Tell Us A Time A TV Show Or Movie Failed To Make The Most Out Of A Great Actor

Sometimes an actor comes into a TV show or movie and is sort of just there, which can be frustrating to watch when you know what they are ~actually~ capable of.

I’m talking about when Paul Rudd was in Friends as Mike, and he was just a stock guy for Phoebe to date with a few jokes here and there.

And what about Barbie Ferreira in Euphoria… Can we talk about how she was barely in season two despite her amazing performance in the first season?

And, of course, Melissa McCarthy in Gilmore Girls. Now, I LOVE GG, but the way they underused Ms. McCarthy by making her Lorelai’s copycat BFF was kind of criminal.

So tell us, when did a TV show or movie underuse an amazing actor, and – by comparison – when were they at their best? Tell us in the comments and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!

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