Tell Us The Most WTF Moment You've Watched In A TV Show That Stuck With You

Sometimes when watching TV, there are moments and storylines so incredibly unthinkable to the average person that it makes you wonder if the writers are okay.

Whether a show is live or scripted, sometimes the ideas that are greenlit are just way too “WTF??!!” So I want to know, what are some totally ~unhinged~ moments from TV that you can’t forget?

Maybe it was that part in Pretty Little Liars when Emily got her literal eggs stolen from the donation center…

Or, was it that episode of Friends when Ross wanted to sleep with his cousin?

Whether it was the heinous way Skins decided to kill off Freddie…

Or just any scene from Riverdale in general…

We want to know about it! So tell us all about the unhinged TV moments that made you go “WTF” in the comments below, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!

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