Khloé Kardashian Called Out A Poorly Photoshopped Image After Fans Claimed That She Had Posted And Deleted It

Another day, another Photoshop accusation against Khloé Kardashian.

A closeup of Khloé

This time, fans on Twitter claimed that Khloé posted and deleted a poorly edited photo — but it turns out she never even actually shared the pic herself.

A closeup of Khloé

It all started when Khloé noticed followers tweeting a very photoshopped image of her wearing a black bodysuit.

A closeup of Khloé

Khloé took to her own Twitter to respond, writing that she had never posted the photo on her feed.

A closeup of Khloé

“I never even posted this photo. Maybe my glam did but I didn’t. Also I mean…. The bent lines in the back lol please,” Khloé wrote, adding a laughing emoji.

@khloekardashian / Via Twitter: @khloekardashian

She followed up, asking, “Where’s the receipts that I did lol people are so weird.”

@khloekardashian / Via Twitter: @khloekardashian

Upon further investigation, it does appear that a member of Khloé’s glam team did post the photo — but without all the photoshop.

A screenshot of the image as posted by Khloé's team

While it’s unclear how the photo that was shared on Twitter got edited, a fan account did share a side-by-side of the two images.

In response, Khloé commented, “I mean why must someone always make up something lol anyways I just want a croissant”

A screenshot of Khloé's comment

This definitely isn’t the first time Khloé has had to shut down accusations about her appearance online — and at this point, it sounds like she’s totally over it.

Here’s hoping that Khloé at least got her croissant!

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