31 Things From Walmart That’ll Make Your Home Look Almost Unrecognizably New


A set of two upholstered wingback counter stools to turn your kitchen into your favorite high-end bar. With those coveted high backs and a footrest, your guests will be instantly won over.


An MCM-inspired sofa with USB ports so you can relax without running all over looking for a free outlet to plug your phone in. The side pockets are also a great place to store books, remotes, or small snacks to maximize your chill time. Finally, you don’t have to choose between having a nice-looking couch and a couch that’s good to relax on.

The sofa


A classic one-drawer nightstand to hide away all your bedside clutter (no needs to see your retainer unless you want them to). Leave your favorite books on the shelf below for easy access to nighttime reading.

The nightstand next to a bed


A woven pattern four-drawer tower for when you need extra storage literally anywhere. Reviewers love how sturdy the top is, so you also get another place to display your favorite photos or decor!


An arched floor mirror to show off you and your home’s best features. You can lean this large, sturdy mirror against the wall, or hang it up.

The mirror


A lift-top coffee table for those of us whose WFH days (or dinner date nights) usually end in front of the TV. The lift top also gives you added storage space below for blankets, pillows, toys, and more.

The coffee table in a living room


A three-piece patio set to make your outdoor space feel like a French bistro. Reviewers rave about the comfortable seats, while the table can hold your morning latte or evening glass of wine.

The patio set


A seven-piece gallery wall frame kit that takes all the annoying measuring and guesswork out of displaying your favorite photos. The kit even comes with layout paper to help you perfectly position the frames on your wall.

The frames on a wall


A stain-resistant area rug for those fully committed to on-trend neutral home decor, but who want something with a little more oomph than just a plain beige rug. The lines and curves add texture while keeping things light on your feet.

The rug


A set of 10 vinyl self-adhesive floor planks because with these, even novice DIYers can achieve that hardwood look on a budget.

The floor planks on the floor


A rattan open weave storage basket for the chic amateur home decorator who wants the perfect spot for styling and displaying all their cool, drapey blankets.

The basket


A wicker egg chair to ~fully soak up~ patio season. This trendy chair is great for reading, sipping a cocktail, or just taking IG-worthy photos. Yes, that makes it a triple threat.

the egg chair


A set of two semi-sheer stripe curtains for those who prefer soft, muted patterns and gentle light. These subtle sheer curtains will dress your windows up without distracting from your other decor.

The curtains


A six-drawer dresser that’s roomy enough to share with a partner or roommate (but no judgment if you keep it all for yourself).

The dresser


A sleek classic TV stand with four open storage shelves to hold all your streaming boxes, game consoles, books, candles, and more. Plus, there are holes in the back of each shelf to easily hide all your cords, so you can wave goodbye to spending hours staring at that chaotic tangle of wires next to your screen.

The TV stand


An organic cotton-textured shower curtain so you can achieve some spa-like relaxation at home. Get creative with bold colors or create a truly serene space with monotone decor.


A simple minimalist writing desk from the Queer Eye collection that is ideal for those who WFH with limited space (i.e., the back of your dining room). This sleek desk has clean lines and can squeeze into any corner of your place.

The desk


A woven pendant light so you can eat dinner under a fixture that conjures beachy vacations and boho design. Brighten up your dinner parties, game nights, and more with this simple dining room glow-up.

The light hanging above a dining table


A modern console table because you deserve a truly stylish, elevated place to drop your keys and mail (how do you still get so much mail? Who’s still sending it?). There’s also plenty of room below to place baskets underneath for extra entryway storage.

The console table


A gallon of Drew Barrymore Flower Home Terracotta Coral paint to give any room an instant and easy facelift. Or, if you don’t want to commit to all-over color, use this to DIY an accent wall.

The paint color on a wall in a bedroom


A bathroom over-toilet storage shelf that has open shelving for potpourri or cute apothecary bottles, and a closed cabinet for extra privacy storing those personal items you’d rather not have on full display. Since it fits right over your toilet, it truly maximizes your space.

The shelf over a toilet in a bathroom


A subway tile peel-and-stick backsplash to easily give your kitchen a new look. Great for renters and DIYers, reviewers love how easily these are to put on their walls without making a permanent commitment.

The backsplash in a kitchen


A four-cube storage organizer bench so you can create a mini mud room anywhere, even in smaller apartments. This bench doubles as storage area for your shoes while making sure you always have a comfy place to put them on (no more leaning awkwardly against the hallway wall!).

The bench with shoes and baskets in it


A faux fiddle leaf fig tree to give life to those dark corners, where even the greenest thumbs can’t get plants to thrive. The fact that there is zero maintenance required is an added bonus — finally, a plant you can’t murder!

The plant


A contemporary microfiber accent chair that’s perfect for curling up and finally tackling the latest from your TBR.


A roll of Pioneer Woman peel-and-stick wallpaper to easily add a bold pattern to a bathroom, home office, bedroom, or any other space that could use a little bit of a decor ~kick~. Added bonus: It’s easily removable for whenever your tastes change or you move spaces.

The wallpaper on a wall


A wood floor lamp so you can take a break from the all-metal-everything lamps. Warm things up in your living room, or put it by your bedside for an elevated nightlight.

The lamp


An all-season down alternative comforter because no home update is complete without upgrading the place to sleep. This down comforter is light enough that you’ll still want to cozy up under it during warmer weather, and so soft that you will be reluctant to leave it to do literally anything.

The comforter on a bed


A kitchen island cart so you can finally clear your countertop clutter and hide it behind these sleek doors instead. The wood top also offers extra space to prep your favorite meals — and the wheels help you whisk it away when you’re done.


A sideboard that instantly adds sophistication to your dining room. It perfectly complements your coastal or farmhouse decor and is the perfect spot to stow away those extra dishes (you know, the nice ones you only use when other people come over).


A drop-leaf dining table so you can throw dinner parties in small spaces, or be ready when you guests bring guests of their own over to your place. Expand to seat four for all your Bachelorette viewing parties. (Or just have extra space for all the snacks!)

The dining table styled with chairs in a kitchen

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