37 Ways To Make Your Home The Coziest It's Ever Been (For $20 Or Less)


First things first, invest in some fairy string lights, because there’s just something magical about what these do to a room at night. It’ll give your home the coziest ambiance while you curl up to read or watch a movie, and making it feel a bit like Christmas year-round.


Or drape a single strand of globe lights along a banister, around a tree, across shelving — anywhere that could use some soft lighting. You’ll feel more serene just looking at them.


Lay a faux sheepskin rug across an accent chair or ottoman, on the floor beside your bed, in front of the fireplace — anywhere you want to inject with some serious “hygge” (a Danish word referring to a mood of coziness and contentment).


Opt for sheer curtains instead of dark, heavy ones to help brighten up a room and let that good sunlight stream in. The softness will add cozy, welcoming vibes without making your home feel like a cave. They also make the loveliest backdrop for fairy lights!


And cover any windows where you could use a lil’ extra privacy in prismatic window film and let the sun cast gorgeous rainbows across the room during the day. It gives the coziest stained glass effect at night, and knowing no nosy passerby can peek inside your windows only makes it feel more like a sanctuary.


Or let a gorgeous pair of glass suncatchers dangle by your window so you can watch rainbows dance around your room when the sun hits them just right.


Cozy up your bed or couch with a set of ultra-soft corduroy pillow covers. They’ll accent your color scheme or other decorative pillows *and* give you an excuse to take way more midday naps.


And pair them with a decorative pillow cover stating just a few of the coziest things ever: coffee, books, and rain. Looking at it *might* just inspire you to sit down and finish reading that novel you’ve been working your way through forever.

the throw pillow with "coffee books & rain" printed on it on a couch next to a reviewer's pug


Hang a bed canopy to make your bedroom feel like even more of cozy hideaway, and it adds a lil’ extra privacy too.


Drape a floral tapestry with soft colors and an eye-catching pattern behind your bed or couch for the coziest backdrop (and an easier, cheaper alternative to hanging art).

the floral tapestry hanging behind a bed


Keep a spare throw blanket on your couch or at the end of your bed to add a soft touch to the room. It’ll be there at close reach when you start to feel a bit chilly (or just want to wrap up like a burrito), and it doubles as cozy decor.


And hang your extra blankets on a leaning ladder for a cozy-chic way to store and display them.

several blankets on a black leaning ladder


Or roll them up and stash them in a cute cotton basket that’ll be like a big pile of cozy next to your couch or bed. You can toss extra throw pillows in this too!

the "mele" colored cotton basket holding several blankets on the floor of a reviewer's living room


Make it look like golden hour 24/7 by utilizing a TikTok-famous sunset lamp, which will drench the room in rosy warm light.


Embrace greenery as part of your cozy aesthetic by hanging up fake ivy — a popular piece of decor you’ve probably seen all over TikTok and/or Pinterest. It looks beautiful on its own or paired with string lights, making your home truly feel like a calming oasis.

string of fake vines hung on a wall interspersed with fairy lights


String up an eye-catching lunar garland to add a beautiful, eye-catching pop of metallic gold to an empty wall. This cozy decor would look *so* lovely above a bed or fireplace mantel, or below a shelf.

The gold hammered metal moon phase garland above a bed


Spray a calming essential oil blend of lavender and chamomile on your bed, couch, pillow…anywhere you’re planning to relax for the evening. This light, clean mist will help you wind down and create a peaceful, spa-like mood. Some reviewers say it’s so soothing, it even helps them fall asleep.


And bring even more zen to your space with an essential oil diffuser. The gentle mist, glowing lights, and soothing fragrance will help set the mood so you can relax and feel extra cozy.


Prepare your bathtub for the coziest soak of your life by placing a bath pillow where you normally lay your head — because it’s kind of hard to relax with hard porcelain behind your neck.


