Fall Is Coming — Here Are 35 Wardrobe Staples You’ll Want ASAP


A longline plaid jacket so chic, it won’t matter that it’s covered in the remnants of the apple cider donut you just inhaled.

Reviewer wearing the brown plaid coat


An oversized knitted sweater vest for making the word “crisp” come to mind. Turtleneck weather is coming, pets, and what better way to accessorize it than with the below? I’ll be taking five. Thanks.


A long T-shirt dress so ridiculously soft, your body will feel as if it’s being enveloped by a fluffy cloud made of kittens and other ridiculously cute baby animals. Plus, this cozy maxi is the perfect thing to dress up or down.


A tiered maxi that has the word “layering” down to a science. Leather motos, denim jackets, plaid button-downs — the outerwear world is your oyster when combined with the neutral dress below.


A Levi’s denim jacket lined with sherpa because — what’s that? Did you hear that? The temps are about to be dropping, and the leaves are about to be falling? Autumn is practically here. Denim jacket season is knocking at your door. Snag one that’s extra cozy (see below) in preparation.


A pullover sweatshirt featuring an alien embellishment that you’ll definitely want to make ~space~ for in your wardrobe. Extraterrestrial aside, it’s made from an ultra-soft jersey fabric that is supremely cozy.

reviewer wearing the pink sweatshirt


A matching knit set featuring an oversized off-shoulder sweater and mid-thigh shorts, both of which work in perfect harmony to deliver on their promise of “tired but chic.” And that baby-blue hue? A dream.

model wearing the blue knit set


A ribbed V-neck top that’s practically *begging* to be worn with high-waisted sweats, thanks to its cropped silhouette. Looking très chic and exerting no effort to get there?! A dream, honestly.

reviewer wearing the taupe top


A pair of sherpa-lined sweats to make your legs feel as if they’re being enveloped by a large, fluffy bathrobe. If you’re dreading the chilly fall weather and hate being cold, then these babies are great — bonus points for a tapered leg that sets these apart from your oversized pajama bottoms.


A silky-and-stretchy cowl neck cami that’ll answer your pleading prayers for *the* quintessential going out top. This is it, pets! Wear this for happy hour specials, slightly ritzy brunches, aaaand to Zoom meetings layered with a blazer. Perfection exists.


A mock neck bodysuit because it’s bound to be on constant rotation this fall. While this piece of clothing may not wear Uggs or guzzle down pumpkin spice, it still remains the perfect basic.


A cable-knit two-piece set that will make rewatching The Vampire Diaries for the 90th time this year feel like, well, a luxurious experience. Matching loungewear = a foolproof way to feel fancy.


A cotton maxi shirt dress because it’s crafted from a blissfully lightweight material for “fall” days in which the thermometer reads “sweating-profusely degrees.” This allows you to look autumnal as heck without having to suffocate your sweat glands.


A pair of plaid knit leggings for a look that one-ups your favorite black yoga bottoms (but is still significantly more comfortable than any of the denim residing inside your Ikea drawers).

A reviewer's photo of them wearing the pants in glen plaid


A faux suede mini skirt with lace-up detailing that’s serving Big Fall Energy. Your outfit will have basically attained a Pinterest level of perfection — just add some boots and a bodysuit. Glass of apple cider in hand is optional, but highly encouraged.


An ultra-soft crewneck because spooky season is knocking out our door and the proper way to celebrate, of course, is by wearing sweaters emblazoned with pumpkins and ghosts. I don’t make the rules here.

model wearing the white crewneck


A belted tunic dress that you can consider multiple outfits in one purchase due to how versatile it is. Wear it by its lonesome *or* add leggings and a leather vest for a look that, well, looks completely new.


A ruffled, tiered polka-dot number best accessorized with bottomless mimosas served at your next at-home brunch, overpriced avocado toast and a poached egg not required (but highly recommended).


A pair of baggy overalls that scream, “I’m taking a trip to the farmers market and buying a dozen apples with the intention of baking an apple pie.” Will that apple pie ever get made? Absolutely not. But at least you looked cute during the thought.

reviewer wearing the orange jumpsuit


A maxi dress featuring the crème de la crème of fashion designs: pockets. Throw in super soft fabric and you’ve got yourself a recipe for perfection.


A pajama set with over 1,000 glowing reviews that scream “Target, you’ve done it again.” This matching top and bottom is made from a buttery soft fabric so lovely, you’ll be belting out a Celine Dion ballad at first wear.

reviewer wearing the pajamas


A turtleneck sweater dress for a chic way to feel as if you’re *wearing* that ultra soft throw blanket you purchased in three colors from TJ Maxx. The rib knit material is truly a joy.

reviewer wearing the green sweater dress


A ribbed knit pencil skirt that looks so. damn. chic. Mama loves comfy clothes that fool the masses into thinking I’m trendy (“mama” in this context = me), and this skirt provides just that.

reviewer wearing the orange skirt


An oversized sweatshirt about to become the loungewear equivalent of your favorite jeans — In other words, this will be worn every. single. day. Opt for matching sweatpants if you’re feeling extra frisky.

model wearing the matching set


A tiered baby doll mini that takes a page from the Disney 365 book (if you know, you know) because it can truly be worn any day of the damn year. We love a piece that doesn’t need to be vacuum-sealed with the change of season.


An off-shoulder blouse featuring a wrap waist and voluminous sleeves for THE party top of your dreams — purchase this now with the mindset that you’ll be wearing it to every singly semi-fancy occasion henceforth.


A short-sleeve two-piece set that’s ideal for work-from-home days in which, wow, your schedule is crammed with deadlines. Throwing on a matching fall-friendly ‘fit increases productivity by about 1,000%, and that’s a real scientifically proven fact.


A bodycon pencil dress because while the importance of owning the perfect LBD is no secret, it’s likely you’ve had the same one for…decades (#guilty). I believe it’s time we both level up.

reviewer wearing the black midi dress


A pair of track sweats that reviewers swear are crafted with magic fabric that remains cool on summer-is-still-lingering days *and* warm on chilly fall ones. Hermione? Are you responsible for this?


A LONG-sleeved off-shoulder bodycon because you may have been invited to a champagne-sipping event, but your budget is more like the $2 beer special. This number looks expensive but is actually quite affordable.


A pair of Levi’s ribcage straight jeans that come up to — as the name would imply — your ribcage. These are ideal for anyone who prefers truly high-waisted denim. None of that “comes up underneath my belly button” nonsense.


A chunky-knit cardigan perfect for adding warmth to any ‘fit. This basic layer has batwing sleeves, pockets, and comes in a few colors (including lots of neutral hues that won’t ever clash).


A batwing sleeve dress that rivals your favorite blanket for softness. Reviewers swear by the below for both comfort *and* style; just add some stilettos and jewelry to zhuzh it up for RSVP-requiring occasions.

reviewer wearing a grey off shoulder dress


A long-sleeved turtleneck bodycon because there anything more autumnal than a high-neck, ribbed, and long-sleeved dress rolled into one? I think not. Throw in an orange hue and OTK boots, and a phantom scent of pumpkin spice will follow you to the ends of the earth.


An off-shoulder maxi that had me humming the intro of The Lovin’ Spoonful’s “Do You Believe In Magic?” as soon as I laid my peepers on it. That smocking! The mid-thigh slit! I officially believe in the existence of sorcery.

reviewer wearing the dress in teal

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