If You've Heard 75/100 Of "The Greatest Songs Of All Time," You're A Legit Music Aficionado

In 2021, Rolling Stone magazine published the “500 Greatest Songs of All Time” — a reboot of their 2004 list, originally dominated by early rock and soul.

The revamped list includes Latin pop, indie rock, modern country, reggae, R&B, hip-hop, and more.

Rolling Stone collected votes from over 250 music professionals, including artists, musicians, producers, critics, and journalists.

I want to put your music taste to the test and see if you deserve the aux cord. I snatched the top 100 songs from Rolling Stone’s list and want to know how many you have heard.

And yes, I don’t think you know every song on this list. I haven’t forgotten when some people were “discovering” Fleetwood Mac and ABBA a few years ago. It’s the audacity for me.

Whew! Okay, maybe you knew more than 10 songs, but do you agree with Rolling Stone’s list? Which other tracks do you think deserve to be in the top 100 greatest songs of all time? Sound off in the comments.

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