan


A pair of Levi’s Ribcage straight-leg jeans for up to 50% off that are IMO the *ultimate* high-waisted jeans. All you need is a cozy oversized sweatshirt and your fave sneakers to complete your OOTD.

A reviewer showing the back of the jeans


Memory foam slippers up to 30% off because if you’re planning on bundling up, that includes from head…all the way down to your toes.

reviewer wearing slippers in grey color with jeans


A lightweight crewneck sweater for up to 32% off will be your new favorite wardrobe staple if you prefer to layer due to your hot nature (same). There are tons of colors to choose from and it’ll look great layered under your go-to jacket or by itself with some jeans and booties.


A countertop Aerogarden Harvest hydroponic garden for 53% off so you can grow all the herbs you want without a backyard OR warm weather. And thanks to the LED grow lights, plus a watering-reminding system, no green thumb required either.

Reviewer's aerogarden with lots of different plants


A super cozy, extra-large blanket for 20% off that’ll assure EVERYONE gets some blanket when it’s movie night and you’re all snuggling together. It’s a whopping 10 feet by 10 feet in size and ample enough for adults, much less for a family!

Four models inside a large red and black checkered blanket on the couch


A pair of lace-up combat boots for 30% off that are solid Dr. Martens dupes and can be worn with everything from leggings to skirts.


And for those rainy days, a pair of Sperry ankle rainboots for up to 43% off, which are *so* much more comfortable than the tall, stiff ones.


A lightweight down vest for 30% off because as the temps drop, you’ll want to ensure you have some toasty, cute outerwear to bundle up in.


A cable knit sweater with a funnel neck for up to 30% off —perfect for looking pulled together when you walk the dog or are logging onto a video-required work meeting.

model wearing cable knit sweater in beige


A pair of sherpa-lined joggers for 20% you may as well buy multiples of right now because you’ll want to live in them once the temps dip to freezing (or possibly well before that).


A pair of faux-leather leggings for up to 33% off that reviewers say are an A+ affordable dupe for the ones by Spanx (these have thousands of 5-star ratings!).


A chunky pullover for 44% off you’ll love snuggling up on the couch with once the temps drop. But as you can see, it makes for excellent outdoor photo shoots too.


A bread-making machine for 30% off because what on earth is your home for if not to be filled with the scent of FRESHLY BAKED BREAD?? This comes complete with 12 different cycles to make everything from basic bread to French to gluten-free to whole grain, not to mention jam and cake 😋.


And a digital smart toaster for 29% off with so many settings you’re about to feel more powerful than the “I love bread” Oprah GIF. This toaster has preset options for everything from bagels to waffles to English muffins to POP-TARTS, plus you can indicate if you’re popping them in frozen, fresh, or to reheat. Plus when it’s ~at rest~ it shows a sleek digital or analog clock display.


An inflatable hot tub with LEGITIMATE AIR JETS for $230 off, because why settle for an ordinary backyard when you can live your best hotel hot tub life without any of the hassle of installing and maintaining an actual one? Sign all of us the heck up.

the inflatable hot tub


A Casper pillow for 30% off because you haven’t replaced yours in ohhh, three or four years? Never a better time than prime sleeping season to make the swap.

The white pillow next to some of the microfiber filling


A mystical colorant for 40% off that’ll transform your fire pit into one seemingly filled with magic and dancing colors — who wouldn’t want that?


A Neff beanie for up to 32% off to literally *top* off your comfy fall ‘fit.


A lush bath robe up to 52% off so you can bum around the house in luxurious, warm fashion.


A fleece pullover for 32% off you’ll ~fall~ in love with wearing so much your friends will start to wonder if you own any other clothing. *Plugs ears and continues to wear this cozy pullover forever and ever.*


A comfy turtleneck midi dress for 36% off you can make look ~extra~ fall chic with a cute plaid button-down tied around the waist.


A collared quarter-zip for 30% off — perfect for layering under a cute vest or puffer coat.

model wearing light beige quarter zip with denim shorts

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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