And while you’re add it, make your baths even more luxurious by adding a suction cup drain cover, which will add several more inches of water and prevent that annoying sound of your precious hot water (and expensive oils and bath salts) tricking down the drain, forcing you to keep adding more.

the blue suction cup drain cover installed in a tub with bathwater up to the edges


And suction a cupholder caddy to the wall beside your tub so you have a safe and easily accessible spot to place your wine glass in between sips. Who knew your bathroom could become the coziest room in your house?


Enhance your mood lighting with a set of three flameless candles that’ll trick your entire family and any visitors into thinking they’re real (at least at a glance), since the “flame” actually flickers.


Ramp up your zen with the warm, gentle glow of a Himalayan salt holder lit with a tea candle inside. Each one is slightly different since they’re hand-carved and drilled, so you’ll have a unique piece of natural beauty that’ll really warm up a dark corner in the evenings.

the himalayan salt lamp tea holder


And indulge in seasonal candles to fill your home with inviting scents that make you happy and nostalgic all at once.

the sweater weather candle lit and burning


Bring an extra dash of cozy to your morning coffee ritual with a mug sweater that’ll keep your cup of Joe warm for longer while simultaneously ensuring you don’t burn your hands. If I can wear a cozy sweater, why shouldn’t my favorite mug have one?

the white mug sweater with a brown button on a white mug


And add a milk frother to your coffee station so you can whip up expert-level cappuccinos and foamy lattes in the comfort of your home, because taking a little extra time to treat yourself is *peak* cozy.


Swap out the stark white lighting in your lamps and sconces with vintage-style Edison bulbs that’ll produce a soft warm glow — bright enough for reading, but not to the point of blinding you. They’re fully dimmable too!


~Elevate~ your greenery with beaded macrame hangers that’ll channel boho-chic vibes into your space and make it feel more lively. Surrounding yourself with plants is always a great decor choice, and having some of them hanging really helps your space feel a bit like a cozy indoor garden.

several plants hanging in the ivory colored macrame hangers


And for your windows, place wildflowers, dried herbs, or single blooms inside a set of colorful mini glass vases that’ll bring even more warmth and character into your space. And when the light catches the glass…perfection.

Five small glass vases in different sizes with etching on the bases in green, blue, purples, red, and orange


DIY your own pouf ottoman (instead of splurging one at an expensive home store) by simply making use of an old or thrifted cable knit sweater. All you need is a needle and thread and some filling, and you’ll have a cozy footrest in no time.

the orange pouf ottoman made from an old knit sweater


Mount fake antlers for a rustic antique-y touch — place them by the front door as storage for keys and jackets, in the bedroom for holding necklaces, or in the bathroom for hanging towels on.


Hang a bundle of fresh eucalyptus in your shower if your idea of cozy includes feeling as luxurious as possible while you bathe. Aside from just looking nice, the eucalyptus will provide some relaxing aromatherapy when it steams up in your shower — we’re talking serious spa vibes.

A bundle of eucalyptus hanging from a shower head


Harness some celestial energy with a mesmerizing moon lamp, perfect for adding ambient light to your bookshelf or to serve as a night light in your bedroom.


Cover the bottoms of your furniture with chair socks, because the sound of a chair scraping against your hardwood floor is the opposite of relaxing. Place them on tables, chairs, benches, and any other furniture legs to not just reduce noise but also protect your floor from damage.


Designate a spot near your front door as the slipper zone — kick off those muddy shoes off onto a boot tray and slip into clean, cozy house shoes as soon as you enter your home, both for practical reasons and to set the tone for relaxation.


Also, install (and by “install” we mean peel and stick!) a nifty draft stopper underneath your door if there’s a pesky gap letting cold drafts in, because the last thing you want is to catch a chill every time you walk by that area.

the white draft stopper installed underneath a reviewer's door


And when you’re all done adding these cozy touches to your home, curl up with a book that’ll teach you even more about how to incorporate hygge into your life, both in the home and beyond.

the book cover for The Little Book of Hygge

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