43 Ways To Upgrade Your Living Room That Don't Require A Ton Of Work


Enhance the natural warmth of your living room with a sunset projector designed with a 180-degree rotation.

The sunset light projected onto a living room wall


Keep your TV screen in tip-top shape with a screen-cleaning kit that can also be used on phone, laptop, and iPad screens. It works on super delicate screens and comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth!

A customer review photo showing their TV screen before and after cleaning it


Trick your friends into thinking you *finally* got a new sofa when you actually just used a leather cleaner. The formula is nontoxic, and it can be used on faux leather, vinyl, plastic, and rubber.

A customer review photo of their leather sofa, half cleaned with the cleaner and half not


Add some interest to a boring wall with a gallery wall kit that includes seven frames, a hanging template, hardware, and some pretty black-and-white prints that you can use or replace.


And while we’re talking about wall decor, snag a pack of these picture hanging strips that’ll make quick work of hanging frames and wall art. Now, you can spend less time decorating and more time enjoying your living room. ?


Or, get an all-in-one Hang-O-Matic picture hanging tool that does the work of a tape measure AND laser level. Reviewers rave about how easy it is to hang things now.

A couple of people using the tool to hang some wall decor


Keep all of your cords in check with a three-outlet power strip that’ll hide and organize unsightly wires, cords, etc. Where has this product been all of your life?!


House your plant bbs in a foldable rope plant basket that can also double as a storage basket for towels, magazines, toys, or anything else that needs a spot in your house. Reviewers note that you’ll need to reshape it when it arrives.

The rope plant basket next to a sofa


Get rid of those annoyingly bright lights on electronics with a pack of light-dimming stickers. Just peel and stick to use!

A customer review photo of the lights on their device before and after placing the stickers


Curate Instagram-worthy bookshelves with color-coordinated books sets made from used books. The books are all readable, so you can build your book collection, too.

A bookshelf filled with color-coordinated books


Restore your fireplace to its original glory with a bottle of Quick N Brite fireplace cleaner. The gel formula will remove soot, ash, dust, and more from nearly any fireplace!


Decorate your walls with this super cool DIY moss wall art kit. The greenery will make any space feel more alive, and it’s a fun project to do with friends or family.


Add a USB-powered LED light strip to the back of your TV to eliminate glare and add a comforting glow to your living room. Reviewers were AMAZED by how vibrant their TV looked after adding this light strip.


And if you’re struggling to mount a new TV (#me), invest in a no-stud TV wall mount that will leave you feeling hella accomplished. It’s perfect for apartments because it won’t damage the walls.


Create a unique wall display with invisible bookshelves. Each metal shelf can hold up to 15 pounds and will totally disappear when books are added on top! Magic.

A customer review photo of their floating bookshelves on a wall next to a chair


If you have kiddos at home, you NEED this drawstring play mat that cinches up when playtime is over. It will help your living room look ~slightly~ less chaotic.


Install those new curtains you bought with a set of NoNo brackets. These babies fit securely on the existing blind headrail so you don’t have to be bothered with drilling or hammering.


Or, swap out your blinds for pleated fabric shades that can be trimmed at home. The fade resistant paper will filter the light so it’s not as harsh and bright in the mornings.

Multiple kitchen windows with the pleated shades


And to keep your blinds clean, use this handy microfiber blinds duster which has three blades so you can clean two blinds at the same time!!! Cleaning the blinds suddenly became soooooo much easier.


Freshen up your living room walls with some peel-and-stick wallpaper that’s, dare we say, fun to use. Pro tip — use a paint roller to apply and smooth out air bubbles.

A living room with one wall covered in the wallpaper in Frost


Add some color and texture to your sofa with these beautiful velvet pillow covers. There are TONS of color options so you can swap out the covers seasonally. ??‍???

A variety of the velvet pillow covers on a sofa


Pop these faux jasmine flowers into a vase, and trick your friends into thinking they’re the real deal. They’ll last forever, and you never have to water them.

A bundle of the faux Jasmine flowers in white


Organize your remotes and small electronics with a stylish leather remote control organizer. Because ~nobody~ wants to waste time searching for the remote when you could be binging Schitt’s Creek for the fifth time.


Make sure your precious knickknacks don’t break with a jar of clear museum gel — it’s nontoxic and won’t stain furniture. A little goes a long way, so one jar should last forever.


Warm up your living room with a table lamp that comes in 18 different colors! The leather base looks more expensive than it actually is (in case you’re wondering, it’s under $30 ?).


Adding a floor lamp is another way to create ambience with minimal effort. Style this lamp next to a loveseat or sofa for the perfect arrangement.


And while we’re talking about lighting, install a mid-century chandelier that comes in brass or brushed nickel. It’s a statement piece that guests are sure to notice.


Revive wood furniture that’s seen better days with the Katzco furniture repair kit, which comes with six markers, six paper-wrapped wax sticks, and one wax stick sharpener.


And, use this multi-surface paint to touch up doors, cabinets, windows, etc. It’s low VOC, so you can safely use it indoors without smelling up the whole place.


Instead of replacing your wood furniture, use a watermark remover cloth on stains caused by water, alcohol, heat, and more. Btw, the cloth is reusable and can be used to polish metal and chrome.

A before and after customer review photo of their dining table with and without watermarks


Keep your carpets looking brand new with Folex Carpet Spot Remover, which will remove gunk and grime from your carpet in no time at all. The before and after photos speak for themselves!

A customer review photo of a carpet with a giant red spill all over the floor and then the same carpet cleaned after using the spray


Add a small standing desk to your living room so you can stand while you work (or pretend to work). No judgment here.


Control the temperature in your home with the Nest thermostat so you’ll never be too hot or too cold ever again. And that, my friends, is true luxury.


Enhance the coziness in your living room with a handmade cable-knit pouf. Reviewers say it’s well-made, sturdy, and stylish.


Zhuzh up old furniture with a roll of vinyl wrap film that’s easy to use and holds up to cleaning. It’s a much cheaper alternative to replacing worn items!


If your floors (or doors) are looking a little lackluster, a bottle of Howard Products Wood Polish & Conditioner is sure to do the trick. The natural oils will add a protective layer to wood floors and make them shine.


Display candles, picture frames, and other decorative objects on this faux-alligator serving tray. It also functions as an actual serving tray for food and drinks.


Add a glamorous touch to your living room by installing velvet curtains. They’re thermal insulated and will block out the sunlight, which is great if you like to watch movies in the dark for an authentic “movie theater experience.”


Give plain walls a little flair with a macrame wall hanging mirror. FYI — adding mirrors to a space is an easy way to make the room look larger than it actually is.

The macrame wall mirror hanging on a wall


Keep your living room clutter free with a five-step decorative ladder that’ll store and display blankets or magazines.

The ladder filled with blankets leaning on a wall


Layer this medallion area rug over an existing rug (or carpeting) for added interest and texture. It’s made from stain resistant fibers, so it’s a great choice for high traffic areas.

The medallion rug laid across the floor


Give yourself extra storage space with a cute storage ottoman that can fold down when not in use (we have a feeling you’ll be using this piece constantly, though!).

The storage ottoman in gray


Enhance a small room with well-placed floor mirrors. Reviewers LOVE the stylish look of this mirror and high quality materials.

The full-length floor mirror leaning against a wall

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