The Lowe's Labor Day Sale Has Arrived, With Discounts On Everything You Need To Give Your Yard (And Garage, And Bathroom, And Kitchen) A Glow Up

I know you’re all busy trying to enjoy the last few days of summer, but this CAN’T WAIT! The Lowe’s Labor Day Sale is here through 9/6, with savings you don’t want to miss — including things you might even want for this final stretch of BBQs and outdoor fun before the weather turns colder!

Let’s not waste any more time and jump right to it. We’ve rounded up some of our top picks to get you started:


A Google Nest smart thermostat that will make it super easy to adjust the temperature in your home no matter where you are. You can use the app when you’re out and about to make sure your home is chilly/ cozy as you like when you get back; you can also just yell “hey Google, turn up the heat” when you’re chilling on the couch. Plus, it’ll send you alerts if something seems off, AKA you left a window open and need to act fast to avoid having all your stuff get rained on. 😬


A matte touchless faucet to give your kitchen a sleek, high-tech upgrade. You just wave your hand by the sensor to turn the water on and off, so you’ll never again have to get all sorts of ickiness all over the sink handle — and don’t worry, it still has a pull-down sprayer for dishes!

a person waving their hand in front of the matte black faucet


An LG stacked washer and dryer that will save space in your home and minimize your time spent doing laundry, since it has an ultra-large capacity and AI-technology to auto-select the best and most efficient wash and dry settings.

A woman adjusting the central settings on the dryer


A patio table with a built-in propane gas fire pit to add some cozy vibes (and actual warmth) to your evening hangs on the patio, because *sigh* colder weather is coming, folks.

The tabletop with firepit lit up


A Serta hybrid mattress featuring a blend of memory foam and coils, which results in a comfy, supportive, and breathable sleep surface that’s neither too soft nor too firm. In other words, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on clouds every. single. night. 😴

The mattress on a bed with sheets and pillows


A decorative lilac throw pillow because it’s just beautiful and brings those lovely garden vibes indoors to your home — and as we enter fall and winter, you are gonna really want them. 🌸

the light purple lilac throw pillow resting on bed


A Google Nest Mini so you can have a cute and compact smart speaker that can also be used to control your home with simple voice commands, like, “Hey Google: turn on the AC, dim the lights, and turn on the TV.”

The Google nest on a console table behind a TV set


A powerful 1000W microwave because the stainless steel finish is *drum roll please* fingerprint-resistant, meaning you won’t have to clean it 24/7 just to keep it looking sleek!!

the microwave installed above stovetop with pot of noodles cooking beneath


A seven-piece steel patio dining set with a beautiful table and six cushioned swivel chairs, so you can host an elegant backyard BBQ for once. Better tell all your friends — no more BYOC (bring your own chair) parties at your place!

The patio set with blue seat cushions


A dual shower head because with 55 possible spray combinations, you’re pretty much guaranteed the *perfect* shower every time, no matter how much (or how little) pressure you want! Switch it up between the mounted rain showerhead or the the handheld one.

The dual shower head spraying water


A set of six solar-powered LED path lights to illuminate your front walkway with a magical glow, making you feel like you’re on an epic quest every time you come home late at night (and not just coming back from pulling a long day at the office).

Three of the path lights glowing outside along front walkway


A cordless electric lawn mower if you want to turn the chore of cutting the grass into something that’s easy and, honestly, kinda fun! With just a single charge, this gas-free self-propelling beast will tackle your unruly yard for up to an hour. That crabgrass won’t know what hit it!

Someone using the push mower to cut grass


A stainless steel dishwasher featuring a built-in top control panel for anyone who’s either a) fed up with washing their dishes by hand OR b) sick of accidentally bumping their current dishwasher and managing to start a new cycle every time they move about the kitchen — this is your answer.


A frameless sliding glass shower door if you’re finally ready to tackle that bathroom reno and upgrade to a classy spa-like bathing space. Yes, there *are* bathroom looks even more alluring than that subway map shower curtain you’ve had for five years!

the glass shower door in a silver chrome finish


A Neato robot vacuum that’s built in a clever d-shaped design, which means it can actually navigate into those corner crevices where all the dirt hides! Plus, it has all the other features too, like laser mapping, zone cleaning, and smart home integration.

Be sure to check out all the Lowe’s Labor Day sale deals through 9/6!

You, mowing the lawn with your new fancy mower:

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