32 Upgrades To Make Your Household Feel More Grown-Up


A set of cooling bamboo sheets so you can seamlessly switch out the ones that have been pilling since 2017. And for those who wake up in a pool of sweat, these bedcovers will wick away moisture and ensure your snooze environment is as comfortable as can be.

The grey set of sheets


Or if you’d just prefer to swap out the covers you lay your head on, satin pillowcases will give you that true “cold side of the pillow” feeling (something most adults appreciate). And their luxurious finish will trick people into thinking you earn a six-figure salary, without the need to spend said six figures.

The light pink pillowcase laying on a dressed pillow


Miracle-Gro food spikes if plant parenting has become your number one priority. This fertilizer can be placed in the soil and ensures your potted child flourishes to live a long, leafy green life.


A stackable cutlery organizer that will *cue hallelujah music* tidy up your once nightmarish kitchen drawers and finally arrange silverware so you can open and close them with ease. Goodbye to the days of hodgepodge drawerfuls jammed with extra knives your S.O. insisted would fit!

Reviewer photo of cutlery neatly organized


An adjustable hanging rod that’ll expand your closet space and help you achieve what grown-ups might consider ~Instagramworthy perfection~. The horizontal rod has the ability to go from 18 to 30 inches wide and it can be maneuvered up and down to assist you with hard to reach items.


Peel-and-stick decorative wallpaper for a trendy home decor facelift in a flash (if you’re over a certain age, you know you love an accent wall). You can use this stuff on anywhere from walls to countertops and even floors!


A set of bedsheet holders — the (swoonworthy) solution you’ve been looking for to hold crumpled sheets in place. And if your covers happen to have lost a couple of inches in the dryer, these’ll make sure they don’t creep around when you’re trying to find your comfy, still spot.

A reviewer's before and after photos which show a sheet popping off the corner of a mattress and then a sheet attached securely


A wall-mounted toothbrush holder and dispenser, aka the bathroom counter space savior seen on TikTok. Big kids are going wild over this nifty thing that dispenses toothpaste and clears up clutter.

the white wall mounted toothbrush holder


A set of ~luxe~ velvet slip covers to update your drab, worn-in sitting area with a living room glow-up that is a lot more affordable than buying a brand-new couch. And it couldn’t be easier for a DIY newb, since you just slide these babies over your seating area and secure them with nonslip straps.


A reusable sponge so you can ditch that kitchen funk and replace the icky, worn-out scrubber you’re pretending still has some life left in it. This eco-friendly alt is made from recycled materials, is mildew-resistant, and can simply be thrown in the washing machine to be used over and over again.


Affresh dishwasher cleaning tablets since you *finally* have an apartment with an appliance that does your least favorite chore for you — and you might want to treat it to a deep cleanse every so often. These dissolve residue buildup and blast away foul odors to get your machine cleaning dishes like it’s supposed to.


An upholstered storage bed that’ll a) finally help you get those eight hours of sleep most adults say they need, and b) take care of your overrun closet that’s virtually impossible to close. Organization + restful sleep? I think that’s what they call #growth.

The black bed with drawers underneath


A snazzy dual-spray shower head so you can ditch the old grimy one for a spa-like model that’ll actually make you feel squeaky clean. Because now you’re of a certain age, you appreciate a well-pressured flow of water that a single head just can’t provide.


A sophisticated area rug to inject your space with style and sneakily disguise any unsightly scuffs that have probably lived in your home rent-free for years!

the grey Moroccan rug


A mid-century-esque accent chair that will tastefully add a pop of color to any living space. The comfy and elegant velvet details just happen to complement your new adulting mindset — and some reviewers are using it as a stylish way to add some pizzazz to their workspace.


A foaming cleaner with a lemony-fresh scent — since your garbage disposal isn’t just some mystery thing your dad complains about — it actually exists and now you have to deal with it, too. These’ll do the trick to de-clog and deeply cleanse the underside of the splashguard and interior side walls.


Wool dryer balls because, did I hear that correctly… these reduce the time it takes to dry laundry and replace the need for dryer sheets and softener? And to think, I had given up on my towels ever being fully dry — but when these are thrown in with them, they draw all the moisture out. Wow. I know what I’m adding to my adulting wish list stat.

the white wool balls


A compact marble desk with storage compartments and trendy hairpin legs to reward yourself with a workspace that isn’t your parents’ dining table.

the white marble desk with gold legs


A Philips sunrise-mimicking light and alarm clock for anyone who could use some help resetting their circadian rhythm (fancy talk for sleep-wake cycle). This soothing clock won’t bolt you up like regular ol’ alarms but instead, wake you up gradually *and* it works in reverse with a sunset feature, too.


A set of shelf bins that’ll transform your chaotic mess of groceries into a fridge worthy of making an appearance on MTV’s Cribs. And if you live with forgetful housemates, you’ll actually be able to see what you’re stocked up on, so they don’t end up piling in doubles of the things they already bought last week.

reviewer's fridge with the shelves


A Tushy bidet because it’s our ~doody~ to inform you that cleaner bums are all the rage now that we have responsibilities. And we are here for anything that creates less waste, looks sleek (this comes in a platinum and bamboo style), and feels good on our backsides.


Bar Keepers Friend cleanser for the pots and pans that have been passed down to you since college and have 10+ years of grime caked onto them. This stuff is no joke and will get to work on burned-on stains in just under 20 minutes!


A 12-cup Ninja coffeemaker for anyone ready to whip up *more* than just two cups of caffeine to combat Monday morning grogginess.

the coffee machine


Cute and customizable spice labels if minimalist packaging in Sans Serif fonts has you heart-eyed. This is an affordable and aesthetically pleasing way to clean up that disorganized, overrun spice drawer *and* with these on display, you’ll finally be able to distinguish the parsley from the oregano.

Three jars of spices with the labels parsley, garlic powder, and crushed red pepper


A UV light sanitizer box to zap any germs from your home’s most-used gadgets (think: the mucky TV remote that’s never been disinfected). And you can also wirelessly charge your phone on top as well!


An Our Place always pan because Instagram’s favorite kitchen mate is ::chef’s kiss:: for cooking pros and newbs alike. This beauty replaces the need for eight (yes, eight!) cookware items, so you’ll be reaching for this anytime you want to fry, steam, boil, and even serve up your signature dish at your next dinner party.


An elegant 16-piece dishware set that’ll transform even a microwave meal into a Michelin-style dining experience. So long, mismatched dinner decor!

the grey set with gold rims


A KitchenAid 5-quart stand mixer because if your grandma — and perhaps, The Great British Bake Off — are your biggest inspirations in the kitchen, it might finally be time to up your culinary skills. And with this esteemed kitchen gadget, there’ll be no “soggy bottoms” in sight.

The ice blue mixer


A pillowy soft bath mat to switch out the wet and dingy one you’ve been holding onto for no good reason. Extending the comforting feeling of a steaming hot shower? Yep, now that we’re grown, the simple pleasures just hit different….

the white pebble tufted bath mat

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