All The Best Deals At Amazon This Week


30% off an Apple watch SE because this stylish smartwatch can be used to track health and fitness, answer calls and texts, pay with ApplePay, stream your favorite songs and more — and it’s even waterproof! Plus, it has a larger screen that the Series 3 Apple watch, so you won’t ever find yourself squinting to see who’s calling.

Reviewer with the watch on wrist showing a moon display face with the time, date, and weather


29% off a pair of Bose earbuds that many reviewers praise for having high-quality sound and noise-canceling technology (even compared to over-the-ear models), while also being super comfy.

Model sitting outside with the black earbud in ear


20% off a hydroponics growing system so you can grow up to 12 pod plants right in your own living room, and enjoy fresh herbs, veggies, and fruits any time of year!

reviewer's hydroponic grow system growing multiple varieties of lettuce


50% off a box spring bed foundation to add a bit of support beneath your mattress — according to reviewers, it may improve your sleep experience and even rejuvenate older mattresses.


47% off an oven thermometer if your cookies, breads, and other oven-baked foods just never seem to come out like they should and you can’t figure out why — you’d be surprised how common it is for ovens to be off by a few degrees. But this gizmo will tell you the exact temp inside, allowing you to correct your cooking, and finally get the roast turkey that you deserve.

reviewer photo of the stainless steel thermometer resting horizontally on oven rack


40% off the latest Adobe Photoshop Elements software to unlock new possibilities when it comes to editing your images. This is the secret to getting a group photo where everyone looks good and has their eyes open.

Left shows photo of man holding dog's paw unedited; right shows same image created with "perfect petguided edit" with improved lighting, contrast and coloring


37% off a colorful three-piece hardshell luggage set for all my travel lovers out there. No matter how long your trip is, now you’ll have the perfect-sized bags with 360-degree spinner wheels — and when you’re not traveling, the bags can be stored inside each other!

Reviewer's photo of the bright electric blue three-piece set


27% off a two-pack of non-toxic laundry stain remover spray, because it works to remove even tough, set-in stains. This is great for everyone to have on hand for the occasional tomato sauce emergency, but is also basically a daily necessity for parents, since it can get stains out of fabric, carpet, upholstery and more.


22% off a portable Crockpot electric lunchbox that’ll warm up your food while you work, so that you’ll have a piping hot meal by lunchtime. The tight-sealing lid prevents spills, so you’ll have no headaches — just hot, delicious leftovers, chilis, stews, and more. Plus, this also means you won’t have to bother with the crummy (and, let’s be honest, often disgusting) office microwave ever again!


50% off a pair of exfoliating mitts because there are few things more satisfying than scrubbing away all your dead skin in the shower and actually seeing it flake/peel off. It’s kinda gross but also awesome? Especially since your skin feels baby soft when you’re done. 😍

The black glove showing dead skin cell flakes after a reviewer used it


26% off a portable air compressor so you can easily fill up your tires as soon as the indicator light pops up on your dash, eliminating all worry of your tire potentially going flat before you reach the gas station.

Someone sitting in car with the compressor resting on their leg


25% off an Under Armour backpack because it will protect your laptop and other school/work essentials from the elements, and even has a special pocket to store your sneakers for your workout later. This is the ultimate fashion-meets-functionality-pack for athletes, students and other active folks.


55% off high arch foot support insoles so you can actually wear those shoes you love — y’know, the ones that are super duper cute, but so flat that they offer zero support? Reviewers suffering from arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and other foot pains swear by these!

Reviewer with one foot in slipper shoe with other shoe showing blue insole inserted


50% off a pair of adhesive silicone nipple covers for when you don’t want to wear a bra but also don’t want everyone to see your nipples clear as day…hey, sometimes the shirt’s just a little too sheer!

Collage showing different models wearing the nipple covers under variety of clothing items, bandeau, tank top, wedding dress, evening gown, as well as image of the nude nipple cover itself


27% off a 23andMe health and ancestry kit if you’ve ever been curious to know about your genetic makeup and heritage. With just a quick at-home cheek swab, you’ll unlock new layers of knowledge about your self and your family’s past, as well as information about whether your DNA shows you as predisposed to certain health conditions. Having done this myself, I can confirm that it’s pretty cool to know!


57% off a 5-tier corner shelf so you can turn that empty space into a home decor showcase and display your favorite photos, knick-knacks, and other small items.


23% off a gel memory foam seat cushion because if you’re sitting down for long periods of time, it should be on something soft, comfy, and supportive — both for your back health and because, well, who wants to be uncomfortable all day long? This is specially designed to support your tailbone and relieve pressure!!

Reviewer's photo of the cushion on office chair


20% off an air purifier that uses a HEPA dual filtration system to effectively remove 99.97% of all those icky allergy-inducing pollutants floating around in the air, meaning you might finally be able to breathe clearly inside your own home again. 🙌


33% off a four-pack of jumbo matte hair claws because these ones will actually hold your hair in place without slipping, sliding, or tugging — even if your hair is so thick and long, it’s nearing “Rapunzel” status.


34% off an entertainment center that has tons of storage space and a built-in electric fireplace (!!!), a.k.a. this will make your living room instantly feel both cozy and classy. And don’t worry, you can turn on the fireplace display without turning on the heat — so you can enjoy the soothing ambiance even in the summer.

Reviewer's photo of dark brown entertainment stand with fireplace on and supporting a flat screen tv showing a scene of hyenas


25% off a leak-proof kids bento box with five compartments, because it makes packing a healthy lunch way easier for you — and actually eating said healthy lunch much more enjoyable for them, since nothing will get soggy or mixed with unrelated foods.

reviewer's photo showing the purple bento box open and packed for their kid with peanut butter sandwich, egg, turkey and cheese, broccoli and chicken, fruit, and graham crackers among the various compartments


28% off an 8″ chef’s knife so you can ~slice~ through all your meal prep in practically no time at all. The high-carbon stainless steel blade gets the job done, and the ergonomic design makes it easy to maneuver!

Reviewer's photo of the knife slicing through ham

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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