32 Ways To Upgrade Your Rental Bedroom Without Losing Your Deposit


Attach a plug-in wall sconce next to your bed so you can have the function of a sconce without needing to hire an electrician to install it.


Not enough closet space? Literally double it with an adjustable closet rod. So many apartments, especially those in big cities, have very little closet space. Use this to miraculously give you a second rod below the built-in one.

reviewer's closet with pants hung on the top and bottom of the adjustable closet rod


Create a wall of art with a gallery wall kit that’ll help you hang all your favorite photos and art without fail. Each kit comes with an easy-to-hang template with multiple layout options, so you won’t end up putting a bunch of holes in your wall only to realize that one frame needs to move over just a little bit.


Then, utilize this picture-hanging tool to make sure everything is level. It comes equipped with a tape measure, a level, and two sliding points so you can easily mark the exact spots you’ll need to hammer in the nails.

Six photos showing the progression of using the tool to easily hang frames evenly


Turn your bedroom into outer space with a galaxy projector. It’ll have you floating through the cosmos while you drift off to sleep.

the blue and grey version of the galaxy light over a bed


Make sure you store your things in style with these cool wooden milk crates. See that stack of Amazon shipping boxes in the corner that’s been “temporarily” storing your stuff for way too long? Yeah, we’re done with that.

A set of maple wood milk crates are shown storing things in a bedroom


If you’re in an apartment with vertical blinds that you can’t remove, use these curtain brackets that attach directly to the existing blind headrail so you can hang your own curtains.


Using those brackets, hang up some gorgeous blackout velvet curtains (there are 18 colors to choose from!) that are as pretty as they are functional.

reviewer's blue velvet blackout curtains


Need some privacy but don’t want to invest in heavy and expensive window treatments? Add some prismatic window film to your window to create privacy and the most awesome rainbow effect. It clings to the glass without any glues or chemicals, and can be easily removed and reused multiple times.


Use a set of floating bookshelves to show off your favorite books without needing to assemble yet another bookshelf. Now your most beloved literature will be your room’s focal point.


Stick on a USB-powered LED light strip to the back of your television so you can have a theater-like experience every time you settle in for the latest episode of The Real Housewives. The ambient light it puts out will also help you find your bottle of wine in time for a refill without fumbling around in the dark.


Keep your favorite and most worn T-shirts behind the door or inside a closet using a hanging organizer. Now you won’t need to waste any more time sorting through your drawers looking for that one perfect black shirt.

The organizer holding rolled up T-shirts


Use some Edison bulbs to give your bedroom a warm glow, because good lighting is key to creating ambiance. Not only will your whole room have the nicest, most cozy light, but the bulbs look cool too.


Maximize your shoe storage using Shoe Slotz, which cleverly stacks one shoe on top of another. You’ll have just as many shoes as before, but you’ll use half the amount of space.

A before and after photo of a organized shoe collection and an organized one


Stop letting cold air in with a door draft stopper that blends in with the door. Yes I know those draft stopper long pillow things exist, but if you’re looking for something a little more seamless, this is what you need. Reviewers swear it’s so easy to install, too. You just peel the tape off the back of the rubber and adhere it to the bottom of your door.


Hide scratches and cuts on your built-in furniture with a set of wood repair markers. The most common wood colors are all included, and the pens are for surface scratches and the crayons are for filling in deep cuts.


Jazz up an otherwise boring wall with temporary peel-and-stick wallpaper. This is an involved DIY project, but if you want to avoid the permanence of traditional wallpaper it’s worth the effort.

the same print wallpaper in teal on a bedroom wall


Get a light strip that illuminates the area under your bed so you feel like you’re staying in a swanky hotel every time you hit the hay.

person on bed with light shining faintly out from underneath it


Use a handmade hanging plant shelf for your window if you simply don’t have any more floor space for plants. Besides, when the inevitable happens and you accidentally overwater one of your plants, you don’t have to worry about the water discreetly pooling under the pot, only to find the permanent water stain on your floor right before it’s time to move out.

The hanging shelf with potted plants on it is shown in front of a window


Use peel-and-stick removable wallpaper to create a realistic wood accent wall minus the price tag (and labor) of real wood. All you do is cut the paper to your wall’s size and stick on, and when it’s time to move out just peel it off. It’s really that easy.

Reviewer's bedroom shows the faux wood wallpaper on the wall


Use these handmade terrazzo coasters to protect your hardwood flooring and furniture from water marks. These give major coastal grandma vibes because they’re made up of crushed seashells mixed into a light blue composite.


But if you already did leave what you thought was a permanent water or heat mark, make it disappear with a reusable watermark-removing cloth. From wet towels on the floor to icy drinks that were left on a window sill for too long, this tool will make sure whatever mark was left behind is gone without a trace.


Achieve the look of a 5-star hotel without the price tag of one, thanks to this upholstered wall panel headboard set. These mount directly onto your wall and will give your bedroom a sleek look. These are sold per panel, so you can keep it simple and just do the width of your mattress, or go big and do a much wider portion of your wall — you’ve got options.


Hang a back-of-door mirrored jewelry cabinet if you collect jewelry like it’s your job but have no place to store it all. Not only will it hold all your hardware, but it has five shelves and two drawers! And when it’s closed, it’s a fabulous full-length mirror. What’s not to love?


If your bedroom lacks a closet entirely, pick up a freestanding garment rack — it has a sturdy bar for hanging clothes and shelves you can place storage boxes on to keep things looking tidy.


Make sure you have the best air quality with an ozone-free Levoit air filter. This little baby has a three-stage filtration system and the ability to circulate air over four times per hour.

Black and white cat sitting next to white air purifier


And wake up gradually and more naturally thanks to a sunrise alarm clock. This will make waking up so much better if your room is devoid of any eastern exposure.

reviewer photo showing sunrise alarm clock "lit up"

You to your landlord when you move out and have no damages to pay for:

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