If You Want To Redecorate Your Home But Don’t Have Time Or Patience, These 30 Wayfair Products Are For You


An angular tufted modern sofa that will elevate any living room into a mid-century showroom. The combination of wood, fabric, and gold accents creates a great statement piece to build a room around — not to mention will become a compliment-magnet every time you host game night.

the beige and wood sofa


A pair of golden hanging planters to show off your plant babies in a chic way. Just pick up some plants at the nursery (or propagate your own), hang these up, and voilà! Perfect for any room with a window, these planters hang easily from a ceiling, doorframe, or even a sturdy curtain rod with the included hooks and chains.

a reviewer photo of the planters hanging in a living room


A framed black and white vintage photo to make your gallery wall actually feel like a gallery. Go to any photographer or designer’s home and you’ll find something like this on their wall. This minimalist, framed photo is the perfect focal point for a writing nook or home office.

framed black and white photo of a typewriter


A tabletop pink neon sign to transform your home into a hip cocktail lounge. Just plug it in, turn on some music, and enjoy the vibes. This would be perfect in a kitchen, living room, den, or even as a chic night-light in the bedroom. Or best of all, put it in a window to make your home truly stand out in the neighborhood.

pink neon sign that says open


A colorful area rug if you have a big room and want to divide it into different areas — like a home office in a corner, or a dining area. It’s also great for brightening up a smaller space in an apartment.

a reviewer photo of the colorful rug in a living room


A TV stand that gives a retro-yet-modern feel to your living room while hiding all your unsightly cords and tech (plus that collection of DVDs and Blu-rays you pride yourself on keeping). If you’re hoping to change the look of your living room with just one piece, this is it.

a reviewer photo of the TV stand in black with a cat looking at it


A bright throw pillow to take any old couch from drab to fab. It only takes one good pillow to make a statement, and if you don’t have the patience to sort through millions of throw-pillow options on the internet, then you’re welcome.

Yellow accent pillow with floral design


A chic laundry basket that will hide your dirty laundry in style. Hampers are absolutely slept on in terms of home decor potential. Yes, the place you put your dirty laundry can be a statement piece. Turning an everyday item into a piece of minimalist decor is what separates the interior design amateurs from the pros.

a reviewer photo of the gray and wood hamper


A coffee table that looks like it belongs in a modern art museum. When in doubt, choose furniture pieces with mixed materials. A coffee table is, by default, the centerpiece of your living room, and a good one can change the whole ~character~ of the room.

a reviewer photo of the coffee table in their living room


A piece of abstract wall-mounted metal artwork to make any ol’ hallway look like a hotel lobby. With an eye-catching contemporary design, your home will start to look like the MoMA or a CitizenM.


A pink bookcase because everything is better in color. Books are fun, so your bookcase should be too — the cool geometric design allows you to properly display them along with plants, decor, and artwork in a way that enhances your space instead of clutters it.

the pink bookshelf with books and decor on it


A brass table lamp that you can’t even really tell is a lamp. The cool thing about lamps is that you can pretty much never have too many.

image of round modern table lamp


A big upholstered headboard to instantly add some eye-catching color and texture to your bedroom. Because why not? The good thing about a headboard is that it’s easy to change without sacrificing your mattress or bed frame, so you might as well have some fun with it!

customer image of velvet green headboard


A bright velvet accent chair that will brighten up your living room without the commitment of a colorful couch. Bright couches can be great, but they are also difficult to get in and out of a space, in case you ever get tired of it. Statement chairs are an easier way to bring color into a living room, and this one comes in a bunch of different colors!

customer image of yellow velvet armchair


A reversible satin duvet set that will turn your bed into a luxurious (and uber-stylish!) experience. If you’re too lazy to do a complete bedroom overhaul, this is the perfect way to add some pizzazz with no assembly required. Lounge like the queen you are.

the floral patterned duvet cover


A set of rattan dining chairs that will make your dining area feel like a café. Why get the same dining chairs as everyone else when you can get these? They incorporate metal, rattan, and fabric for a truly unique look with barely any effort on your end.

modern dining chairs with black cushions


A ceiling-mounted pot rack to create the chef’s kitchen of your dreams. Its clean bar design is made from birch wood and steel, and will turn your cookware into art. It will instantly add a modern flair to your kitchen while helping you get organized. Win-win!

image of a hanging pot holder


A peel-and-stick peony mural that will create a unique accent wall in any room. This renter-friendly pick is applied just like wallpaper but sans the messy paste, making it perfect for impatient redecorators.


A distressed end table with an unexpected texture for some visual intrigue in your space. This solid wood drum table is super easy to add to your home — just unbox it and place your favorite plant or lamp on top and consider that room redecorated.

Solid wood end table with books


A fringed fabric shower curtain to turn your bathroom into the Joanna Gaines-inspired spa you deserve and check “bathroom reno” off your to-do list. We love a spa moment — just add your favorite bath bomb or salts, put on some chill-hop, and you’re good to go.

the taupe shower curtain over a bath tub


And a plush bathroom rug to turn an otherwise utilitarian room into a well-styled place in the home. This fluffy mat has a nonslip backing, which brings both comfort and safety to your WC.

Bright teal bathroom rug


A squiggly floor lamp that everyone will talk about when you host your next cocktail soirée. This one looks like a light sculpture from a fancy-shmancy art exhibit. Plus, with its dimmable LED light, this piece is as functional as it is beautiful.

a reviewer photo of the lamp in a corner next to a cat


A sophisticated chaise lounge that gives big retro space-age vibes. This will have everyone who sees it asking where you got it while providing additional seating for those unexpected visitors.

customer image of blue chaise lounge


An upholstered flip-top storage bench that will hide your clutter and look good while doing it. Put this in an entryway to instantly get rid of any random shoes/bags/accessories that might be lying around. You can also put this at the foot of your bed or near your couch as an extra-long footrest (a dream, really). Easy peasy!


An ornate metal mirror that will make you feel like you’re in a fairy tale. This vintage-looking mirror will add a glamorous, baroque style to any space, worthy of Maleficent.

metal mirror propped up on the wall


A solid oak pedestal dining table that will make your dining room look like it should have a Michelin star. Dining rooms have so much design potential, and with this table as the centerpiece, it’ll be a one-and-done makeover.

customer image of oak dining table


A metal hanging lantern that’ll instantly make your room feel like an upscale Moroccan lounge at an affordable price. Pieces that incorporate candles are always cool, and this is no exception. Hang it from your ceiling, stick a candle in it (or fairy lights), and get ready to be mesmerized by the patterns of the lights for hours. It’ll feel like a whole new room!


An eclectic tasseled pouf to meditate on or liven up a dull space. Color and pattern make a world of a difference when you’re redecorating, and this bb features an eye-catching design while also being super comfy. It’s really a win-win situation.

a reviewer photo of the multicolor patterned pouf


An upholstered sleigh bed with a light panel built into the headboard for a futuristic sleeping experience. Over 1,200 reviewers gave this bad boy 5 stars, which means it must be good. Get ready to enter the Matrix…


An ornate room divider to create new livable spaces within your home. Want to separate your living room and home office even though they’re in the same space? Done. Not only is this room divider practical, but it’s also stunnin’, babes. (Yes, that’s a Love Island reference.)

a reviewer photo of the wood room divider

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