If Your Apartment Could Make A Wish List, These 30 Things From Wayfair Would Be On It


A square accent shelf that combines style *and* storage — two things we love. Create space and intrigue in your home with this one super-fancy and geometric addition!


A four-drawer free-standing bathroom cabinet because most bathrooms don’t have nearly enough built-in storage (or any at all). Bring in the storage yourself and finally have a place to store all those extra towels and shampoo bottles, and watch your bathroom truly ~shine~ — your apartment will thank you.

The cabinet in a bathroom


A six-drawer double dresser that is so roomy and deep, it will basically fit your entire wardrobe. No matter how you like to divide your clothes, there is a space for everything in here, which means no more rogue piles of clothes around the bedroom.

The double dresser with assorted items on top in a dresser


A set of fabric under-bed storage containers to utilize the space below the bed for out-of-season clothes, extra shoes, or whatever else you don’t need to see every day but can’t bear to donate. The containers are spacious and will keep all that pesky dust out of your stuff.

a reviewer photo of the containers full of clothes and bags


A set of three twill baskets that will help you store blankets, pillows, toys, or other items that are currently interfering with your decor vibe. Live with more space in which to laugh, all because you fell in love with these handy baskets.


A five-tier storage shelf with a wooden table top that’s meant for shoes, but can be used to store anything you want! It’ll get 18 pairs of shoes off the floor, or provide neat open storage space for whatever else your heart desires.

a reviewer photo of shoes on the black shelf


A mug tree to give your mugs their own special place in the kitchen (and keep them from clogging up all of your kitchen cabinets). Who knew those handles could be used in such an adorable way?

a reviewer photo of mugs on the mug tree


A rolling laundry hamper so you can roll it from room to room picking up all your dirty laundry, instead of putting it in piles to deal with “later” (when we all know you will absolutely be watching Bridgerton and eating pickles directly out of the jar later).

The rolling laundry hamper in a bathroom


A woven cat-shaped storage basket because finally, with this, your kid will love cleaning up their room — because the more they clean, the more they get to hang out with their new best friend.


A six-piece bathroom accessory set to keep everything for your daily routine properly stored and totally sparkling. Shine bright every morning, and you’ll be able to do it extra quickly, ’cause you’ll know where everything is.

the silver set


A 12-piece knife block set that comes with all the knives you need to chef up some seriously good meals. Plus, this keeps them all safely tucked in one place. Win-win.

wooden block with knives


An adjustable bamboo silverware organizer to give your cutlery drawer an instant makeover. No more rooting around in the drawer just to find one dang fork.

the organizer in a drawer with utensils in it


A pots and pans pegboard because having everything in your kitchen shoved into drawers just isn’t working for you anymore. Plus, this item comes in 30 colors so it can fit literally any color scheme in any kitchen.


A mounted soap dispenser to add some extra sophistication to your kitchen *and* your hands. And no more plastic waste when you’re throwing out all those empty soap bottles!


A family-sized air fryer because air fryers are already heaven-sent, and having one that can fit enough food for the whole brood is arguably even better.

blue air fryer on counter


A bar cart for maximum party portability. Keep it settled in the kitchen for easy martini access, or take it wherever the party decides to go.

Gold bar cart with with wine rack, glasses and wine on cart


A wine fridge to keep your wine at the proper temperature before you wheel it out on the above cart for charcuterie night.

The wine fridge underneath a kitchen counter


A six-person breakfast nook so nice you’ll want to eat lunch and dinner here also. LOL, get it? Because…it’s a breakfast nook… Yeah, you get it.


A kitchen island that adds counter space, storage, a seating area, and even more style to your kitchen. That’s like four upgrades in one. Pretty sweet.

White kitchen island with shelving on the bottom, wooden table top, and bar stool


A wall decal that looks like a tree to give your new/old home some arboreal flair. Whether the landlord painted the walls or not before you moved in, it’s now your opportunity to put your inner decorator to good use.


An elevated garden planter that is perfect for apartment balconies. Bring some new life to your place, and maybe some new vegetables, too.

a reviewer photo of the planter on a deck


A stylish adjustable standing desk, because even if your apartment doesn’t have an extra room for an office, you can create your own with this compact, yet beautiful-looking desk.

the desk in a home office


A room-darkening curtain panel that will keep that pesky light out of the bedroom when you need some extra sleep. Plus with 27 different colors and five sizes, you can find the exact look and feel to match your artistic inclinations.

The curtain pictured in the mineral color


A luxurious freestanding soaking tub that will make any bathroom spa-level comfortable. If this isn’t at the top of your apartment’s wish list, it should be.

a reviewer photo of the tub in a bathroom


A convertible sofa that will not only add some extra class to your apartment, but it will also essentially add an extra bedroom when you want to host an overnight guest.


A chic chandelier that looks like a piece of modern art, and thanks to the excellent light it adds to the space, you’ll be able to actually see it very well.

a reviewer photo of the matte black chandelier


A gold arched standing mirror that makes your apartment look great while showing how great you look every dang day.

The mirror standing in the corner of a room


An upgraded shower head that allows you to be the cleanest you’ve ever been in your life. Imagine how excited you’re going to be to take a shower every morning with this?


An electric fireplace because even without a chimney, you can still enjoy a good book and some hot cocoa by the fire.

a reviewer photo of the electric fireplace in white


A set of two pretty canvas prints because who doesn’t need more art on their walls? It makes for a great view and a conversation starter when guests are over.

a reviewer photo of the paintings on the wall of a dining room

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