41 Home Products Our Readers Are Loving In 2022


A tube of mold and mildew remover gel to totally transform the corners of your bathroom. What was once blackened and grubby-looking will be returned to its original brilliance, all with just some squeezing and rinsing, no actual hard labor required.

a reviewer photoset with three timestamped images showing how quickly the gel worked on the corner of a tub


A standing weed-puller tool for those of us whose knees and lower backs will no longer tolerate hours of bending and kneeling, but who still want to have a beautiful, weed-free garden.

a reviewer photo of the tool holding a weed above a large bucket of weeds


A tub of The Pink Stuff so you can see what all the fuss is about. This TikTok-famous paste will remove even caked on stains with no muss, no fuss, and no scrubbing. It really might be magic.

a reviewer photo of a before and after of a faucet. the first photo has significant buildup, and the second photo is perfectly clean.


A roll of curtain string lights to add a touch of glow and whimsy to bedroom walls, outdoor spaces, photo backgrounds, or even weddings.

a bedroom with slanted ceilings covered in the string lights


A set of shelf dividers that’ll stop your piles of sweaters or T-shirts from slumping over and devolving from nice neat stacks into a disorganized mess.

a reviewer picture of a closet with a neat shelf using the dividers


A dryer vent cleaning kit to get out all the accumulated lint and crud that have piled up over the years — yes, that’s happening, even if you clean the screen every single time. It’ll help your dryer run more efficiently, plus that buildup is a real fire hazard, so it’s safer, too.

a reviewer photo of the blue vacuum tube in the lint trap of a dryer


A cloth Swiffer-style duster that’s reusable and washable, so you can use it over and over again, instead of the single use ones. Imagine how much dust you can tackle with just one of these babies!

a rainbow of reusable dusters on a wooden background


A microfiber sheet set because once you go microfiber, you don’t go back. These sheets are soft, luxurious, soft, wrinkle-resistant, and did I mention SOFT.

the white sheets on a bed


A round pintucked pillow for a bit of gorgeous yet slightly unconventional decor that can also be conscripted into emergency floor seating when guests come over.

a stack of the multicolored round velvet pillows


A eucalyptus and lavender shower pouch that’s perfect for a super steamy shower — it’ll allow the essential oils to fill the whole room, so you get all their relaxation and decongestant benefits straight to your schnoz.

the pouch filled with green leaves and purple buds hanging from a bronze shower handle


A pack of plant food spikes so your lil’ plant children can continue to thrive, no matter how green your thumb actually is.


A wooden shoe rack because it’s perfect for keeping everything you need organized and exactly where you need it. With your shoes, bag, and even umbrella neatly stored by the door, you’ll never again forget them in a rush. No more surprise drenchings by summer afternoon storms!


A bottle of Oh Yuk jetted tub cleaner that may be the most aptly named product on the market — you’re pretty much guaranteed to say “Oh yuk!!” when you see what comes out of your tub’s jets.

a reviewer photo of a jetted tub with brown gunk floating in the water


A window blind cleaning brush because it’s soooooo much more efficient than trying to fit a duster between every. single. slat. And as a bonus, it also works great for cleaning window AC units.


A drywall repair putty stick that looks like a giant glue stick, but instead of sticking pieces of construction paper together, it fills in holes and helps you get your security deposit back.

a reviewer photo holding the stick up to a repaired hole. the hole has an arrow pointing it and you still can't really see it


An enzyme-based laundry stain remover which means (if I remember high school biology class correctly) that it pretty much literally eats the stain — but nothing else! — leaving your clothes clean without any damage or harsh chemical residue.

a before and after photo of a model wearing a very stained white suit and then the same, cleaned suit


A room and linen spray that’s available in a ton of scents, so you can finally toss your old linen spray that claims to smell like “fresh laundry,” but mostly just smells like chemicals. Available in scents like “Crisp Cotton” and “Rose Petals,” this vegan, paraben-free spray is the real deal.

a model holding one of the amber bottles of spray next to two more on a decorated table


An electric pressure washer because why play hours of PowerWash Simulator (yes, a real video game) when you can get the same satisfaction and also get your porch or patio easily clean with the real thing?

a reviewer photo of a pool deck mid-pressure washing


A bronze-tone snake tieback that’s worth it for the spooky fairytale vibes alone. Plus, readers say they’re functional and super sturdy, but really, those are just bonuses.

the dark gold snake shaped tieback holding a white curtain


A set of extra-thick melamine cleaning pads that are so powerful you don’t even need to add a cleaner! Just get one wet, and watch it lift away almost any mess.

a reviewer photo of white shoes, one cleaned with the sponge and one still dirty


A clear dry erase board so you can keep your to-do list visible while still being super ~aesthetic~ (and also not making your home look like a first-grade classroom).

the clear sheet of acrylic floating on gold pegs just above a white wall with a plant next to it


An Oxo silicone shower drain protector because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. (In this case, the prevention is stopping your hair from going down the drain in the first place with this nifty drain protector, and the cure is the eventual humongous bottle of Drano you’d have to buy.)


