31 Things From Walmart To Buy When You Finally Decide To Update Your Kitchen


A set of four storage containers that’ll turn your cluttered pantry into a beautiful, organized masterpiece that even Kim and Khloe would approve of.

An image of a four food storage containers on a table


A stainless steel bench scraper to scrape, chop, and scoop anything from veggies to pizza dough. Every complete kitchen needs one of these for prep work!

the bench scraper on a cutting board with chopped bell peppers and celery


A heavy-duty veggie slicer with an attached container to speed up your slicin’ and dicin’ process. No more crying while cutting onions for salsa here!

An image of a heavy duty vegetable slicer with four blades


A digital food scale so you can quickly and easily get the most accurate measurements for your food without having to just make an “educated guess.”

the digital food scale with parsley on top


An iced coffee maker so you don’t have to use leftover refrigerated coffee from your ancient traditional coffee pot. You deserve the best, babe.

An iced coffee maker with reusable tumbler and coffee filter


And a breakfast sandwich maker so you can whip up a delicious sammie with all your favorite ingredients to go along with your morning caffeine.

The breakfast sandwich maker with the breakfast sandwich on it


A meat thermometer so you won’t have to worry about over (or under) cooking your meat. This will make sure you’re cooking to the *perfect* temp every single time.

An image of a meat thermometer


A modern stoneware dish set that’s worthy of being on display in your glass cabinets or on a floating shelf. These are so chic, you’re not going to want to keep ’em hidden.

An image of a 12-piece dinnerware set


A rotating kitchen utensil set so you can quickly grab the tool you need while you’re in the middle of cooking. No need to dig through that cluttered utensil drawer.

An image of a model in a kitchen next to a rotating utensil stand


A dual-sided veggie brush so you can take all those earthly dirts off of potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, and everything in between. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to get squeaky clean post-scrub.


A multi-functional blender system that’ll fulfill all of your processing, puréeing, crushing, and even chopping dreams. This bad boy does it all — salsas, smoothies, soups, sauces, dips — you name it!

The Ninja blender with different attachments next to it


A knife sharpener to keep all of your cutting tools in tip-top shape. Nothing worse than a dull, unusable knife, amirite?

An image of a knife sharpener


A sparkling water maker because why buy it in bulk when you can make it at home? Your guests will be utterly amazed when you present them with homemade seltzer!

the sodastream in white


An electric coffee grinder so you can have perfectly-ground coffee without having to take a trip to Starbucks. From ultra-fine to course, you can even use it for grinding things like nuts, seeds, and spices.

An image of an electric coffee and spice grinder


A frozen drink maker so can stop spending all that money at the bar and just make ’em at home. Plus, the body of the blender turns into a pitcher, so you can immediately start pouring after you’ve finished blending.

The frozen drink machine on a counter next to two glasses and people in the background


A 15-piece knife block set with a built-in sharpener that’ll totally replace the hodgepodge of random, dull knives you’ve collected over the years. With this set, you’ll be set up like a pro chef.

The knife block with all of the knives, each has a red handle on it


A 6-in-1 opener that’ll make opening cans, jars, bottles, bags, and even safety seals a thousand times easier. Say farewell to the days of running things under hot water or finding someone stronger to get the job done.

The bottle opener with several photos showcasing different ways of using it


A 6-in-1 immersion blender to make blending, puréeing, mixing, grating, ribboning, spiraling, and chopping veggies possible with one single tool.

The immersion blender with all of the attachments


A quesadilla maker to make Taco Tuesdays (or rather, Quesadilla Tuesdays) with the fam that much easier. Use this contraption to make your fav cheesy treat in seconds.

A quesadilla maker


A 6-quart pressure cooker that’s great for kitchens with busy families because the options are endless. Use it as a pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, and even yogurt maker. A true jack of all trades.

The Instant Pot in black and chrome


A handheld food vacuum sealer so you can preserve fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, or even leftovers. This gadget is great for meal prep — simply divide up your food, and pack it away for the week to prevent it from spoiling as quickly.

The handheld food saver in black next to celery


A set of two ceramic baking dishes that complement each other (and whatever you cook inside of them) perfectly. These are such a classic style, you could even leave them out on display.

two red baking dishes


A five-piece nonstick bakeware set to replace those rusty and crusty ones you’ve been using for years. Nothing says kitchen reset like some brand-spankin’-new pans.

the pans with cake, muffins and cookies on them


A sushi roll maker so you can bring the all-you-can-eat buffet to your home (and perhaps adopt a new cooking skill)! This contraption is fun to use, easy to clean, and great for a stay-in dinner date.

The white sushi maker and three sushi rolls


A nonstick griddle with a removable warming tray so you can mass produce copious amounts of pancakes for Sunday brunch *and* make sure they stay the perfect temp.

Model is flipping pancakes on the black electric griddle


A garlic press rocker so you’ll never have to mince another garlic clove by hand again. Save the hassle and the mess with this handy gadget — a win-win.

stainless steel garlic rocker on cutting board


A grill-top pizza oven that’ll turn any grill into a brick oven, pizza-making machine. Who needs delivery? Now, you can enjoy a family pizza night at home whenever you want!

A pizza oven kit for a grill and a pizza coming out of it


A pineapple corer and slicer so you can take advantage of every square inch of your pineapples. Just chop off the top, then twist this tool all the way to the bottom. Easy!

the pineapple corer


A cast-iron griddle press so you can make restaurant-quality grilled cheeses, burgers, and paninis in your kitchen. Plus, it’s got a heat-resistant handle, so you won’t burn yourself. (Whew!)

the griddle press


A Pioneer Woman ice cream maker so you can make your own ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt, and gelato juuust like they did back in the olden days. All you need is ice, salt, and your fav ingredients.

the red, wood, and floral ice cream maker


A KitchenAid stand mixer so you don’t have to keep whisking and stirring up those baked goods by hand. This’ll save you time and arm power!

white stand mixer and cupcakes

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