If You Want To Make Your Backyard *Even Better,* Here Are 25 Low-Lift Target Products


A four-piece V-shaped outdoor sectional that you’ll thoroughly enjoy sitting on while sipping cocktails and sharing conversations. FYI, putting it together is super simple so no need to panic or jump on TaskRabbit.

photo of the outfoor sectional


Promising Review: “I looked high and low for an outdoor sectional at an affordable price, and this set fits the bill PERFECTLY! It was super easy to put together and has so far held up beautifully. I agree with other reviewers that the cushions are as white as can be, but that’s what I bought, so that’s fine with me. I bought a few colorful pillows to break up the blinding white, so it looks great.” —Alex Haack

Price: $972.79 (originally $1,215.99)


A pop-up wind-resistant gazebo if you like the idea of having a gazebo in your backyard but aren’t willing to shell out a few thousand dollars for a permanent one (why so expensive?). It can fit up to six people and only takes one minute to set up and break down. If this isn’t a win then I don’t know what is.

photo of the gazebo


Promising Review: “This screened gazebo was so easy to pop up by myself. It provides some light shade and bug protection. It’s so nice for the kids to sit in while having a picnic lunch! It seems to be very sturdy. You will need to use the sandbags in a breeze, do get some sand prior to setting up the first time. I didn’t have sand yet so I used some other weighted bags for the first few times.” —HDUngar  

Price: $169.99


A tortoise garden sculpture that looks oddly realistic. If one thing’s for certain, this new faux pet in your garden will be a conversation starter if nothing else. Let us know what you name him!

photo of the decorative statue


Price: $37.95 (originally $45.99)


A woven wicker outdoor dining set that will likely become your favorite spot for al fresco meals no matter what time of day it is. Don’t be intimidated by the white cushions — they are removable and washable so you don’t have to worry about stains cramping your style.

a photo of the outdoor dining ser


Price: $1,100.99


A cult-favorite Weber charcoal grill that’s the perfect size for any outdoor space — be it patio, balcony, stoop, porch, or yard — and can barbecue grub for a decent amount of guests. At last, you can make those TikTok grill recipes that have been burning a hole in your saved folder.


Promising Review: “I bought this for its size. We like the Jumbo Joe size but not the fact that you have to place it on a table to use, so when I saw the Jumbo Joe with legs I knew we had to have it. This is perfect for taking to the beach for the day and easy to store because of its small size. And even though it’s on the small side, it certainly is large enough to grill our chicken, ribs, lamb chops, and veggies for 20+ people! It’s perfect.” —Tent Lady

Price: $119.99


A set of solar-powered stake lights in a classy copper finish that charge by day and gleam at night. Whether you put these in your driveway or along a walking path in your yard, these energy-saving lights will come in handy and last you for seasons to come.

the copper pathway stake lights


Promising Review: “I enjoyed these solar lights. They work well, and are bright during the night. They are the perfect addition to my backyard.” —Morgan

Price: $52.99 for six


A classy lantern tiki torch to (stylishly) keep mosquitoes away while you’re chilling in your backyard. Did we mention, it can be used as a full-size torch, mid-size garden torch, OR table torch? And don’t forget to grab a bottle of bug-repelling citronella and cedar fuel while you’re at it.


Promising Review: “We love this so much we bought another! It was easy to install and looked great in our backyard. From what I can tell, it helps with the bugs. We used the smoke-free fuel and had no problem with it. Great price too!” —Isabel M

Price: $23.99 for the torch and $9.49 for the torch fuel


Promising Review: “We love this so much we bought another! It was easy to install and looked great in our backyard. From what I can tell, it helps with the bugs. We used the smoke-free fuel and had no problem with it. Great price too!” —Isabel M

Price: $23.99 for the torch and $9.49 for the torch fuel


A string of LED microdots in case you’re looking to subtly brighten up your outdoor space in style. Whether you string them along the perimeter of your backyard or add them into planters or lanterns, these lights will give your space the small touch of personality that it was missing.

a set of glass lanterns with pillar candles and the microdot lights inside


Promising Review: “I bought these to decorate our labor space so as to make the cold hospital room feel more warm and comfortable. The L&D nurses loved them, and we got tons of compliments. They gave off enough light to avoid turning on the lights in the bathroom completely! When our baby was born, my husband wrapped them around the outside of the clear hospital bassinet so we could check on the baby through the night without turning on the overhead lights. The postpartum nurses also gushed about them and thought they were a neat idea. A total bonus was our baby loved the soft, colorful light, and they looked great in pictures. We’ve continued using them at home for two months, and the same batteries are still going strong. I love the timer option, so I don’t have to worry about them burning all night. The bulbs stay cool, and the wire is light enough to position almost anywhere. We love them!” —trenshin

