Just 27 Clothing Items From Target That Are Summer *And* WFH Approved


A classy smocked-waist mid-rise skirt that you’ll want to twirl in all dang day. Dance around your home office to your fave vinyl album in between conference calls — don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone.

Model wearing the navy blue striped skirt


A short sleeve V-neck that’s not only oh-so-breathable for summer, it’s a classic wardrobe staple you can never go wrong with no matter which bottom you pair it with.

Model wearing the red shirt


A pretty pair of woven slide sandals perfect for chillin’ in your home office in the cool AC before going for a brisk stroll around the neighborhood to show off your fresh pedicure. Just because your co-workers can’t see your feet on Zoom doesn’t mean you can’t also wear the *cutest* shoes.

the coral sandal


A beautiful sleeveless knit ballet dress that you’ll be dying to soak up the sun in right after a particularly long Zoom call…or hey, even during, if you have the luxury of doing so outside. Just don’t forget your sunscreen.

Model wearing the black dress


A stunning pair of high-rise pleat-front shorts that you’d wear in-person to the office anyway, so why not wear them from the comfort of home, too? All-day comfort = all-day great WFH day.

Model wearing the blue shorts


A ribbed tank top if you want to wear a super comfy tank with a little textured *oomph* in the design. It’s soft, it’s stretchy, and it’s one solid WFH choice.

Model wearing the light green tank top


A flutter sleeve dress with tassel detailing so you can feel like you’re about to co-host a whimsical summertime tea party even if you’re only sitting at your desk staring at spreadsheets.

Model wearing the light green floral dress


A versatile puff-sleeve square-neck top to add a touch of elegance to an otherwise low-key summer work look — whether you pair it with jeans, pants, or a pretty skirt and sandals.

a model wearing the top in navy


A vibrant red T-shirt dress that’s actually ridiculously easy to dress up a little with a light blazer, a waist belt, or even just a big chunky statement necklace. Stay cute *and* cool for this WFH summer.

Model wearing the t-shirt dress


A long flowy skirt so you can sit criss-cross-apple-sauce and barefoot in your fave WFH chair while still feeling easy breezy beautiful — almost like you’re at the beach instead.

Model wearing the surfs up blue and white skirt


A pair of high-rise utility ankle pants so you can feel super professional, stylish, and ~cool as a cucumber~ all at once.

Model wearing the black pants


A chic sleeveless button-front romper that all but screams summertime, as it cinches your waist beautifully while still giving you plenty of room to breathe and quite literally ~romp~ around the house in.

Model wearing the yellow fruit romper


A classic open front blazer which comes in a neutral beige and a funky purple floral pattern that makes for a fantastic thing to slip on during a particularly important Zoom meeting where you need to dress to impress — from the waist up at least. 😉

model wearing the beige blazer


A super comfy Wyoming graphic tee for those days when you aren’t on camera, don’t need to dress up, and are daydreaming that you’re *anywhere* else but at home working…like at Grand Teton National Park, perhaps.

Model wearing the t-shirt


A pair of beautifully soft pajama shorts (which is actually what they’re called) because let’s be real, if you need to Zoom into a meeting, they won’t see what you’re wearing below the camera, and these are perfect for cuddling up on the couch with your laptop and some fresh-brewed coffee.

Model wearing the black shorts


A simple yet awesome cami tank top you’ll probably want in every color because it’s so cute, versatile, and perfect for the season. Also, when’s the last time you bought an item of clothing for $3?!

Model wearing the olive green top


A chic pair of mules that are super easy to slide in and out of and made from a ~delectably~ soft memory foam lining so you get great support. You’ll feel like a WFH fashionista, even though you’re essentially walking around the house in slippers.

The cognac mule


A cozy lounge sweatshirt if your A/C is on high and you want to snuggle up in something super soft as you plug away on those endless spreadsheets. Oh, and if you happen to fall asleep in it, no biggie. 🤷‍♀️

Model wearing the light grey sweatshirt


An adorable sleeveless dress that you can easily sit cross-legged in without suffering any kind of fashion faux pas. Plus, it’s great for sunny days, even if they’re mostly spent inside.

Model wearing the cream striped dress


A short pendant necklace to add some *sparkle* to your WFH look, especially if you’re gonna be on camera that day and want to add a little interest. Also, you can totally twirl and play with it if you get fidgety during that long meeting.

The necklace


A pair of mid-rise skinny jeans for those days when you want to be casual but not pajama-pants-casual, even if it’s for fear of dozing off during a particularly important conference call. Plus, they’re light enough that you’ll stay cool.

Model wearing the blue mist jeans


A pair of beautifully soft leggings (which is, again, actually what they’re called) so you can do a quick yoga and stretch session between work calls and project drafting.

Model wearing the black leggings


A floral tiered ruffle mini skirt that’s so vibrant and gorgeous, you’ll be tempted to take yourself out for drinks after a good day of working from home.

Model wearing the skirt


A pair of high-rise contour shorts great to wear with sandals or flip-flops and perf for tucking all your fave summer WFH tops, tees, and bodysuits into. They’re moisture-wicking, too, so you won’t *sweat it* if you wear ’em outside.

Model wearing the black shorts


A trendy pair of slide sandals with a breezy fit and supportive feel, essentially making them a casual summer wardrobe staple for both everyday errands and the home office.

The yellow sandal


A pair of high-waisted ruffle pants which honestly ride the perfect line between loungewear and office-appropriate. But since your office is your home and it’s hot out, there’s no need to fuss over the small details.

Model wearing the red pants


And a knit woven dress with *darling* flutter sleeves so you can feel like a ~fairy tale princess~ even though you’re at home furiously typing away at your next monthly report.

Model wearing the green dress

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