Dirty "Would You Rather" Questions For Every Party

Prepare yourself for a game that’s most certainly NSFW. We compiled the grossest, kinkiest, dirtiest — and *hardest* — “would you rather” questions for you and your friends to get to know each other a little better.

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Would you rather have sex in front of your parents OR have to watch your parents have sex?


Would you rather be the plus one in a couple’s threesome OR have a threesome with your significant other, and bring in a third?


Would you rather have teeth for hair OR hair for teeth?


Would you rather have sex while blindfolded OR handcuffed?

Fur handcuffs and keys


Would you rather walk around your office or school all day with your favorite porn category labeled on your forehead OR have a vivid sex dream about your boss and have to tell them — and the rest of your team — about it, in detail, at the next board meeting?


Would you rather have your partner only be able to use their hands OR their mouth during foreplay?


Would you rather pee a ping-pong ball OR poop a bowling ball?

A bucket of ping pong balls


Would you rather only have sex with your worst lay for the rest of your life OR have the most mind-blowing sex once and then never have sex again for the rest of your life?


Would you rather have your parents walk in on you having sex in their bed OR show your parents your entire porn search history?


Would you rather never be able to masturbate again OR not be able to eat solid foods again?


Would you rather have sex in an extremely haunted place OR have sex in an extremely dirty place?


Would you rather “69” with Black Panther on his throne OR pleasure yourself with the Winter Soldier’s arm while he watches?


Would you rather hear dirty talk, but their voice is ridiculously annoying and makes you wanna die, OR have 100% silent sex?


Would you rather have missionary sex with someone who has horrible breath OR doggy-style sex with someone who forgot to wipe their butt after going number two?


Would you rather always finish blowjobs with cum in mouth OR facial?


Would you rather eat ice cream with ketchup OR a banana with ketchup?

Someone holding a bottle of ketchup


Would you rather dive into a pool of semen OR blood?


Would you rather have 10-hour tantric sex with Vision OR 1 minute of really rough, bang-your-head-against-the-headboard sex with Quicksilver?


Would you rather give up sex for a year OR give up masturbating for a year?


Would you rather be caught mid-orgasm while receiving OR giving oral sex?


Would you rather have sex in the shower OR have sex on the floor?

Someone's feet in the shower


Would you rather give a blowjob to a micropenis OR a dick so thick that it maxes your mouth opening capability?


Would you rather be cursed with bad sex for the next five years OR not have sex for a year?


Would you rather be able to have sex, but only if a tarantula is crawling on you, OR never have sex again?


Would you rather every time you orgasm, shout “I love you, Mom” OR shout “long live the Queen” while saluting?


Would you rather join the mile-high club with Falcon OR Hawkeye?


Would you rather for the rest of your life, live with pink eye OR bed bugs?


Would you rather accidentally text a nude picture of yourself to your parents OR accidentally butt-dial them during sex, and then have to listen to the whole thing?


Would you rather accidentally have explosive diarrhea on your partner(s) during sex OR be the one who gets pooped on?


Would you rather give up bread forever OR give up oral sex forever?


Would you rather have your grandma walk in on you during sex OR walk in on your grandma during sex?

An older woman with a shocked look


Would you rather have sex in a dirty, smelly, public bathroom OR eat cranberry jelly?


Would you rather pick out a piece of food from your teeth OR pull out a hard booger from your nose?


Would you rather loudly orgasm after every time you cough OR come every time you sneeze?


Would you rather do it doggy-style with Heimdall on Asgard’s Rainbow Bridge OR with Iron Man on Stark Tower’s helipad?


Would you rather wear the same bra for a month OR wear the same thong for a week?


Would you rather use a rusty razor clogged with hair OR use a lipstick that’s dropped on the floor and covered in fluff?


Would you rather drink a pint of your worst enemy’s pee while they look you in the eye OR eat a bowl of your own poop while everyone you’ve ever dated watches?


Would you rather receive an alert every time your parents have sex OR have your parents receive an alert every time you have sex?


Would you rather receive oral sex from your celebrity crush for a week OR receive a lifetime supply of Pillsbury crescent rolls?

Pillsbury crescent rolls


Would you rather have penises for fingers OR have a vulva for a mouth?


Would you rather be forced to speak like Borat every time you have sex OR have your partner(s) only speak like Borat during sex?


Would you rather receive oral sex from Loki OR give oral sex to Killmonger?


Would you rather clean out some belly button lint OR peel off a sheet of skin from a sunburn?


Would you rather only be able to have sex in the shower OR on a table?


Would you rather pop a big blister OR remove a chunk of ear wax?


Would you rather have to dive into a pool of snot once a day OR always have to shower in your own pee?

A floating device in a river


Would you rather only be able to partake in 30-person orgies for the rest of your life OR never be able to have sex again?


Would you rather try every single sex position in the Kama Sutra with your crush OR try every single type of pie?


Would you rather have sex with someone dressed as a Pokémon OR doing an impression of Dr. Phil?

Dr. Phil


Would you rather pop a juicy pimple OR pull out an ingrown hair?


Would you rather have someone finger you immediately after they eat spicy Buffalo wings OR accidentally get part of the skin on your penis torn off because it got stuck on someone’s braces?


Would you prefer testicles that are abnormally small OR large?


Would you rather have sex in front of all your partner’s friends OR their grandmother?


Would you rather have the greatest sex of your life for just one night only with Peter Quill OR mediocre sex for one week straight with Ant-Man?


Would you rather have an obvious orgasm every time you are close to a piece of fruit OR never orgasm again?


Would you rather have sex only in pitch black darkness OR in public places?


Would you rather have sex with someone who talked nonstop OR who didn’t make a peep?


Would you rather eat pasta with ketchup OR carrots with Nutella?



Would you rather only sleep with people with bad breath OR accidentally burp every time you moan?


Would you rather have drunk sex OR high sex?


Would you rather eat eight people out in a row OR eat an octopus?


Would you rather have someone try to finish in your mouth, but they accidentally pee OR go down on someone and get toilet paper remnants in your mouth because they didn’t clean properly?


Would you rather give M’Baku a hot oil massage OR receive a hot oil massage from Thanos?


Would you rather use a sex toy you found on the floor of a clean-looking pharmacy OR eat a burger you found next to a dumpster in an alley?


Would you rather give up penetrative sex OR oral sex?

A woman sucking a lollipop


Would you rather for the rest of your life, give up sex OR chocolate?


Would you rather have your mom walk in on you while you’re losing your virginity OR have someone shit in your mouth while you eat them out?


Would you rather face-dive into Captain America’s chest OR Thor’s back?


Would you rather have sex with a hot celebrity, but never get to see their face and body OR have the greatest meal of your life and get diarrhea?


Would you rather have to be on top OR on bottom?


Would you rather chew on your fingernails OR dig a chunk of dirt out from under them?


Would you rather sleep with someone who is great in bed but smells OR someone who is terrible in bed but doesn’t smell?


Would you rather be able to perform oral sex on yourself but never receive it from others OR only be able to receive it from others?


And finally, would you rather have a three-way with Captain America and the Winter Soldier OR Thor and Heimdall?

This article contains content from Syd Robinson, Crystal Ro, Spencer Althouse, Sarah Aspler, Andrew Ziegler, Becky Barnicoat, Beatriz Serrano, Davi Rocha, Anna Kopsky, and CFGP. It was compiled by Kelly Rissman.

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