People Are Confessing The Times That Common Sense Went Out The Window, And I'm Having A Non-Judgemental Chuckle

We’ve all had a moment when all sensibleness goes out the window, right?

Well, a Redditor asked people what the stupidest thing they had ever done was, and the responses were absolute gold.


“I was riding my bike and wondered what would happen if I stuck my feet in the spokes of my front tire.”


“I put an umbrella handle in my mouth and pushed the button to release the umbrella. I thought it would shoot out the front of my mouth and open.”


“I was eating a strawberry pop-tart while spotting a friend who was bench pressing a significant amount of weight in the gym. Loud heavy metal was blaring and Team America happened to be on mute on the TV.”

Gary from "Team America: World Police" looking down the camera


“I tied a couch behind a truck with tow straps. I then rode on the couch down a gravel road.”


“I responded to my own Craigslist ad looking for a roommate… I literally thought ‘she sounds cool’ and only realised this after I received the email, from myself…”


“I rear-ended a cop car. During the questioning, I got involuntary giggles and when the cop asked if I thought it was funny…”


“I once thought it would be a good idea to take three hits of acid and go to my cousin’s middle school dance recital.”


“In junior high, I swallowed a pencil in class.”


“I parked my car on an inclined road and forgot to put my handbrake up. I saw my car slowly but surely going downhill, so I attempted to stop it with my own hands.”


“At a job I worked long ago, the crew boss had forgotten that Dave was in the car with us on the way home that night. We cut lawns at various places, and Dave wasn’t so good at it.”


“The barber, while cutting my hair, asked ‘what do you do for a living?’.”


“I was late for work. In my haste I ran around in a hurry getting dressed, realised my long-sleeved shirt was crumpled and decided to iron it.”


“One time I tried to fart while playing online poker really late while my girlfriend was asleep. About half of the fart came out before I realised more was on its way out too.”


“I drilled into the side of my thigh with a 10mm drill bit while drilling holes through the bottom of one of my girlfriend’s flower pots.”


“One time on the freeway my friend dared me to pee outside the window while the car was moving. Since it was a compact car, I had to lie down sideways with my head on top of the back seats and my feet resting on the front passenger seat.”


“I fell asleep on a roof. A slanted roof. I rolled over. Ever have one of those dreams where you are falling?”


“When I was about five or six, I had a phase of believing that I was a wizard. So I frantically stuffed a rock up my left nostril thinking that it would come out from the right nostril.”


“When I was younger I got kicked out of ballet class because I kept running into the mirrors thinking they were open windows or like portals to another world or something.”


“I was eight and had just watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and thought perhaps I’d have wings that would unfold if I fell a long way.”


“I spent a half hour trying to pick up a quarter someone had super glued to a sidewalk.”


“I hole punched my hair thinking that I’ll get a perfect circle all surrounded by hair.”

What’s the silliest thing you’ve ever done? Let us know in the comments below!

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