34 Things That Will Make You Say "Well, There Goes My Money"


A set of four sophisticated wineglasses to make your less-than-$10 wine taste like it was sourced from Napa and aged for 10 centuries. “I’m getting some dry notes of expensive,” you’ll say.


A Paula’s Choice acne spray to ward off body breakouts with a spray applicator that can cover those hard-to-reach spots. This innovative formula enlists 2% salicylic acid to tackle the pimples that have so rudely taken residence on your back, chest, and butt. (Pssst, this can be used morning and night.)


A romper comfy enough for errands and hikes but *also* swanky enough for dinner and drinks. I’ve never leaned into a style trend so quickly. Bless the trend gods for making this easy ‘fit so popular again.


A Tony Moly eye cream for folks with a heart that pitter patters at the mere mention of fall. Delicious pumpkin packaging aside, this lightweight formula uses retinol, pumpkin, and ginger extract to hydrate and de-puff your peepers.

the cream


A veggie chopper that’s amassed nearly 50k positive reviews, many of which refer to this gadget as “life-changing.” Omelettes with veggies? Pasta recipes that require “finely sliced” onion? Several tears will be spared; not just because of the onion things but because this will quite literally save you so. much. time.


An Aunt Fannie’s carpet refresher available in lemon and lavender scents, both of which are subtle enough to *not* cause nose wrinkling… but strong enough to neutralize odors of all variety (*cough* I’m looking at your pet).


A cutout maxi crafted from an ultra soft T-shirt material that proves one does not have to compromise comfort for style. Plus, a subtle slit and shoulder pads for extra va va voom? Perfection.

reviewer wearing the green dress


A disco ball planter so that your house could feel like a club that young John Travolta would be caught dancing in. TIOLI: Hang this by a window to catch and refract the light.


A pack of anti-nausea ginger gum perfect for pregnancy morning sickness *or* long road trips and train rides. Avoiding having to pull over will become as easy as one, two, chew.

the gum


A travel drink caddy if wheeling across terminals with your carry-on and (as the airlines dub it) your personal item aka your purse has lead to several an airport Starbucks drink being spilled. This props iced coffee and water bottles upright so you can pull out your boarding pass with ease.


A Maybelline lip palette here to deliver shine, shine, shine — all without any of the sticky residue you usually associate with glosses. Oh, and experimenting with eight different hues for less than $10? I’m sweating.


A four-sided brush cleaner for when when it’s time to finally break out the suede booties. This easily cleans away scuff marks and salt stains with little to no effort required, making it the perfect thing to have on hand for after you’ve gone apple picking. On a farm. Where there is quite a lot of dirt. The kind that will leave marks on your shoes.


A lush double-sided shaggy faux-fur duvet set I am adding to my cart in the name of back to school shopping. Am I going back to school? No. But we are entering fall, ergo I plan on treating myself to cozy accessories to enhance allll my impending Halloween movie marathons.

the off white faux fur duvet set on a bed


A durable, Shark Tank–featured Rumpl outdoor blanket for outdoor picnics accessorized by laptop movies and mimosas. This is super lightweight and packable (cc: the below photo for proof), plus you can chuck it in the machine when it’s covered in dirt and grime.


A set of four throw pillow cases if you want a shoo-in for ensuring your living room looks like it was plucked from the pages of a popular home magazine.

reviewer using the pillows


Cat-eye sunglasses because if they’re not vintage-inspired, I don’t want them. I need everyone to collectively agree that these are the superior sunglass silhouette — we need to wave buh-bye to the aviators we’ve all been sporting for way too long.


An Esarora Ice Roller to help nix puffiness and swelling (did someone say “lymphatic drainage”?), as well as redness and inflammation caused by things like, say, an eyebrow wax. So in the wise words of a prophet: go ahead and ice, ice baby. 🧊


A Laneige lip balm inspired by gummy bears. Delicious scent aside, this lightweight and nonsticky formula harnesses the power of murumuru and shea butters to lock in moisture.

model applying lip balm


A Dash portable blender if you’re perpetually late and on-the-go. Just dump in your favorite ingredients, press the blend button while walking to your car, and you’ve got yourself a delicious breakfast. Plus, the compact design means no precious kitchen storage will be harmed.


A swanky spaghetti strap cami that is likely the muse behind Rihanna crooning “where have you been all my life.” If you’ve thrown your entire wardrobe onto the ground in pursuit of a decent top, this bb is here to save the day because, at long last, a perfectly versatile dressy top is now yours.

reviewer wearing the gold tank top


A toiletry bag because have you used that palette, worn that red lipstick, or tried that face mask whilst home? No. But do you need all of it for your five-day vacation? Absolutely.


An adjustable ottoman that seamlessly transitions from an ottoman, to a sleeper chair, to a twin bed. This piece of functional furniture can be stored in any corner of your abode *and* quickly set up to accommodate guests.

reviewer showing the ottoman


A raised rib draining mat if your kitchen is roughly the size of your thumb. This is a compact, three-tier design that easily triples in length when you have too many dishes to count — because those fancy draining racks are for people who have countertop space. And we? We don’t have that.


A Sabatino truffle honey if you, like me, would eat literal dog food if it were covered in truffle. This condiment elevates any at-home recipe from chicken sandwiches to charcuterie boards, the latter of which will fool your friends into thinking you’re a food genius.

the honey


A stylish matching set that screams “farmers market chic” and I don’t know why because I have not been to a farmers market in like, three years. But this set! This set will be my motivation!


A Mrs. Meyer’s multi-surface scrub capable of getting rid of grime with little elbow grease required. From scorched pans and crusty faucets to bathtubs in need of serious TLC, say hello to your new favorite cleaning product.


A ~bootle~ opener to yeehaw caps off your beer, stat. I can make several more puns but I’ll spare you.

the cowboy boots


A lantern sleeve mini voted most likely to be worn by royalty because yes, absolutely, a Disney Princess would wear the below if their kingdoms were real and thriving in 2022.


A Hask shampoo + conditioner duo to provide tresses with an extra layer of protection, using organic rose oil and peach extract to seal in color while also giving bounce, body, and shine. Want to be cast in a shampoo commercial? This is step one toward that royalty check.

the shampoo and conditioner


Magnetic spice jars to save space *and* clutter. So long will be the days of knocking over 30 spices in your kitchen cabinet in pursuit of red pepper flakes.


A TSA-approved transparent organizer so that you don’t have to fish around your suitcase for liquids (and then stuff them in a clear baggy) while going through airport security. Flying is nerve-wracking enough. Let’s not be panicking about whether or not our favorite moisturizer will be unjustly confiscated.

the organizer


A curling rod headband that’s been hyped by the TikTok masses for delivering flawless waves — no hot tools or arm strength required. Simply wrap damp locks around the roller, fasten with the provided clip, and snooze the night away.


A portable 100-inch screen that’ll give movie nights that extra flair of excitement. Stream The Notebook for the millionth time this year via a setup that takes a mere few minutes, a screen that is lightweight but sturdy enough to withstand a slight gust of wind, and a size that plops a real theater into your own backyard.

reviewer image of the screen playing a movie in a backyard


A set of six drinking glasses to make your iced caffeine feel like a luxury with every sip. Starting your morning with the below in hand = a surefire way to begin the day properly.

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