35 Cleaning Products That Are Pretty Much The Best Of The Best


A bottle of fizzing tablets sure to quickly wipe out coffee and tea stains from travel mugs and kettles. I’ll drink to that!

Before and after reviewer's photo of crud-covered coffee bottom scrubbed clean and shiny after use


A drip dry cleaner so you can get your chandelier shining with just a spritz of spray. There’s no need to take the dang thing down and clean each individual crystal any longer! The future is now.


An oven cleaner that’ll eat up baked-in stains as fast as your kids ate the cake you baked in it.

Reviewer before-and-after with caked-on mess totally gone after use


A dustpan and brush set for helping you ~brush up~ on your cleaning skills. TBH, even if you skip dusting, just leaving this lovely piece may make your place look spic and span. Life hack.

minimalist dustpan with a brush that fits inside it and a round wooden handle


A Tubshroom that’ll keep your drain clog-free furever.


An extendable microfiber duster set, because your high ceilings makes your apartment a great place to live, but a rather difficult place for your short self to dust.

person cleaning the top of their ceiling fan with the product


A bottle of wood polish so you can spruce up surfaces Mother Nature never knew could be so shiny.


A carpet spot remover sure to prove stained soft surfaces are just a spray away from looking clean as can be!


A microwave cleaner — it’s gonna save your microwave from your messiest leftovers. Bring it on, spaghetti.


A mighty mildew stain remover can revive tile, plastic, and even vinyl upholstery so your deck furniture can weather the storm when you leave it out in all kinds of harsh weather.

A stained gray patio chair beside a cleaned match, white and even after cleaning


A powder polish that’ll practically melt away the baked-on grit and grime you thought was just a part of your kitchen at this point. This stuff works in an instant and needs no muscle!


A dryer vent coil brush because you shouldn’t ~brush off~ cleaning your laundry room when you remember what life was like back when you had to take everything to the laundromat instead of just down the hall.

Closeup of small brush covered in lint with before-and-after shot of dryer


An electric pressure washer so you no longer have to be awash in grief over a dull and dreary patio or back fence.


A pumice stone — it’s gonna break apart the worst hard water buildup on toilets and tubs and truly ~rock~ your world.


A bottle of Goo Gone to quickly remove dreaded tape residue and unwanted sticky stains that somehow found their way into your humble home.


A leaf blower/vacuum with a built-in mulcher. The angled snout of this blower is gonna make cleaning in awkward spots (like under your deck) a cinch. Grab this and suck up all that hidden gunk when you’re working on home improvement projects inside and out.


A degreaser cleaner to get greasy oil stains off of concrete and hard surfaces if your car refuses to stop leaking oil and it’s ~driving~ you wild.

Reviewer's driveway clean after use and covered in tire tracks and oil stains before use


A cleaning putty for making the most mundane cleaning tasks way more fun. Ironically, this slimy substance can be used to remove the *actual* slime your children make/squish into every remote and keyboard in your home.

A person using the putty to clean the interior of their car


And finally, a storage bean bag — your kid will think this adds some fun furniture to their room, when in reality it’s really for you to enjoy. This embraces your kid’s signature “shove the mess where people can’t see it” technique to make their room look actually, you know, clean.

What cleaning felt like before you found these products:

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