Price: $8


A neutral palm leaf rug for those who like the idea of having a rug as outdoor decor but also desire something simple that can stick around through many backyard makeovers. You can never go wrong with a cute, neutral colored rug in any area of your home — backyard included.

the black and white rug on a patio with an egg chair on top


Promising Review: “This rug is so beautiful! I was going for a modern, neutral space, and it’s the perfect addition. I’ve bought several of the same types of rugs from Target, and they are extremely durable and hold up well. Highly recommend!” —Amy F

Price: $70+ (available in three sizes and two colors)


A cozy outdoor pillow that is designed to add comfort to those stiff patio chairs but also does a great job of adding flashes of color to your backyard decor. Fair warning: Your indoor pillows may get a bit jealous of these (they’re that dang comfortable!).


Promising Review: “Much bigger than I thought. Perfect for adding more support on the sides of my loveseat outdoors. Super comfy and very much weather resistant, I’m pleased.” —Chelle

Price: $35 (available in 13 colors)


Promising Review: “Much bigger than I thought. Perfect for adding more support on the sides of my loveseat outdoors. Super comfy and very much weather resistant, I’m pleased.” —Chelle

Price: $35 (available in 13 colors)


A relaxing porch swing that’s also surprisingly super easy to put together. Spending time in your backyard reading, bird watching or doing whatever you heart desires will hit differently in this swing designed with ultimate comfort and relaxation in mind.

the black and gray porch swing with colorful throw pillows


Promising Review: “This swing is absolutely worth the money!! My mom and I put it together in about two hours; the directions were easy to follow. It’s a very comfy, relaxing swing that’s very sturdy and good quality. The awning on top keeps you nicely shaded, and can be moved to whichever angle the sun is hitting you. Overall I give it a 10/10.” —Tiff

Price: $116 (originally $145)


Or a chaise lounge swing that is indeed as comfortable as it looks. Between the zero-gravity design and the attached umbrella that creates the perfect shaded area anywhere in your backyard, you may want to consider grabbing two so everyone in the household can enjoy.


Promising Review: “These chairs are so comfortable and an easy setup. We got two and feel like we are on vacation every time we use them! When relatives visited, they tried them out and as soon as they got home, they ordered some for themselves.” —Anon

Price: $249.99 (available in four colors)


An all-weather outdoor coffee table so you can enjoy food and drinks outdoors with some panache. Featuring a wicker and steel frame and glass top, you don’t have to worry about the wind blowing this stable table across your yard (we’ve all been there once or twice).

the coffee table


Promising Review: “I LOVE this table. I was attracted to the cool boho side design and I liked the openness of it. What I didn’t expect was for it to look so elegant. It doesn’t really read overly boho or rustic…just unique. It looks much more expensive (and I looked at a lot of high-end ones) and the reflective glass top keeps birds from pooping on it, another hidden benefit. Very sturdy yet lightweight. Arrived quickly and well packaged. A winner!” —Val

Price: $250


A sturdy double hammock with a stand and carrying case if you’ve always wanted a hammock in your yard but also love the idea of having one that’s portable. According to some reviewers, if relaxation was a piece of backyard furniture it would be this hammock set, so add to your cart and rejoice later.

photo of people on the hammock


Promising Review: “This hammock has changed my daily routine for the better. If you want to come home from work and actually have intentional rest/relaxation time, buy this! There’s something about laying in a hammock that makes me feel like cloud-watching isn’t a waste of time. I’ve been spending more time reading since I purchased this, which was a personal goal of mine. It feels sturdy and functions the way I expected. All around, I’m happy with this purchase. Very reasonably priced compared to other hammocks I found online. You won’t regret buying it!Happy Customer

Price: $89.99 (available in nine colors)


A self-watering planter in case you’re planning on adding some greenery to your backyard and need as much help as possible keeping your plant babies hydrated. What better way to fake having a green thumb than buying planters that do some of the work for you?

the white planter with a plant inside


Promising Review: “These pots are pretty reliable, inexpensive, and nice to have around if I need to pot something. The built-in drainage is nice. The only thing to keep in mind is that it seems a little more shallow than it looks. I don’t usually plant very tall plants in it. All the colors keep me coming back for more.” —Justoneofamillion

Price: $3+ (available in five sizes and 10 colors)


A set of decorative garden flamingos in case you’re looking to give your backyard a bit of a retro tropical feel. We’re not sure how flamingo decor has remained a backyard essential for decades, but we’re happy because honestly, how could you resist?


