People Are Sharing Specific Things Others Turn Into Their "Entire Personality," And We All Know Someone Like This

Was there ever a moment in your life when you became absolutely obsessed something specific — maybe: a certain movie franchise, sports team, or another random thing — and accidentally (or not-so-accidentally) made it your whole personality?

Recently, lots of BuzzFeed Community members resonated with this idea in a similar post and provided personality-centric obsessions that they find annoying (even though some of them do it themselves, too). So we gathered some of the best responses for you to read below.


“People who don’t like (or haven’t seen) a popular film or franchise. I get it: it’s an ice-breaker. At least you can guarantee that someone will talk to you for the next 20 minutes, even if it’s to tell you how ‘wrong’ you are. But you’re more than that. Stop bringing it up.”

a person picking a movie on their ipad


“Wine moms.”


“…and their kitchen signage that says, ‘Mama Needs Some Wine’ and ‘Ever Feel Like You’ve Had Too Much Wine? Me, Neither!’ seals the deal.”



“Potterheads. They can all drop dead immediately. Thanks and bye.”

Diagon Ally at Universal Studios


Definitely people who are obsessed with The Office. The amount of Tinder bios I’ve seen where ‘watching The Office’ is the only hobby they list is ridiculous.”



“Dog moms and cat ladies. (I am definitely a dog mom. lol.)”

A woman holding a dog outside


“This is a very American example — but gun owners. I have several in my family. Having rooms dedicated to their collection (like buying a house with extra bedrooms to make sure this can happen). Everything they own is camouflage and/or branded with firearm brands. Naming pets after gun brands, even naming a child after a brand of gun (I have a nephew named Ruger, after the rifle). They have a gun on them at all times, and stashed all over their home and cars.”



“Their zodiac sign!”

a person holding a sign that says Aquarius


“Proud moms. Their usernames are all ‘omgtylersmom’ and ‘proudmumofthree’ and their entire personality is subsumed into the conversational possibilities of narrating everything their child does.”



“Personality test types. Enneagram, MBTI, introvert vs extrovert. It’s getting as bad as horoscopes. Just because you’re one type doesn’t mean that can justify all your behavior — and investing too much in your type will likely change your behavior to fit the mold of that type. It’s a great tool, but it’s not only what or who you are!”

personality test with a pen


Lord of the Rings fans and Star Wars fans. As much as people want to say these are totally different fandoms, they have key elements in common: 1) They know ALL the trivia about the making of their movies. 2) They demand people choose between Star Wars and LOTR. I mean, I probably love the Lord of the Rings more than most people, but I really don’t care if someone else prefers Star Wars (because I’m married to a huge Star Wars fan). The amount of time any fans of these movies (me included) can spend talking about them is kind of wild, but I have seen so many people who make liking these movies their entire personality.”



“Speaking as someone who is 1000% guilty of it and has no regrets: golf.”

golf ball outside


“Pumpkin spice lovers AND haters. Both of them make it their entire personality from August to November. Just quietly take it or leave it, no one actually cares.”



“I have a kind of controversial one: being gay. (Yes, I know, it’s in my username, lmao.) I do this too, for sure, but I’m working on it. A lot of people make being gay their whole personality. At first, when people would tell me when I was doing it, I would get mad because I want to be proud of who I am — but that’s the thing: being gay isn’t who you are. It’s who you are attracted to, which is kind of a weird thing to make your whole personality. Realizing you’re gay is a fucking journey, and you should be able to talk about it, but you don’t have to center your personality around it IMO. I honestly think it’s cooler to just be you and also be gay than be ‘the gay friend’ or something. IDK.”

A person wearing an LGBTQ pin


“People who make their mental health condition their entire personality. They attribute everything they do or think or have ever done in their life to that condition. Like if they’re interesting, it’s because of their condition. Or if they’re a jerk, it’s because of their condition. There’s no grey area.”


I think people get a pass for this when they first get their diagnosis. They are adjusting and it explains to them so much about their own behavior as they grapple with this new understanding. After that though, I totally agree.”



“Sports fans. I read about a pastor who was preparing to marry a couple when a few weeks before the wedding, the groom pulled him aside and said, ‘I don’t know if I can go through with this. Her dad supports the other team.’ He was dead serious. I’m from Nebraska and I was told by a couple of people that I ‘had’ to make sure not to schedule my wedding on a game day for a sport that I don’t follow or have any interest in.”

Sports fan getting excited in their home


“Military wives. My brother was in the National Guard and he probably couldn’t have cared less. But his wife? She themed their engagement and family photos around my brother being in uniform and her wearing something with an American flag on it. She would constantly repost pics about how strong military wives are, which was really funny in her case because my brother was only gone one weekend a month and he did the majority of the house and child care. Also, my sister-in-law decorated their house with Hobby Lobby-type plaques about the military with American flags everywhere.”


