If You *Love* Having A Clean Home, These 21 Target Products Are For You


A Shark cord-free handheld vacuum that will honestly be your new BFF — you’ll use it on your countertops, the dusty corners of your stairs, after you accidentally drop something on the floor, and even in the car.

The handheld vac in its charger


A hard-working, multitasking Scrub Mommy sponge that can tackle even the toughest dishes — and leave you both smiling at the end.

The Scrub Mommy sponge on a countertop


A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser that’s giving actual magic with its ability to remove stains and scuffs around the house, both old and new. This thing is especially an MVP if you have kiddos.

A person uses a magic eraser to remove crayon from the wall


A power scrubber that will make your tile and grout look shiny and bright. It’s the perfect tool to get rid of that gunk… you know, the kind that you try and pretend isn’t there every time you hop in the shower.

the scrubber in action


A clear organizing bin for your fridge or your pantry so you can have the home you always imagined — that is, extremely tidy with all the crumbs contained.


A five-pack of Affresh washing machine cleaners, because while you may be the weird person who actually likes to do laundry (no judgment) you definitely don’t want to be the one with clean clothes that actually smell mildewy.

an Affresh tablet in its packaging


A two-pack of eco-friendly reusable dish cloths that you can use to wipe down or sop up anything. They are soft, SUPER absorbent, and when you’re done, they are also pretty easy to clean, too. Win!


A Bissell Little Green portable deep cleaner, because your fur babies and human babies sure are cute, but those stains left behind on your rugs and upholstery are not.

A person uses the little green vacuum on a rug


A toilet cleaning gel stamp set to keep your commode clean each time you flush. And you definitely won’t be mad about smelling citrus instead of, well…ya know.


A metal three-tier utility cart that can be anything you need it to be, but it would be totally next level if you used it to keep your cleaning products…clean (and organized!).


A HEPA air filter because you’re so into the idea of cleaning that you even want to clean the air. But seriously, this little gadget is great for those with pets and allergies!


A roll of patterned shelf liner so you can keep your drawers nice and tidy. When things are looking a bit too dirty for your liking, just remove and replace the liner. The best part? It even looks cute too.

the patterned Con-tact paper in a drawer


A four-piece Swiffer dusting kit, because those ceiling fans aren’t going to dust themselves. The extendable handle helps you tackle those hard-to-reach places, so you’re fresh out of excuses now!

the duster being shown in three different places cleaning high areas


A drain cleaner tool that will clean up the *hairy* situation that is your bathroom sink or shower. Try it and you will be SHOCKED at what comes out.

the drain cleaner in action


A pack of stainless steel wipes because while you absolutely cherish your little’s sweet handprints, you’d rather see them on arts and crafts projects than on your appliances.

the package of wipes on a kitchen counter


A shower squeegee that, TBH, is pretty fun to use. But let’s shower some real praise on this nifty little tool: It will prevent water stains and mildew from building up, saving you some serious time when you do your deep cleaning later.

a person using the squeegee in the shower


A pair of sturdy-yet-comfy cleaning gloves, because while they may not be glamorous, it’s actually pretty important to protect your skin from harsh chemicals. And maybe if you look at them in the right lighting, they’ll give off some fancy ball-gown vibes? You can pretend.

a person wears the gloves while washing dishes


An oven cleaner that will make wiping up all that gunk and grime and grease as easy as pie. Actually, this is probably way easier than pie.

a person wipes down the surface of the oven using the cleaner


A trusty little iRobot Roomba vacuum, which will quietly do one of your least favorite chores for you and is probably much more effective than having your dog eat any food that’s dropped on the ground.

The Roomba cleans a wood floor


A reusable glass cleaning bottle you can fill with cleaning concentrates or to make your own solutions — because you’re all about keeping Mother Earth clean too!


A woven storage ottoman from Studio McGee that we all know is the real way to keep a house picked up and clean. No one will ever know that you were frantically running around the room, throwing clutter into your ottman just minutes before the guests arrived.

The ottoman in a room

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