31 Things From Walmart You'll Actually Want To Wear This Fall


A polo dress that’s the cutest possible outfit for football Sundays. Being best dressed at the game is actually a thing, and that’s exactly what you’ll be.


A pair of knee-high slouch boots so you can wear your favorite miniskirt well into the colder days of fall while still keeping your legs nice and warm.


A casual, yet not-so-casual hoodie because there’s nothing more comfortable than a sweatshirt, but your old high school volleyball team hoodie just isn’t doing it in the style department. This, however, is just as cozy and reeeal cute.

Model wearing navy pull over hoodie with jeans


A funky puffer jacket that’ll have you egging on the cold weather just so you can wear it.


A smiling skull sweater vest you’ll want to wear every day of spooky szn. Seriously, can you think of a better outfit for pumpkin picking, apple cider tastings, or haunted house outings than this? No, you can’t — and neither can I.

Model wearing black vest with white skulls on it, long sleeve white shirt underneath and blue jeans


A waist-tie cocktail dress that can be dressed up or down, day or night. It’s perfect if you’ve got a casual autumn wedding coming up, but it works for a simple Sunday brunch, too! I’m getting heart eyes just thinking about wearing this lil’ number with those slouchy knee-high boots. 😍

A model wearing the orange dress


A pair of high-waisted flare jeans because skinny jeans have officially left the building. No need to despair — contrary to popular belief, you can still showcase your fave boots while wearing these. In fact, I recommend that you — no, urge you to — pair them with some cute booties.

A model wearing the blue jeans with white sneakers


And a pair of those faux leather booties that I was just talking about. You didn’t think I’d leave you hanging, did you? They’re extremely versatile — wear them with your flare jeans, a dress, a miniskirt, a maxi skirt, you name it! You can pretty much always wear ’em.

Black pointed toe bootie with wooden sole


A striped bodycon dress that’s the perfect canvas for layering. Throw your favorite cardigan or a denim jacket over it — after all, layering is what fall’s all about.

Model wearing the knee-length sleeveless, button-front dress with horizontal stripes


A finely ribbed turtleneck so you can finally wear a turtleneck without suffocating. It’s made from a cotton spandex blend to keep you warm and comfortable.

Model wearing long black sleeve turtleneck


A zip-up sherpa jacket because it’s warm, but not too warm. As we all know, the first days of fall are somewhat tricky. In the morning you’ll be shivering to your very core, and by the end of the day, you’ll be tearing off your layers in a frenzied episode. This is juuust the ticket.

Model wearing tan sherpa jacket


A pair of plaid slacks that aren’t just limited to the office. Sure, you can wear these to work and be the most fashionable employee on the payroll, but you can also wear these for any occasion and you’ll still be the most fashionable person in the room.

Model wearing gray plaid slacks with beige mules


A pair of jeans in the appropriately named color “cinnamon spice,” because fall is all things spice. I’m talking cinnamon, pumpkin, apple — and what better way to usher in the season than by wearing these while drinking your PSL?

Model wearing the burnt orange pants with a flannel top and white boots


A crushed-velvet midi skirt that’ll carry you through holiday szn — from Halloween to Thanksgiving to New Year’s. This bad boy is your savior.

Model wearing crushed-velvet black midi skirt with black pumps


A long puffer vest because if there’s any time to wear a vest, it’s September through November. Remember what I said before about finicky fall weather? Well, this is the answer — it’ll keep you snug and comfortable through your midsection, but leaves your arms free and cool so that when the weather turns, you won’t have to worry about sweat stains. 😅

Model wearing long black puffer vest over gray shirt and black pants


A pair of loafers so you can get ahead of the trend and rock the heck out of the preppy look that’s currently on the fashion radar. Look at you, fashionista, trendsetter, style icon!

Black chunky loafers with silver chain across the front


A cute ‘n’ funny shirt for the expecting mommas who are overwhelmed by Halloween costume ideas. Juno‘s been done too many times before, and Rosemary’s Baby requires a pixie cut, so let’s keep it simple with this adorable option. Plus, you can wear it throughout the season!

Pregnant model wearing red T-shirt with white rib cage and baby skeleton graphic on it


A pair of ribbed-knit pants that give you all the comfort benefits of sweatpants with a little extra ~flair~ (and flare).

Model wearing burnt orange ribbed-knit flare pants


A drawstring denim jacket because we need to take advantage of the “light jacket” weather while we can, and now is pretty much the only time to do it.

Model wearing denim jacket with midsection drawstring


A super-cute long-sleeved denim dress so you don’t have to plan your outfit around that jean jacket. The jean jacket is your outfit.

A model wearing the denim dress


A pair of knee-high boots with faux fur trim that embody the cozy and warm feeling of fall. Not to mention, they’re also very chic.

The tan heeled boot with white faux fur trim


A lightweight athletic hoodie to wear for your October morning runs. Just you, your hoodie, and (hopefully) crunchy leaves under your feet.

Model wearing pink athletic hoodie over white shirt and black joggers


A cable-knit sweater dress that’s a genius combination of our favorite fall apparel (sweater, midi dress, and a quarter zip) wrapped up into one fashionable piece. The best of both worlds — no, the best of all worlds.

A model wearing the cream-colored dress


A two-piece lounge set to keep you calm, cool, and cute on your off days, whether you’re just hangin’ at home or stepping out for a bit. Basically, it’s a set of socially acceptable pajamas that you can wear in public. It really doesn’t get better than that.

A model wearing the set in light blue


A pair of cozy booties because now that you have your socially acceptable PJ set, you’ll need socially acceptable slippers to go along with it. It’s a lot easier to run errands when you’re completely comfortable from head to toe.


A cute corduroy fanny pack so you don’t have to be weighed down by your bag while you’re busy picking the ~perfect~ apple at the orchard.

A model wearing the brown-and-tan fanny pack


A three-pack of leggings because let’s face it: With classes starting up again, there’s no time to plan your outfit, especially when your lecture is at 9 a.m. and you woke up at, um…8:56. You know the drill — throw on a pair of leggings with the tee you slept in and run out the door. Luckily, this is a 3-in-1 purchase because waking up for class is one thing, but doing laundry in the middle of a busy semester? OMG, don’t even get me started.

Three-pack of leggings: black leggings, gray camouflage leggings, black leggings


A pair of overalls that require the same amount of effort as leggings (i.e., they can also be thrown over your sleeping T-shirt) but will have you feeling put together and trendy — even on the roughest of mornings.

Model wearing light wash denim overalls with gray long-sleeved shirt


A quilted backpack that has a surprising amount of storage. I say “surprising” because it’s actually cute, and usually that means it’s all aesthetic with zero functionality. But nope, not this baby! It has multiple, useful exterior and interior pockets.

The olive green backpack


A pair of orange cargo pants because they are the perfect thing to wear while pumpkin picking. How about this for an IG pic: you in your orange cargos, a pumpkin patch in the background, and you holding a cute lil’ pumpkin that *you* picked? I know, I know, it’s too good. Buy it, live it.

Model wearing orange cargo pants with brown loafers


A plaid bucket hat that you can wear with any other item included in this article. The finishing touch, the cherry on top, the pièce de résistance.

Black-and-white plaid bucket hat with multicolored threading

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