Honestly, I don’t blame most military spouses who have it become a major part of their personality, especially if their spouse is active. The military permeates and controls every single aspect of their day-to-day lives for many of them.

Your spouse’s job owns your house, your grocery store, your kids’ school, your doctor’s office, the entire community you live in, decides where you live and can change it at will, comes with its own set of actual laws, directly affects your own ability to work — and they can’t quit except at specific times without going to federal prison. It’s going to become part of your identity to an extent.”



“Vegans and vegetarians. LOL.”

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“People who are always late and think it’s a quirky character trait of theirs…no, you’re just rude.”



“Peloton. This girl I went to high school with got a Peloton during the pandemic and she is OBSESSED. She posts 20-30 Instagram stories a day that are just screencaps of her workouts, all of her athletic gear is branded with Peloton logos, and all of her friends now are people she met through being in the same online classes…it looks exhausting.”

a peloton bike


“Vaping. My ex got into vaping as a way to ‘quit’ smoking and it immediately became his entire personality. He spent so much on gadgets, he got all of his friends to start and they’d all sit vaping for hours and completely fill a room with fog; he now manages a vape shop. When he moved out, I had to get the walls treated and repainted due to the dampness that he caused. It was gross.”



“Hunters and fishermen definitely make it their whole personality.”

a man fishing in the lake


“Having attended a certain university.”



“Fashion! Some friends talk, think, eat, and breathe fashion. They can tell who designed a clothing item by a glance alone, which is equally impressive and scary. They technically ghost me in the first two weeks of September every year. That’s how I usually realize it’s London Fashion Week. Some named their pets after fashion icons, designers, or models. They gossip a lot about designers, models, upcoming seasons, scandals, and whatnot. They usually want to buy the latest fashion must-have instead of paying a combo of food, rent, and bills, but, thankfully, this only happens once in a while.”

models lining up backstage


“I know so many people whose entire personality became 100% focused on their pregnancy as soon as they got pregnant. Like, I’m happy for you, but unless we’re super close, I don’t actually need multiple updates per week about your ‘pregnancy journey.’ And if we are super close, I’m happy to talk with you about it, but if it’s all we ever talk about, the friendship starts to feel pretty one-sided. I know pregnancy is full of dramatic changes and excitement about bringing a new human into the world, but you’re going to have less time to talk with your loved ones once the baby arrives, so before that time comes, make sure you’re also asking about their lives and how they’re doing!”



“Sorority girls and ‘I’m just so basic’ girls.”



“For me, it’s those arrogant, insecure a-holes who call themselves ‘alphas’ or ‘sigmas’ and say that everyone they hate is ‘betas.’ They seem to think that it’s not ‘manly’ to be a decent, empathetic human being. Like bro, this is real life, not software testing or a/b/o fanfiction.”



“MLM people. Some of them jump from one scheme to another, but their personality stays the same. ‘Girl Boss’ mug, Lularoe clothes, messy bun, and ‘self-made small business’ vibes.”

MLM written on a posted note


“People who have ‘Salt Life’ bumper stickers, because it actually looks like ‘Slut Life.'”


“OMG! I knew I couldn’t be the only one who saw this. The typography is just horrible and it absolutely looks like Slut Life! When I moved to the south I saw all of these Slut Life decals on cars and was impressed at how progressive people were in owning their sexuality… It took me about a year to realize.”




costco building


“Having a certain national heritage. I get that your great-great-grandparents came from Ireland or Italy or Poland or wherever, but do you have to look for a way to thread that into EVERY conversation?”



“Car guys. We get it, you love your car.”

a car in the middle of nowhere


“Child-free people who make hating children and/or insulting people who choose to have them their entire personality. You know the ones. They will go to an article about parenting, pregnancy, childbirth, or kids just to comment ‘Omg. I’m SO glad I don’t have to deal with this because I HATE kids, and I’m never having any.” And yet, here you are in an article about them? Or the people in public who see you come in with a stroller and do a big eye roll/make a big show of moving, along with a not-so-quiet comment about ‘Ugh, I don’t want to sit by kids.'”

“I have kids. Personal choice. Others don’t or don’t wish to. Personal choice and completely cool with me. If you don’t want them, don’t have them! But maybe just enjoy the child-free life you take every opportunity to tell everyone is so great and don’t make your whole personality hating other people’s kids.”


Is there a certain thing that some people make into their whole personality? Tell us what it is in the comments below.

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