I Figured Out What Season Of "That '70s Show" Is The Best One And Now It Seems So Obvious

That ’70s Show was a true great among early aughts sitcoms. From 1998–2006, it gave us some of the best characters in pop culture, all with a flashback that still felt super relatable.

The show gave us so many great characters and while some actors’ lives have taken controversial turns in the years since the show aired, there’s a lot to appreciate about the show as it was.

One of the great things about That ’70s Show is that the cast of adults is just as interesting and hilarious as the teen cast.

Who among us doesn’t have a Red Forman moment as an adult?

I ranked the seasons of the show that introduced us to Laura Prepon and gave us the power couple that is Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, and here’s what I thought, from worst to best.


Season 8

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Season 8 didn’t stand a fair chance. With Topher Grace written out as Eric (so the actor could move on with his career), and Kutcher appearing in only a number of episodes, the rest of the cast was left to do a lot of heavy lifting with flimsy storylines that felt like a last resort.


Season 7

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The laughs there are dampened seeing Eric so completely in limbo until his exit. It felt like a really weird direction to remove the character so much of the action is focused around. The season feels like it’s full of uncharacteristic decisions from the gang, or at least disappointing ones.

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One of the few upsides of Season 7 is watching Kelso trying to wrap his head around fatherhood.


Season 6

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The sixth season revolves around Donna and Eric’s engagement and the will-they-won’t-they of them getting hitched, and the further the season went, the more you saw the writing on the wall. 


Season 5

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Season 5 felt like the air was coming out of the tires a bit, but it did still have some solid one-liners.


Season 4


Season 3

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Season 3 is also home to an epic Halloween episode dedicated to Hitchcock.


Season 1

Kitty Forman asking for a cigarette


Season 2

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The Jackie-Laurie feud was also epic.

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