Just 25 Very Smart Purchases For Your Pet


A fur remover broom because the results are honestly shocking — you might discover a whole second dog’s worth of fur that was hiding in your carpet.

a reviewer photo of a small dark dog next to a dog-sized pile of dark hair that was removed from the carpet


A pack of durable poop bags that are also lightly scented, so you’re double protected from any leakage or smells — and they definitely won’t rip open or break during an, uh, inopportune moment. And your dog will be thrilled, because the scent means you can go on longer walks without having to turn around and head straight for the nearest trash can.

a reviewer holding the box of poop bags in front of a white and black dog


A cat litter trapping mat so you won’t be stepping on clumps that Fluffy has somehow managed to track halfway across the house. Plus, it looks like a regular rug, so none of your guests will guess its secret, sanitary purpose.

a reviewer photo of the grey mat in front of a covered litter box


An odor eliminator kit because the included UV flashlight will help you figure out where to actually spray the odor eliminating spray, instead of just guessing and never fully eliminating the smell at its source. Plus it has fun CSI vibes, if that’s something you’re into.

a reviewer photo of the UV flashlight revealing a spray mark on a wall


A sand-coated perch so your bird can have a comfy place to stand that’ll also help them naturally grind their nails and beak.

a reviewer photo of two birds in a cage, one perched on the pink textured perch


A cat water fountain for your kitty that only wants to drink out of the tap — with this, they’ll stay hydrated and still get their running water fix, and you won’t be wasting water 24/7.

a reviewer photo of a fluffy white cat drinking out of the silver fountain


A mini security camera with two-way audio, so you can reassure your pet that you’ll be back soon (or stop them from getting into trouble while you’re out).

a reviewer photo of the small white camera on a decorated table


A mini pet carrier for easy transport of, well, any especially mini animals. Rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, ferrets, bearded dragons and even hamsters can travel safely and in comfort, without any worry that they can escape between the bars.


A tub of paw butter to soothe your pup’s beans after a long walk on hot, rough asphalt. It’s also great for winter, when snow and salt are just as hard on their lil’ feet.

a reviewer photo showing their dog's feet, one with the butter applied and one without


A slow feeder bowl that might frustrate your dog initially, but they’ll be happier in the end without an upset stomach (and you’ll be happier about not having to clean up dog puke).

a reviewer photo of a German Shepherd laying with the large pink slow feeder bowl


A ChomChom roller to replace your current lint roller — you know, the one with the sticky sheets that doesn’t really work. You’ll never go back to those finicky, useless rollers once you give this one a shot.

a reviewer photo of a hairy, blue piece of fabric with one swipe down the middle that's completely clean


A hands-free poop scooper for people whose backs are getting increasingly cranky about leaning down to clean up on walks (or for people who just don’t want to touch poop, period, which is also valid).

the grey plastic scooper


A cooling memory foam dog bed that might be fancier than any human beds you have in the house. But it’s worth it to let your pets rest and cool down in ultimate comfort, especially if it’s still super hot out where you live.


A bag of Pill Pocket treats so your dog can think they’re tricking you into getting a treat, but you know you’re tricking them into easily taking their meds.

a reviewer photo of a golden dog eating one of the treats


A double coat brush that’s perfect for everyday maintenance and especially for warmer spring days when that undercoat is just coming out in clumps.


A pack of washable pee pads because you can care about your pet and the earth! No more disposables, but you can still have all their convenience and easy cleanup. It’s a win-win.

a reviewer photo of a white French bulldog sitting on the reusable pad in a crate


An automatic cat feeder so your cat can stop waking you up 5 minutes earlier every morning, in the hopes of getting fed even early. I mean, if that cycle continues, you’ll end up waking up before you even go to sleep! We simply can’t stand for it.

a reviewer photo of the feeder set up on a box with a pet water fountain


A silent exercise wheel because no one tells you hamsters are nocturnal and that hearing their wheel squeaking at 3 a.m. will slowly drive you into a rage.

the blue and white plastic wheel


A set of foraging toys for small rodents that’ll exercise their brains, their bodies, and their jaws (when they get to the delicious treats hidden inside).

a photo of a golden hamster with one of the bamboo toys filled with food


A nail grinder because it’s not noisy and way less likely to cut too deep that regular nail cutters, which means way more painless grooming sessions — for you and for your pet.

a reviewer photo of the black grinder being held against the nails of a dog with tan paws


An AirTag holder that slides right onto your pet’s collar, so you can always track them. Of course, no one ever wants their little furball to wander off, but if they do, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’ll be able to find them.

a reviewer photo of the black plastic holder attached to a yellow dog's blue and black collar


A double door crate because you should be able to rearrange your pup’s sleeping area without having to buy a totally different crate. Plus, it has a removable divider that makes it perfect for your dog when she’s a puppy, as well as when she’s all grown up (but still a puppy in your heart).

a large dog half in the crate with both doors open


An anti scald heat lamp so your bird, snake, or lizard can snuggle right up to the warmth, without any worry of singed scales or feathers.

a photoset showing the white round lamp cover with several different reptiles and chicks


A wheeled pet food container with an airtight seal, because we’re feeding our pets, not mice and ants. Plus, the wheels make it so much easier to move around than trying to lug a big bag to their food bowl.

a reviewer photo of a grey cat with the large food bin


A waterproof backseat protector that’ll keep your dog safely in the backseat, while also keeping your seats safe from their nails, fur, and slobber.

Dog sitting on black and orange seat cover

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