If Your Life Could Be Best Described As "A Mess," These 39 Products May Help


A mini leather wallet you can stick to the back of your phone case, sparing you from the five seconds of sheer, unadulterated panic when you can’t remember which pocket you stuck your ID in on a walk around the neighborhood.

Model with a slim wallet with a credit card attached to the back of their phone


A bottle of wood polish that will make all your scuffed-up doors, hardwood floors, and furniture look so spanking new you’ll wonder if it’s not wood polish, but a time machine.

Wood with water damage before and the same wood restored after


A self-grooming cat toy so your cat can have a time ~feeling themselves~ and you can have an even better not finding hairballs all over your bedroom when you’re trying to get your life together.


A set of dishwasher-cleaning tablets you can pop into a cycle with your dirty dishes to wipe out all the extra grime and that funky smell you were low-key hoping would just go away on its own.


A set of bed bands that will lock your fitted sheets neatly into place so you can stop shoving the loose corners under your duvet whenever you’re too tired to remake your whole bed in the morning.


An adorably encouraging daily planner you can fill out throughout the course of each day to keep yourself on track for all your calls, goals, and even your water intake. It’s like you’ve got your own babysitter in a note pad, basically.

A blank page of the planner


A four-tier slim wheeled kitchen organizer for my personal favorite kind of storage: the ~sneaky~ kind. This easily navigates tight spaces and gives you some extra room to stash clutter-inducing things like condiments, ingredients for whatever baking project you’re working on, or cans and bottles of water.

A slim white four-shelved organizer with wheels between a fridge and a counter


A set of brush and flush toilet tabs made with baking soda that’ll fizz up in your toilet for 10 minutes and make it super easy for you to brush away the gunk.

Lemon verbena-scented toilet tabs


A pair of super popular high-waisted performance leggings that may be one of the few articles of clothing that can keep up with you — they’re comfortable, squat-proof, and most importantly, come with a *MEGA* secure pocket for your phone and a teensy *secret* pocket for your keys, so you can keep all your important belongings on your person.


A set of gold cable organizers you can stick to your desk or your nightstand to keep your charging cable locked in one convenient place — a true relief from trying to tug them out through the genuine knot of cables that’s been steadily getting more tangled under your desk.

A set of two gold finished round cable organizers installed on a desk with a charger wire running through them


A bunch of Miracle-Gro “food spikes” that can bring plants as sad as the tree from A Charlie Brown Christmas back from the brink of death, and will continuously feed them for 30 to 60 days while you get the rest of your life in order.

A model pushing a small pellet into a potted plant


A mold and mildew removal gel you can leave on the offending spots for six hours, then wipe away like nothing nefarious ever grew there in the first place.

A moldy corner of a bathroom and an after pic with the mold all gone


A broom for pet and human hair that can work on any type of floor, but is specifically designed to pull it up from the carpet faster and deeper than even a lot of vacuums can reach. In less than five minutes you’ll find out what color your carpet’s *actually* been the whole time!


A power scrubber brush you can attach to a DRILL (!!) that basically does all of the hard grime-busting so fast that you’ll have eons of time left to deal with all those *other* messes you’ve been putting off.

A yellow bristled scrubber brush attached to a power drill next to a cleaned shower door


A pair of cut-resistant gloves for anyone whose cooking style is every bit as messy as their human life — these are designed to be four times stronger (!!) than leather to keep your digits safe.

Model wearing grey gloves while cooking meat


A red wine stain-removing spray that magically erases both old and new red wine stains from fabric so even the most notorious hot messes among us can fearlessly lounge on your white duvet while sipping your deep-red pinot the way God and Olivia Pope intended.

A before image of a red wine-stained plush blanket and an after with the wine stain completely gone


A mini contact lens case so you can always have a backup pair on hand for when you inevitably lose one of the contacts you’re already wearing (with things as inconvenient as this, it’s less a matter of if, and more a matter of when).


A slim organizer tray for your cutlery to save you so much drawer space that you’ll feel like you just opened an extra pocket in the time-space-fork continuum. No more jamming the messy drawer shut and praying it stays that way, y’all!

Small gray rectangular cutlery organizer in a drawer


Plus a set of clear drawer organizers that will finally force you to reckon with the abyss of your “junk drawers” once and for all. Start with the makeup one, move onto the kitchen one, and then — if you dare — tackle the one in your nightstand, too.

Set of six transparent drawer organizing holders in three sizes


A ring size adjuster for loose rings, so you’re no longer *that* person crawling around the floor of your apartment building every time your ring slides off.


A customizable herbal sleep pillow that may help soothe your nerves before bed and give you a calmer, more restful sleep — because honestly, sometimes all we really need to un-mess up our own hot messes is some quality shut-eye.

A purple dyed stitched pillow with lavender in it


A shower curtain with POCKETS, because the utter delight of extra pockets should not be limited to surprise ones in dresses. Now you can store all your extra brushes, soaps, razors, and other odds and ends at eye level, instead of letting them perilously crash into the shower from the edges you propped them on before.

Transparent shower curtain with nine pockets for towels, brushes, loofahs


A Lay-n-Go cosmetic bag that fans out to become a mat, essentially letting you lean into the mess that is your life by actively encouraging you to do your favorite thing: dump a bunch of stuff into a bag and deal with it later.


A jewelry-cleaning stick with cleansing solution on a brush designed specifically to get in the nooks and crannies of your jewelry, so anyone who sees the glint of your perfectly clean rings will be like, “Wow, that’s a person whose life looks like it’s probably not a mess!”


A super-soft Makeup Eraser to wipe makeup right off your face with nothing but water and a gentle scrub — I’ve been using one for two months now and it has *drastically* cut down my routine (and saved money on makeup remover!!).


A faux-leather bench with ~secret storage~, because if we’re all being honest here, even the deepest of cleans will leave you with a bunch of miscellaneous objects that don’t quite have a home. Now they do, and it’s QUITE chic.

Retangular white storage bench with pillows and stuffed animals in it


A set of floating shelves that will give you some extra surfaces to hold your stuff, because shelves are a foolproof way to turn your “mess” into ~art~.

Set of three light wood floating shelves installed on a wall above a desk


A multilevel jewelry stand to free you from the 10 minutes you spend every morning untangling your necklace from your bracelet that is also somehow tangled in ANOTHER necklace like an endless shiny ravine.

Three tier silver T-shaped jewelry stand with necklaces and rings on it


An opaque, understated laundry hamper that’ll blend in with the decor, unlike that see-through mesh one that’s been getting steadily grosser since you banished it to the far side of your bed.

Model posing with two tone braided beige and ivory laundry hamper with side handles

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