34 Splurge-Worthy Beauty Products With Truly Impressive Before-And-After Photos


A vegan exfoliating body scrub to slough away the rough bumps on the back of your arms and legs (keratosis pilaris is its name but you may have heard it called “strawberry skin” or “chicken skin”) with a combination of powerful alpha-hydroxy acids.

a split reviewer photo of their arm before and after using the body scrub


A hardworking Boscia exfoliating gel cleanser for — clears throat — removing dead skin cells from the surface of your face with its exfoliating molecules (you can literally see “beads” of dead skin), penetrating deeply with AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) to purify your pores and stimulate collagen production, and firming and brightening your skin with pomegranate enzymes.


A lightweight moisturizer because it provides a barrier between your precious skin and all the nasties, like pollution and stressors. Sunflower seed oil, vitamins E and B5, and more nourishing ingredients help the skin retain moisture, improve softness, fade hyperpigmentation, brighten, and gently exfoliate.

before photo of a reviewer with tired-looking skin and breakouts next to a photo of the same reviewer with clear, plumper-looking skin after using the moisturizer


A Briogeo exfoliating shampoo if you need help preventing flakes and buildup. It penetrates deeply, lifting dead skin and leftover products. Plus, the cooling formula soothes itching with a combination of anti-fungal oils, as well as moisturizing coconut oil that prevents future flakes.

before photo of a flaky scalp next to an after photo of a flake-free scalp after using the scrub


A color-depositing conditioner so you can skip the hassle and mess of at-home box dyes or the hefty price tag of a salon visit. Each time you wash your hair using this conditioner, the color will become more vibrant.


A powerful benzoyl peroxide body wash to tackle buttne, backne, and cystic breakouts. Benzoyl peroxide is an antimicrobial agent that targets the bacteria on your skin that causes acne and also helps clear out your pores.


A skin spatula that’ll help remove blackheads and de-gunk pores using high frequency vibrations. This can also help your skincare absorb better since your pores won’t be blocked with debris.


A Foreo Luna Mini 2 for gently exfoliating your skin without leaving it red, raw, or tight. You can wave goodbye to dead skin cells clogging your pores! 👋


A Chi automatic curling iron, because you deserve perfect curls in mere minutes. All you do is insert your hair into the chamber and the curler will automatically wrap it around the heated rod. Then, just wait until it beeps to let you know that the curl has set. The best part: the barrel protects your fingers from getting burned.


A First Aid Beauty cream so your dry, itchy skin is soothed with a mixture of colloidal oatmeal, shea butter, allantoin.


A powerful glycolic acid peel to help improve texture, reduce fine lines, and soften skin. Glycolic acid helps sort of unglue skin cells, so the softer, brighter layer underneath can emerge. But it can be a bit irritating to your skin so start slowly — especially because this peel also contains retinol, a collagen-boosting ingredient that can make your skin more sensitive.


A box of Crest 3D whitening strips for lightening your smile and removing up to 14 years of teeth stains sans the exorbitant dentist bill.


A Dr. Jart color-correcting treatment because it neutralizes redness while simultaneously protecting your skin from the sun’s damaging rays. This color-changing cream goes from green to beige and absorbs into the skin flawlessly; in fact, some reviewers wear it in place of foundation when they need light coverage.

BuzzFeed editor wearing the cream on half of their face


Or a calming cream if your complexion is often red and splotchy. This soothing formula contains centella asiatica — also called “tiger grass” — which calms redness and irritation.


An InStyler hot brush so folks with thick, coily hair don’t have to spend forever straightening their hair. The paddle offers more surface area for your strands, meaning it needs fewer passes to straighten.


Or a Revlon hot air brush to help you go from wet, tangled, frizzy hair to a shiny, salon-worthy blowout in minutes. FYI this is the hot air brush that all the influencers you follow on IG are raving about because it is just 👏 that 👏 good 👏.


A purifying serum for anyone with blemish-prone skin. It contains niacinamide (also called vitamin B3), a superstar ingredient that protects against moisture loss, tightens pores, and reduces discoloration.

before photo of a reviewer with red splotches and breakouts on their cheek and an after photo of the same cheek, which looks less irritated and has fewer acne scars


A bottle of Olaplex No. 3, a splurge-worthy repairing treatment because it helps revive your dry, damaged, colored hair. As someone who spends four-plus hours bleaching my hair every six to eight weeks, I can 100% vouch for this miracle in a bottle


A bottle of azelaic acid so you can add a new skincare ingredient to your vocabulary *and* reap its benefits. It can help prevent pimples and blackheads from forming because it increases the speed of cell renewal — which has the added benefit of correcting dark spots. And, it helps kill the bacteria that causes rosacea and acne, so consider it a win-win.

before photo of a reviewer with light discoloration and dark spots next to an after photo of the same reviewer and many of their dark spots are gone to reveal a smoother, more glowy complexion


A dark spot corrector for brightening dark spots, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and melasma. This serum contains hydroquinone and kojic acid, among other things, to fade any discoloration so your skin looks glowy and smooth.

Reviewer with very dark scars and pigmentation on their forehead at the beginning of treatment and then with dramatically brighter skin after two weeks


A wave spray because it creates the perfect beachy waves — but minus the sand, sweat, and screaming seagulls. Its weightless formula uses rice protein to produce some hold in your hair so everyone on your Zoom call can enjoy your effortlessly tousled curls.


An overnight lip mask if you’re looking for all-day hydration in just a few simple swipes. And it’s infused with vitamin C to exfoliate dry flakes.


An corded epilator so you can enjoy smoother, hair-free legs and armpits for longer than you would if you shaved.

Reviewer comparing their smooth epilated legs to their fuzzy non-epilated leg


A potent matrixyl 3000 serum (ooooh fancy!) to hydrate, repair damage, boost collagen production, improve skin texture, firm, and even out pigmentation.


A vegan and cruelty-free pH-balanced oil to foam cleanser because it cleans your face — like really cleans it — without leaving it feeling tight and stripped. It’s made with vitamin B5, chinaberry extract, and olive oil.


A leave-in balm for telling frizz and dryness to take a hike, depositing lasting hydration in its lightweight formula that keeps hair smooth and shiny.

Before and after of model wearing the product showing its added curl definition, increased shine, and reduced frizziness


A vitamin C serum because it’ll help you say ~c~ you later to hyperpigmentation. It also contains vitamin E and ferulic acid (both have antioxidant properties), and hyaluronic acid (works to plump and hydrate).

before and after showing the vitamin c helped significantly fade reviewer's hyperpigmentation on their cheek


A Dyson hair dryer for making you shed happy tears when it gives you the salon-worthy blowout of your dreams in a fraction of the time. Not only does it dry hair faster, but it also helps define curls, reduces frizz, adds shine and smoothness, and even protects against extreme heat damage. Who’d a thunk it? A genius, that’s who!

before photo of a model with an afro and an after photo of the same model whose afro has been styled into more defined curls

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