A boba lamp because your boba addiction needs to be broadcast to the world and honored. IMO, this deserves to be put right in your front window, just like the dad in A Christmas Story did with his equally iconic leg lamp.

the boba shaped lamp on top of a stack of pink books


A super thin outlet concealer that also includes a three outlet extension cord, so not only are you getting rid of the look of annoying bulky plugs, you also get an extra outlet as a bonus.


A desktop dry erase board that’s perfect for little notes and reminders that pop up during the workday — plus it’s so much less fiddly and wasteful than endless sticky notes or scraps of paper.

the white board between a computer keyboard and monitor on a decorated desk


A drill brush attachment so you can harness the power of technology to do your scrubbing for you. Work smarter, not harder, right?


A Bissell Little Green carpet and upholstery cleaner that looks like a friendly little robot pal but is actually the deadly enemy of any stain. It’ll eliminate whatever you need it to, like the tiny assassin it is.


A bottle of Wet & Forget shower cleaner because the name says it all, really. Just spray it on, wait eight–12 hours, rinse, and that’s it! Do it daily if your long-neglected shower needs a little cleaning TLC; after it has cut through all the soap scum and grime build-up, just spray your shower weekly and you’ll prevent buildup and stains before they even have a chance.

a before and after of a stained tile wall that is completely clean in the after shot


An all-natural vegan stain stick so you can get everything from dirt to grease to blood out of your clothes, without using harsh chemicals, or causing harm to animals or the environment.

a stack of the white stain sticks with cream polka dotted packaging


A wall-mounted toothbrush holder to corral all of those unruly toothbrushes and supplies, so your counter or medicine cabinet can be finally free of them. Plus, it protects the brushes from gross bathroom germs, which is pretty vital, IMO.


A thermal curtain panel that’ll keep your room cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, darker when you want to sleep in, and even help reduce outside noise. That’s a literal quadruple threat.


A bed sheet wad preventer so you can ensure that you’ll have a balanced load that won’t leave you with soggy, tangled sheets at the end of it.

a model holding a set of grey sheets with the wad preventer attached as it goes into the dryer


A Grecian bust pot because it’s equal parts elegant (beautiful classic sculpture!) and silly (leaves coming out of her head!). Truly the best of both worlds.

the two sizes of head-shaped pots, both with plants in the top


A pack of microfiber glass cleaning cloths that won’t leave streaks, fuzz, or anything that would disrupt from the beautiful shine of your panes.


A folding mini storage crate with a super retro design and super modern color-blocking, for a totally fresh piece that’s useful to boot. And when you don’t need it, you can fold it flat for storage.


A bottle of instant carpet spot remover that’ll save you from hours of scrubbing, finicky gadgets, or expensive replacements. Just spray, rub a little, and the stain will be gone-zo.


A fruit fly trap because those demonic little bugs have no right to be as annoying as they are, and they deserve no place in your home. Just set out this cute little apple-shaped trap and watch them disappear forever.

two of the traps, one opened, next to a bottle of the liquid


A pack of toilet bowl cleaning stamps that prevent grossness and buildup, every time you flush. Say hello to these and goodbye to spending a ton of time scrubbing at that stubborn ring.

a photo of a model applying the gel stamp to a toilet bowl, with the scrubbing bubbles mascot in the corner


A digital alarm clock with a huge face, an equally huge snooze button, and two USB charger ports, so even Sleepy Morning You can easily check the time and get a few extra ZZZs before work.

a review photo of the silver mirrored clock next to a lamp on a nightstand


A knee pillow that’s perfect for side sleepers who struggle with back, hip, or leg pain. Pregnant people love it, too!

a model using the pillow between their legs


A fur-removing broom that’ll remind you what color your carpet actually used to be, before years of (human and pet) shedding.

a reviewer photo of a small black dog next to a large pile of dark fur removed from the carpet

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