55 Cheap Things That’ll Help Fix Some Of The Small Annoyances In Your Life


A bath pillow to make your “me” time so much better by giving you a nice place to rest your head instead of the cold hard tub. So much so, you may never want to leave the tub again…

the bath pillow in a bath tub


A set of silicone stove-counter gap covers I’m really upset I haven’t had in my home for years now because these stop all those tiny crumbs from falling down the crack, and that is so so so impossible to clean up! *shakes fists in the air*

Reviewer's picture of the gap cover placed between their stove and counter


A detangling brush reviewers (more than 45,000 actually) swear works magic on all hair types (including 2c–4c), detangling easily without pulling or damaging the hair. No more painful detangling sessions like the ones you had growing up that have basically scarred you for life.


A mug warmer that regulates the temperature of your coffee or tea so you can nurse your drink for hours without it becoming an ice-cold beverage.


A pair of anti-chafing bands that not only look pretty great, but also do an amazing job of protecting your thighs when you walk long distances.

Reviewer pic wearing the thigh bands in black lace


A natural sweater pill remover made from upcycled car windshield glass that’ll remove any pills from your sweaters, towels, bedding, and more to make them look as good as new.

Hand holding the pill remover on a sweater


An LED neck reading light perfect for anyone who has a later bedtime than their partner and doesn’t just want to lie in bed counting sheep. Put this light around your neck and it will illuminate a book in front of you, without disrupting the people asleep around you. Talk about a game-changer!


A knife perfect for a peanut butter lover who loves the natural kind but hates how it separates and leaves oil on the top. This knife will get all the way down to the bottom of the jar and make it so easy to mix it all up. Get your PB&J ready because this is about to change the game.


Wad-Free, which is about to change your laundry life. Don’t believe me? This seemingly boring square thing attaches to the corners of your sheets to help them dry faster, be less wrinkled, and stop them from encompassing everything in the drier into a tangled mess. It’s a pretty ~neat~ tool, if I do say so myself.

hands putting a sheet set with the white square devices hooked to the corners in a washer


Some reusable heel inserts because it is the year 2022, and we are saying a big N-O to getting blisters while wearing shoes. These fit right into the heel and make sure your favorite cute flats are actually comfortable enough to walk in for longer than 10 minutes.


An acne patch made with hydrocolloid, tea tree oil, and calendula oil to gently draw out the gross stuff in the pimple and stop it in its tracks before it ruins your day.


A pair of horizontal glasses to help you read, watch TV, or play games while in the perfect, most comfortable position possible. Plus, they prevent neck and eye strain!

reviewer wearing the glasses while reading a book


A toilet night-light designed with a sensor so it will turn on as soon as you stumble into the bathroom, eyes closed. You won’t have to turn on the light, which always wakes you up, causing it to take longer for you to fall back asleep.

reviewer image of the toilet nightlight


A portable paw cleaner you most definitely need if your pup seems to go out of their way to find mud when you’re out on a walk and then won’t sit still while you try to towel them off. Just fill this cleaner with water, dunk their paw in, and the silicone bristles will do all the hard work for you and get the mud off.


A water bottle cup holder adapter because the fact that your water bottle doesn’t fit in your cup holder is one of the main frustrating factors on your road trip. You can add this to your current cup holder to accommodate your bigger bottle so you stay hydrated the whole time.


A Billie razor designed to actually make shaving easier so you’ll probably actually be excited to shave your legs for the first time in, well, a while.


A set of resistance bands made with fabric, so they won’t roll or snap while you’re using them because you deserve to get through your whole workout without having to stop and unroll your band every couple of minutes.


A freezer tray to store the extra herbs you buy when your recipe calls for four tablespoons of fresh parsley, but the grocery store only sells it in bushels meant to serve hundreds. Ugh.

The four-cup tray with herbs in it and a hand grabbing some out of one of the cups


A bug bite suction tool because mosquito bites ~suck~ so much and this little tool works to remove the ~pest-ky~ irritant, meaning no more itchiness!


Bed bands that’ll work super hard to keep the corners of your fitted sheet in place so they don’t pop off and try to escape every chance they get. Plus, this means you won’t have to fight to get the sheet on all four corners as often — that itself is a chore.

The underside of a mattress with a fitted sheet being held on by a bed band


A migraine headache stick you can toss in your bag and quickly grab when you feel a headache coming on to help stop it in its tracks before it ruins your whole day.

BuzzFeed editor applying the stick to the back of her neck and her forehead


A handle that’ll make it *sooooo* much easier to carry all your groceries in one trip without the threat of dropping half the groceries on the floor because you said to yourself, “I can TOTALLY carry this all” (when, in fact, you probably shouldn’t have).

Two models, each holding two handles that have a couple of bags of groceries on them each


A set of seat gap fillers so you’ll never experience the feeling of having your phone fall between the seat while you’re driving, knowing it’s going to take about 10 minutes to retrieve it from the black hole down there.

Reviewer pic of the black gap filler in between the seat and console in a car


A flip top you can attach to your bottles to make sure you get EVERY. LAST. DROP so you don’t have to buy ketchup or salad dressing as often.

On the left: a barbecue sauce bottle with only a small bit left at the bottom On the right: The same bottle but with a flip top on it, now standing upsidedown, with all the barbecue sauce ready to come out


Light-dimming stickers to, once and for all, put an end to the small lights coming from your TV, Wi-Fi router, or whatever else you have in your room that keeps you up at night.


A touch-up razor designed to be a quick way for you to shape your eyebrows, remove any hair, and just get smooth skin without having to make another appointment and spend more time in a salon chair.