Price: $21.99 (originally $24.99)


Price: $21.99 (originally $24.99)


A tabletop fireplace to heat things up in your backyard. Just imagine sitting next to the warm ambient fire sharing laughs or marshmallows. We see you and your family creating many memories with this!

the black rectangular fire pit on an outdoor table


Promising Review: “Easy to set up. Comes with a propane gas line and propane tank saucer. All you need to get is a 15 lb propane tank. The warmth from the flames is perfect for a rectangular outdoor umbrella table. The gas can be adjusted from low to high using a knob. One problem I encountered was that even after hooking up the gas line and turning on the gas, the burners would not ignite. It turns out that the lava rocks should not be packed too tightly over the small holes in the pit. After I loosened the rocks, the burner lit fine. I’m super happy with this stylish fire pit.” —elonmuskfan

Price: $170


A classic outdoor clock that also measures the ambient temperature. This stylish yet functional piece of decor is perfect for leaving your phone inside so you can truly enjoy time outdoors without reaching for your device every two seconds to “check the time” (only to end up mindlessly scrolling through your feeds).

the black and white clock with built in thermometer


Promising Review: “I’ve had two of these for a year now; one under a covered porch and one on the side of a shed exposed to the elements. Both have worked great in our rainy PNW weather and still look like new. I only use them to tell time from afar and never pay attention to the temperature gauge so I can’t speak to that feature. Would 100% purchase again.Michy

Price: $15


A cascading fountain that will give your backyard the ~tranquil vibes~ you’ve been longing for. The realistic stone texture and sound of running water will instantly transport you to the outdoor spa of your dreams.

the gray lit up fountain


Promising review: “I really like it. I’m creating a flower bed around it and sun and serenity area.” —MERI

Price: $159.99


A large metal and wood wind chime that’s nice to look at but also super soothing to listen to. We’re not sure the exact science behind why wind chimes makes you feel so serene but we are grabbing a few for the good vibe-rations.

the bronze and wood wind chime


Promising Review: “This is a very attractive wind chime. The bronze chimes with a wooden center have terrific sound quality. The height is perfect for my planting area and also a great price”. —Lightlady

Price: $39.99


A durable ceramic birdbath so your feathered friends can enjoy your yard when they stop by to say hello. As the gracious host that you are, it’s only right that you accommodate them — and trust us, they’ll appreciate every bit of the hospitality.


Promising Review: “So far, so good. The birdbath was very easy to order online and came in a timely manner. It arrived in two separate boxes and was easy to set up. It is also heavy enough so I think it will withstand any wind. There is also room in the base to put sand or water in it for extra support. My husband loves it. The birdbath was a birthday present.A Satisfied Customer

Price: $99.99


A simple zero-gravity lounge chair if the most important part of sprucing up your backyard is creating a comfortable space to sit. The adjustable footrest and lockable back allows you to recline at the perfect angle so you can sit back, relax and soak up the sun.

photo of the lounge chair


Promising Review: “These chairs are so comfortable! The pillow adjusts to fit my children or my husband. I bought two gray chairs with a round fold-up glass table. They look beautiful and are even more comfortable than we ever expected. Whenever I walk outside, someone is using them. Best purchase ever, and the price was cheap!” —Shell

Price: $63 (originally $70; available in three colors)


An innovative cooler bar table so you can have all of your favorite beverages at arm’s reach. This cooler keeps beverages cold for up to 12 hours and emptying is as simple as using the drain plug. If you haven’t figured it out already, this is a must-have item for your backyard barbecues.

the cooler bar table next to a pool


Price: $69.99


A functional yet chic umbrella that you probably wish you’d found sooner. But don’t fret, because there’s still plenty of time to get use out of it this summer. Did we mention that it’s water,- UV- and fade-resistant and even tilts to block out the sun wherever you need it? Score.


Promising Review: “This is the third Opalhouse umbrella I have gotten over the years, and they last much longer than other outdoor umbrellas. It is sturdy, unique, and well made. The print is amazing, the shape is different than traditional umbrellas, and the fringe makes it special.” —Dax

Price: $140


Promising Review: “This is the third Opalhouse umbrella I have gotten over the years, and they last much longer than other outdoor umbrellas. It is sturdy, unique, and well made. The print is amazing, the shape is different than traditional umbrellas, and the fringe makes it special.” —Dax

Price: $140


An environmentally friendly and stylish rain barrel in case you’re looking for a way to collect and store rainwater (that isn’t a eyesore). FYI, this design holds up to 50 gallons (!!!) of water (yes, you read that correctly) and comes with a hose.


Price: $238.80 (available in two colors)


Price: $238.80 (available in two colors)

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