If You’ve Been Living At Your Place Forever, Here Are 21 Things From Target To Make It Feel New


A velvet tufted couch for giving your tush the glamorous support it deserves. Picture yourself sitting on this sofa while watching Bridgerton — impeccable.

A pink velvet tufted couch


A modern barrel accent chair for the best seat in the house. This chair will completely reinvent your living room — no ifs, ands, or butts about it!

A brown accent chair in a living room


A woven polka dot wastebasket that’ll hold your refuse while serving as an incredibly chic addition to your bathroom. Plus, you don’t have to worry about it getting grimy because this basket comes with a plastic liner that’s easy to wipe down.

the waste basket


A Himalayan salt lamp for a totally chilled-out vibe. Transform your space into the chicest meditation studio in town with this adult nightlight.

A Himalayan salt lamp


A set of curtain string lights to add an extra dreamy feel to your space. We won’t judge you for rocking those lit-up Christmas vibes all year round!

A set of curtain lights


An area rug so you can officially ~tie your room together~ and be done decorating. Fact: You never truly understand how much your space needs a rug, until you add a rug — especially one as beautiful as this.

An area rug


A four-pack of marble coasters for protecting surfaces from the many celebratory drinks you’re bound to enjoy. If you finally have your dream home, then coasters are a must.


A woven door cabinet so you can stash all your extra special memorabilia in a safe, stylish place. It’s time you finally store your extensive rubber duck collection with confidence and pride!

A woven door cabinet


A plush bath rug, because even if you already have a rug, it has probably seen better days. A newer, minimalist one will instantly modernize your bathroom while also helping dry your feet, which means fewer chances of post-shower slips and trips.

A grey bath rug in outside a bathtub


A round decorative mirror so you can stare at yourself for hours on end. Mirror, mirror on the wall? Who went to Target and got it all? (Hint: It’s you.)

A round decorative mirror


A set of two wooden nightstands, because you need somewhere sturdy to set all your late-night snacks and growing collection of water cups. It even features a lower cubby, ideal for your emergency hangover kit.

A wood nightstand


A shower curtain so you can shower in peace and in style. Florals? For your bathroom? Groundbreaking.

A decorative shower curtain


A ceramic color-changing oil diffuser, because your bedroom should smell as great as you do. It features cut-out detailing, an eight-hour run time, an internal light, and an automatic shut-off — it’s everything you could ever want in a diffuser and then some!

A white ceramic cutout diffuser on a console table


A vanity table set with speakers, a smart screen display, and an intelligent dimming touch mirror so you can be your own glam squad. This is how we get ready in the future.


A reversible microfiber comforter set because there’s nothing better than a cozy new bedding set. You’ll actually want to make your bed every day just so you can admire it.

A comforter set


A pouf that’ll serve as the perfect holder for your fiercely tired feet. Kick back and relax with this earthy, neutral design that’s as cute as it is functional. Consider getting a few so you can achieve your dreams of having a pouf in every room of your home. It’s pouf perfection!

A nautral pouf


A faux fur throw pillow, because proper throw pillows are a sign that you truly ~adulting.~ Prop these seriously plush pillows on your bed or couch and welcome yourself to adulthood.

A set of faux fur throw pillows


A couple of curtain panels that’ll serve as the perfect finishing touch to your newly decorated colorful, boho living room. Never underestimate the calming powers of light-filtering drapes.

A set of black and white striped curtains


A peel-and-stick wallpaper, because who has the time to pick out paint colors and then actually paint the walls? With this, you can easily elevate your space to peak elegance, regardless of if you rent or own.

A floral wallpaper


A wood and wire coffee table that’ll add a timeless mid-century modern vibe to your space. It’s going to look amazing in your soon-to-be dream home — trust.

A wood and wire round coffee table


An upholstered bed frame, because your bed is (obviously) the dreamiest spot in your whole home. Get your mattress off the floor and really ~elevate~ your decor.

the tan bed frame

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