31 Things From Walmart That’ll Make Your Space Look Fancier, But For Under $50


A cotton tie-dye shower curtain if your current one is looking a little worse for wear and you’d like your bathroom to emulate that of a stylish city boutique hotel. Ooh la la.

The blue multicolor shower curtain


A couple of rustic wooden soap dishes that’ll inspire you to sing Beyoncé’s “Upgrade U” as you replace your old scummy ones and toss them in the trash for good. Bonus tip: Use handmade, artisanal soaps for extra fanciness.

The soap holders


A set of three floating shelves so you can show off your fave photos, plants, and knickknacks while adding dimension and interest to otherwise bare walls. Whether you’re trying to elevate your bathroom, bedroom, or living area, these are a triple threat!

The floating shelves


A roll of distressed wood peel-and-stick wallpaper to instantly transform a room or wall from dull to delightful. Super simple to use, this stuff *def* doesn’t require a huge undertaking to install. You can even use it to re-up stairs, cabinets, drawers, closets, and dressers!


A set of artificial succulent plants that not only *look* awesome, but require absolutely no care whatsoever. So you get all the benefits of pretty plant babies without worrying whether or not they’ll die if you forget to water them.

The artificial succulents


A rose gold jewelry stand so all your precious pieces get the royal department-store treatment. Its simple design will fully razzle-dazzle you and anyone else who sees your classy organizational prowess.

The jewelry stand


A wood-burning fire pit that is *perfect* for literal fireside chats, s’mores sessions (yum), and toasty autumn evening hangs, even when the weather grows chilly.

The fire pit


A bronze wall clock if you’re sick of glancing at your phone every 30 minutes to check the time. This baby may look antique, but it’s beautifully brand new *and* measures the temp, which is super helpful. Tick-tock, it’s time to spruce up your space.

The wall clock


A honeysuckle and mint candle to turn your space into a meditative retreat that happens to smell like absolute *heaven* and look just as soothing. Deep breath in…ahhh.

The candle


A tufted throw pillow because every couch, accent chair, and bay window seat deserves to be properly decorated — especially with a soft, stunning cushion you’ll want to curl up and take a nap with (that is, if your furry friend doesn’t beat you to it).

The off-white throw pillow


A luxurious dual-model shower head complete with a power pulse massager to soothe sore, aching muscles and send you into an absolute bliss spiral before work or bedtime. Not only does it install it *minutes,* but it also rivals those found in REALLY nice gyms and spas.

the chrome shower head


An artsy shaded lines area rug featuring a ~very~ modern, very cute brushstrokes pattern that’s both classic and visually alluring. Honestly, it’s very much giving understated art gallery decor vibes.

The area rug


A sumptuous set of hotel-style Egyptian cotton sheets that, quite frankly, you deserve not only for their captivating beauty, but extreme comfort when you slumber. Snooze in style, baby.

the sheets in the cream mist color


A string of clear glass globe lights you can hang up outdoors for a soft, warm illumination that evokes feelings of a magical fairy garden. Dine al fresco underneath the cozy glow, and live your absolute *best* life.

a close up of the globe light


A metallic switch plate, which may be little, but goes a long way in making your space feel fancier. Plus, it’s easy to clean and adds a touch of industrial glam aesthetic anywhere you put it.

the gold switch plate on a wall


A set of waterproof chalkboard pantry labels to create a super curated look and feel to your kitchen. Sugar, spice, and everything oh-so-nicely organized, indeed.

The chalkboard pantry labels


A soothing Himalayan salt lamp that I personally own, love, and use daily. It serves as perfect ambient lighting before bed and when I want to snuggle up under the covers to read, watch Netflix, or listen to music. Also, it looks SO GOOD on any surface and gives off the best energy.

The Himalayan solt rock lamp


A peel-and-stick backsplash tile for a quick, painless, and totally affordable afternoon remodeling project every visitor in your home will compliment the second they see it.

The peel-and-stick tile


A four-piece curtain set if you’re in the market to cover those old, worn-out blinds that are in desperate need of a fashionable refurbish. Let there be light…or not, so long as it looks elegant.

The Pacifica green curtain set


A contemporary toilet paper holder and dispenser for a quick bathroom upgrade, especially if you’ve got a smaller space and want to maximize every inch of it — both visually and spatially. It even has a little storage shelf for your wet wipes and phone, so it doesn’t fall out of your pocket and onto the ground, or worse — into the toilet.

the toilet paper holder next to a toilet


A gorgeous three-tier bookcase with adjustable shelves (uh yeah, amazing) simply begging to be filled with framed photos, your collection of books, and anything else you want on prime display, including your new Himalayan salt lamp. Reviewers rave this is a real bang for your buck that ~lasts.~

The rustic oak bookcase


A bohemian-style macramé wall hanging for some real eye-catching décor. It’s neutral enough to go with pretty much any room style, no matter your personal taste.

The fabric wall hanging


A pack of brushed brass bar pulls to turn any drawer or cabinet from dull and outdated, to ~champagne classy~ (even if you’re on a Diet Coke budget).

The bar pulls


A vintage-style clear glass plant mister because your ferns, lilies, and snake plants deserve the VERY finest in H2O delivery, even if you’re only spritzing them oh-so-delicately with tap water.

The plant mister


An adorable set of black cat bookends that purr-fectly combine form and function and will make you squeal with delight nearly every time you see them.

The cat bookends


A stainless steel refillable soap dispenser so you can help reduce plastic waste while keeping your hands squeaky clean and germ-free (and your bathroom or kitchen looking properly PUT TOGETHER).

The silver soap dispenser


A square storage ottoman so your fave DVDs, remotes, magazines, and board games can stay safely tucked away and out of sight, giving you a place to rest your tired feet or morning coffee tray.

The brown storage ottoman


A metal tissue box cover because the sniffles are sadly inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you need to advertise whatever brand of tissues you’re using. This is *far* more polished-looking than a cardboard box.

The tissue box holder


A pack of blue marble coasters that serves two important purposes: protecting your wood surfaces from condensation *and* adding a bright burst of beauty that brightens up any room. Psst...the MoMa called, and they want their coasters back.

The marble coaster


A seagrass laundry basket that evokes coastal beach house feels and is so sophisticated it will *actually* make you look forward to doing your dang laundry.

The laundry basket


And a set of nickel-finish coat hooks perfect for storing purses, jackets, keys, masks, and anything else you can think of — all while reducing clutter, keeping you organized, and adding a bit of simple, practical beauty to your walls.

The wall hook

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