50 Simple Products That Make Everyday Life At Home Just A Tad Bit Easier


A garlic chopper to mince or chop garlic for you. You literally just put up to five regular-size cloves in it and then use your hand to roll this thing on any smooth surface, and it chops it all up in a matter of seconds. If you want to mince it, you keep rolling for maybe 10 more seconds. I have one of these and sticky hands and knives are now a thing of the past.

reviewer holding chopper filled with chopped garlic


A pack of Affresh dishwasher-cleaning tablets for making sure your dishwasher is super clean and therefore capable of making sure your dishes are too. All you do is drop a tablet into the dishwasher before you run a load, and it does all the work from there.


A foaming garbage disposal cleaner that uses magical blue foam to rid your garbage disposal of foodstuff and odor. I have these and actually look forward to using them, they’re that great. You push one of the biodegradable packets into your drain and then turn the water on. Before you know it, this blue foam starts bubbling up from your drain(s) and after a few minutes completely disappears. After that, the drain is super clean and those lingering smells are gone.


An expandable shelf for under your sink that adjusts itself around your awkwardly shaped pipe. You will be able to fit so much more stuff under your sink when you use this!

Reviewer before and after pic of inside a bathroom vanity cabinet with a lot of organized items in a small space thanks to the adjustable organizer


Some sleek transparent dividers to separate clothes into categories. Sweaters, pants, T-shirts, and more will finally have a place inside your closet that doesn’t require being hung up.

Reviewer's translucent dividers are shown in a closet


A bamboo shower stool to keep all your bathing needs within reach. This is especially great if you have little to no built-in shower storage.

A bamboo shower stool is shown in a shower enclosure


A pumice stone for removing hard water stains in your toilet’s bowl. Considered a must-have cleaning tool, if there’s a stain in your toilet that you’re sure is permanent, try this out and watch it disappear like magic.


A set of two magnetic shelves to attach right to your fridge if you don’t have the countertop or cabinet space for storing spices. Each one is deep enough to hold two rows of spice bottles.

Reviewer's magnetic shelf is shown attached to a fridge


A soothing Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock that simulates the sunrise, so waking up (at any time) feels totally natural. It has seven natural sounds and slowly turns from 10% brightness to 100% in 30 minutes. :::Deep exhale:::

A customer review photo of the alarm clock on their nightstand


A set of transparent grocery organizers so that everything in your fridge can be exactly where it’s supposed to be. Each set comes with five drawers and one egg holder, which will make finding everything in your fridge so much easier.

A customer's fridge filled with several pantry organizers


A citrus-scented toilet spray, because it’s always best to leave no trace — especially smelly ones — when it comes to doing what you do in the bathroom. Just spray this into the bowl before you go number two, and it does all the work from there.

the spray


A dog-feeding reminder for making sure your dog gets fed but not overfed each morning and evening. This will be especially useful for those who live in a home with multiple people caring for one pup.

The reminder with daily slots to answer yes or no to "did you feed the dog"


A two-tiered turntable so that pantry essentials are within reach. Think of all the vertical space you’ll save!


A rapid egg cooker to cook up to six eggs five different ways with a push of a button. Hard boil, soft boil, poach, scrambled, even omelets — this tiny appliance will do it all so you don’t have to.


A jar of all-natural toilet cleaning fizzies that are basically bath bombs for your toilet bowl. All you do is drop one into your bowl, let it do its fizzy thing, and then lightly scrub away any residue.

Three of the jars of differently scented toilet cleaning fizzies are shown


A set of two toothpaste squeezers so you get every last ounce of toothpaste out of the tube. It also holds your toothpaste upright, which means it won’t take up as much valuable countertop space.


A 15-piece set of airtight food containers, because your pantry staples deserve a designated home. This set has over 18,700 5-star reviews for a reason, it’s that good.

reviewer image of the full 15 piece Vtopmart Airtight Food Storage Containers Set in a cabinet being used to store different kinds of food


A windproof rechargeable lighter for all your candles and grilling needs. The flexible neck makes it easy to light hard to reach wicks, and it’ll spark 400 times before it needs to be recharged.

image of reviewer holding the rechargeable lighter in their hand


A set of three oven liners to avoid a sticky, messy oven. You can cut these dishwasher-safe liners to fit onto the bottom of your oven and it’ll catch all the drippings from pies to casseroles. When it gets gross, clean it by hand or on the top rack of your dishwasher.

