People Are Sharing Purchases Under $100 That Have Significantly Changed Their Lives, And I'm Already Adding Some Of These To My Online Cart

Sometimes, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on something for it to significantly improve or impact your life. A Reddit thread I recently came across proved just that when u/systemkwiat asked: “What purchase under $100 improved your life?” A lot of these answers now have me adding things to my online cart.

Here are some of them.


“A side sleeper pillow.”

a woman sleeping on her side in bed


Waterpik. I can’t believe how much crap gets stuck in the mouth. Even after using regular dental floss and then using a water flosser just to see what would happen, I still spit out stuff.”



“A book on gardening on a budget. I had nothing to do in my life at the time and needed a hobby. It was soothing and I felt like I accomplished something when I reused old furniture to make garden beds. I was depressed but gardening gave me a reason to get out of bed in the AM. Can’t leave my spinach thirsty right? I ate healthier, I met friends, and now it’s a passion for me.”

a person's hands gardening


“A second monitor. Programming and schoolwork became so much easier.”



“I just got a water filter for my shower head. Now the water doesn’t smell like chlorine.”

a shower head


“Bought a jump pack for $50-$70. it jumped my car four times on one charge and still reported a 3/4 charge level. Super easy to use — just hook it in, push the power button, and then start the car — and it can charge phones and such too.”



Electric toothbrush.”


Dash Cam. More peace of mind when driving. Got one for my mom as well, not a month later it helped her win a court case against a scammer.”



“Real running shoes that were built for running!”

person tying their sneakers


“The suit and tie I bought at my local salvation army to land me the job of the century that changed my life.”



“A laptop stand. After working from home for a few months, my neck did not appreciate going back and fourth from the monitor down to the laptop. Now that they are on the semi-same level and it is much better.”

a person working at their standing desk


“Get a bidet. Game changer. Life changer.”


“1000% came to say bidet. Environmentally responsible and clean and refreshing.”



“A makeup organizer. If you live with someone who puts on makeup or puts it on yourself, you know how much space makeup can take up. If you get a couple that have drawers you can stack them too. I got one to hold my nail polish, each drawer is a different color temperature (warm, cool) and I bought another one for all my face makeup. One drawer for eyeshadow, one for eyeliner, and so on. No more knocking stuff over trying to get the thing behind it.’

hands organizing makeup in a drawer


Swedish dish cloths. Who knew that there could be innovation in the dish cloth domain? These are fantastic. Wherever you would use a paper towel, sponge, or dish cloth — use this instead. They absorb like crazy, wring out to almost bone dry, and last a long time. It is estimated that each one will save you 17 *rolls* of paper towels.”



“A whiteboard. It allowed me to write so many things off my mind to keep me from overthinking. From grocery lists to ‘to-do’ lists — it’s pretty handy.”

a woman writing on a whiteboard


“Got a countertop ice maker from Costco for $90. It’s awesome. No freezer taste. Ice on demand. In the hot Midwest, it is a game changer.”



Silk pillow cases. Fuck $40 shampoo, all I needed were these things and my hair is damn near perfect every day.”

hand sliding on silk pillowcase over white pillow


“Easy connect water hoses. Saves so much time and effort.”



“A Fitbit. It reminds when I need to move and how much I’ve done. It definitely made me realize that there were some changes I needed to make in my day-to-day life.”

black sneakers walking outside


Fairy lights. We put them on a timer so they’re on when I get up in the morning (I get up at around 5 a.m.). It’s nice to have soft lighting in my living room without having to turn on a bright lamp.”



“My husband bought me a pair of boxing gloves and some pads and now when I get home from work after a shitty day, he helps me punch it out. I used to just sit on the sofa, eat crisps and be too exhausted and emotionally drained to talk, but this has been an absolute game changer. Afterward, I feel invigorated.”

a woman and a man boxing


“Got a pair of Doc Marten’s flip-flops so no replacing flip-flops every year. On most flip-flops, the thong part breaks after a while. These haven’t yet and I’ve had them for over 15 years. I don’t think they make them anymore either.”



“Installed under cabinet paper towel holder that allows you to rip one-handed and also keeps you from pulling off more than you need.”

a hand ripping a sheet of paper towel


“A daylight simulator lamp. I have it in my home office. It really helped offset the seasonal depression and also my sleep patterns. I use it for about 1-2 hours a day during the winter. And a navage nasal irrigator. I used it after I got Covid and had leftover congestion and it worked so well. I’m going to use it daily to help with my allergies and nasal drip issues.”


Have you ever purchased anything under $100 that was a total game changer for you? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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