A lid organizer because if your container drawer looks something like the picture on the left, you’ve def been so frustrated digging through the mishmash piles of lids trying to find the right lid that fits on the container your leftovers are already in. This gives you spots for every different size lid you own and transforms the drawer into an organized haven.


An all-natural yoga mat cleaner spray that will give your mat a deep clean *and* leave it with a pleasant lavender scent, so the next time you’re in savasana, you’ll get a whiff of relaxation and a sense of calm knowing you’re laying on a clean mat.

The spray bottle with a purple label with the words "Yoga mat detox" on it


An EZ Off Jar Opener, because I can’t be the only one who’s abandoned making dinner and simply ordered takeout because I couldn’t get a jar open.


A wine stain–removing spray, because you shouldn’t be held responsible for any spills that happen during happy hour or movie night. Red wine is too good not to drink out of fear of ruining your clothes, furniture, or anything else that gets in its way!

The bottle of red wine stain remover sitting on the carpet next to a spilled red wine glass


A Kochblume spill stopper you can put on top of your pot and then can walk away knowing that the water won’t overflow onto the stove whenever it *finally* decides to boil.

The spill stopper in red on top of a pot on a stove with water boiling inside, illustrating that it will not boil over


A rain and stain repellent to protect your nice bags that you spent GOOD MONEY on and that you don’t want to get ruined by your jeans transferring UNWANTED blue dye on them.

Reviewer photo of the can of repellent sitting next to a Louis Vuitton purse


A grease bag with the ability to hold up to 32 ounces so you have a place to pour the extra grease from your pan instead of “accidently” pouring it down the drain and hoping for the best. 😬 Plus, the packaging is compostable, so you can just throw it in the trash when it’s full.


A Tweexy specifically designed to make you say, “Why didn’t I think of that?!?” when you use it to help make painting the nails on your non-dominant hand so much easier. It’s time for that hand to NOT look like a five year old painted it.

Model's hands with the Tweexy on the left hand. It has two rings and a holder on top with a bottle of nail polish in it to keep it steady. The right hand is holding the nail polish brush and painting the left hand's nails


Some eco-friendly bamboo towels that’ll replace six month’s worth of paper towels so you can keep your home clean, feel good about the impact you have on the environment, *and* never have to worry about using tissues to clean up a spill because you forgot to pick up paper towels when you were at the store…again.

Model's hands holding a bamboo towel sheet under a watermelon while cleaning it


A TubShroom with some of the most disgusting but oh-so satisfying review images. You may wonder how you still have hair on your head after using this product…but at least that hair won’t be backing up your tub anymore and you won’t have to stick your hand down there and grab a very disgusting handful of gunk.


A LifeStraw that’s essentially a little magic device that makes any water drinkable by removing 99.999999% of bacteria and 99.999% of parasites. This means, you can enjoy a fresh drink when you’re on a hike and forgot to bring a water bottle…again.

A reviewer holding the LifeStraw to their mouth while taking a drink from a creek


A three-pack of nonstick oven liners you can cut to fit your oven or grill to protect it from getting covered in the goo and gunk that spills out of whatever you’re cooking. Just pull the liner out (when the oven isn’t hot anymore) and wash it in the sink for a fuss-free way to keep your oven clean.

Inside of an oven with a pizza baking and the oven liners sitting on the bottom catching droplets


A Bracelet Mate so you’re never stuck home alone struggling to put on a bracelet by yourself.

Model using the Bracelet Mate to put on a small bracelet by themselves


A Thaw Claw to defrost meat up to seven times faster. All you have to do is suction it to your sink, fill the sink with water, and then put the frozen food under the claw. It will be defrosted in no time — and you’ll never have to remember to take the meat out of the fridge in the morning again.


A digital luggage scale so you don’t have to spend any time worrying about finding out your bag is overweight at the airport and then trying to rearrange while you’re suitcase it open on the floor, for the whole airport to see. 😳 Maybe this is a very specific fear that I personally have, but owning this scale will ensure that you never have to pay an overweight baggage fee again.

reviewer holding the silver and black luggage scale, attached the the top of a suitcase


Some ZenToes you can slide on any toes that currently have an issue (such as a missing or ingrown nail, hammer toes, or blisters) and spend the rest of the day walking — without any pain.

Reviewer photo of two feet each with the silicone cover on the big toe and one with one also on the second toe to protect them from anything happening to inured toes


A door draft stopper reviewers swear is a great way to stop cold air from getting into your home during the winter months. Not only will you save money on your energy bill, but you’ll also stop tiny critters from crawling their way into your home. And now that’s a win-win.


A pair of eyeglasses temple tips to stop your glasses from sliding off your face when you look down because it’s 2022, and that really should never happen.

Model wearing glasses with the temple tip on the end, keeping it in place


A Zipuller for anyone, including myself, who has struggled to get a dress (or any other article of clothing) zipped up in the morning while screaming, “There’s got to be a better way!”. Here it is. Now you can get dressed with ease and move on to more important things.

The back of a model with an open dress and the Zipuller in red attached to the back zipper ready to zip up the dress


Sticky Stake insect traps you place in your plants to attract flies, gnats, midges, and other insects and keep them from flying around your house and annoying you so very much.


A SockDock because I am convinced that socks plan their escape every time you put them in the wash. I mean, where do they go and how do I always end up with three lone socks after doing my laundry EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Model holding the long wire SockDock with circles to attach socks, filled with sock pairs next to a washing machine


A poop bag holder so you can ~do do~ the right thing and carry the poop to the nearest garbage without it stinking up the rest of the walk.

Pretty sure I’ll be doing this a lot less with all of these items in my life:

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