An oven with liners protecting the bottom


A food storage set that includes eight 30-ounce containers with lids. The containers are glass, which means you won’t get the food stains you often see with traditional plastic food storage containers. I use these for meal prepping all the time.

a photo of the entire set being used to meal prep in a fridge


A wooden peg board insert to organize any deep kitchen cabinet drawer. There are three different sizes to choose from, and each one comes with enough pegs to completely customize your drawer’s needs. This will be a lifesaver for anyone with a kitchen that’s short on cabinetry but has a lot of drawers.


A nontoxic, plant- and mineral-based essentials cleaning kit so that you can keep your home sparkling clean without the use of harsh chemicals. The kit may give you sticker shock, but after you factor in how many times you can refill each bottle with the magical concentrate, it breaks down to about the same price per bottle of cleaner you’d buy at a big store.

The cleaning essentials kit is shown in a bathroom


A can dispensing rack for organizing the mountain of canned soups and veggies that have taken over your pantry. Listen, I get it. We all got used to stocking up during peak pandemic times. Now that the water’s just a little bit calmer, do yourself a favor and get this rack.

Cans placed in dispenser rack inside cabinet


A set of drawer organizers that’ll help keep your socks, bras, undies, and more from overflowing and taking over your bedroom floor. You’ll get 45 cells out of this set, so there really will be a place for everything.

A reviewer's organized drawer with socks and bras


A battery organizer to keep all your household batteries neatly stored. It comes with a battery tester, too, so you can make sure a battery works before you do the work of popping it into whatever device you’re trying to use.


A jar of Humble Suds’ all-natural scour cleaning paste for taking on tough cleaning jobs like baked on grime in the oven to removing difficult stains on your bathroom’s grout. Thanks to a combination of castile soap and essential oils like sweet orange and lemongrass, not only does this do the job of removing grime, but it smells amazing, too!

Before and after photos of a not clean and then clean stove


An Instant Pot to pressure cook, slow cook, cook rice, steam, sauté…and even make yogurt. This is truly an amazing small appliance that will make cooking so many of your different dishes a breeze, I promise. And because it can do so much in such a little device, imagine all the countertop and cabinet space you’ll save.

The Instant Pot, featuring a digital display


A two-stage knife sharpener, because preparing food with a dull knife is never a good idea. Keep all your knives sharp with this easy tool that only requires a few swipes to make it like new again.


A pair of smartplugs that you can control with your voice or the accompanying app. If you want the lights to be on when you get home, just use the app to make sure it happens. Either turn them on remotely through the app or schedule a time for them to turn on.


A double closet rod for getting the most out of your closet’s vertical space. All those blouses, jackets, and shirts are taking up way too much valuable real estate, so literally double your space with this nifty tool.

A closet is shown with the double hanging rod


An automatic, odor-absorbing, sensor-activated trash can made of fingerprint-proof stainless steel. Who knew a single trashcan could do so much?

Stainless steel trash can


A set of gorgeous pantry labels to beautify your pantry’s staples. The sets come pre-labeled with the most common pantry items, but if you have more niche stuff to store, you can pay a tiny bit extra and have yours customized.

Set of labels placed on clear containers


A honeycomb divider if your drawer is a sea of mismatched socks. This tiny but mighty divider will create 18 pockets, though reviewers say bigger drawers can accommodate two sets — so 36 pockets.


A hand-held combination garment steamer and iron to make sure your fabric things are not a wrinkled mess. You think this is just for clothes, but it works just as well on bedding and drapery, too. And because it’s a small device that’s 2-in-1, it won’t take up as much space as a traditional steamer and iron.

The steamer

You to yourself every time you look in the mirror after getting what you need from this list:

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