31 Things From Walmart That’ll Make Your Dorm Feel More Like, Well, Home


A cube storage organizer because you can always use more storage, and the more multifunctional, the better. This puppy can hold books, clothes, tchotchkes, bins, really anything that can fit in a cube — go wild with it! Plus, it’s much cuter than whatever came with the room (or that classic “wood boards and cinder blocks” DIY bookcase).

the 12-cube organizer with books and bins in a styled living space


A stick vacuum that easily converts to handheld for little messes, and is so thin that you’ll be able to store it just about anywhere (like under your bed, or in that tiny cubby that’s supposed to be your closet).

the silver and black stick vacuum


A power strip and surge protector because no matter how many outlets there are in your dorm, it’s never enough. This one has a flat plug, so you can put it behind pretty much any piece if furniture, plus the strip has six outlets and a bonus two USB ports, so you don’t have to use up plug space for your phone.


An etagere lamp, which is just a fancy French way of saying “lamp with shelves.” It’s the perfect bedside table, with three shelves to hold your phone, glasses, book, water bottle, and whatever else you need close by.

the black lamp next to a yellow easy chair in a decorated living space


An essential oil diffuser with color-changing lights that’s perfect for dorms where candles are a fire safety no-no but you still want some way to mitigate the smell of your roommates and neighbors (and all their unwashed laundry and burnt microwave popcorn).

the lit diffuser on a desk in a dorm room space


A fuzzy sherpa blanket so you can stay nice and toasty through those fall nights when it’s getting chilly but the university hasn’t turned on the heat yet.


A faux plant because keeping a real one healthy and watered probably isn’t going to happen (especially over fall break). But having some greenery — even the fake kind — always makes a space feel real cozy.

the faux succulent in a white elephant planter


A dimmable desk lamp with a moldable gooseneck body, so you can study late into the night without bothering your roommate too much. Plus, more light sources are always good for dorms, and this one comes with an extra USB port so you can charge your phone while you work.

the desk lamp on a desk next to a laptop with a phone charging from its extra outlet


A mini Keurig because having coffee on hand at all times is absolutely essential. Walking to the dining hall or Starbucks before an 8 a.m. class is an experience worth avoiding at all costs, especially if you were up studying until 2.

the small red coffee maker on a counter with a plant


A rolling leather swivel chair made with memory foam, so you can save your lower back from the misery that is trying to sit for any length of time in the industrial chair that came with your dorm room.

the black office chair with high cushioned back


A seven-egg mini egg cooker that’ll make early mornings so much easier — this baby can hard or softboil eggs to your liking, poach them, scramble them, and even steam veggies or dumplings for dinner. It’s a lot more options and a lot less fuss than a hot plate.


A set of LED strip lights so you can blend in with your dorm’s cool kids (who will also all have LED strip lights). The color-changing lights can be controlled via app or voice-activation, so you can switch from fun pink to cool yellow lights without even moving.


An adjustable curtain rod that’s perfect for dorms because it doesn’t require any screws or brackets to install. Just pop it up in your window and it’s good to go! Finally, you can add some nice curtains over the weird industrial beige shade that came with the room.

a graphic showing the end of the curtain rod and the text "NO TOOLS NEEDED"


And a set of insulated curtains because they’ll reduce drafts, cut down on outside noise, and let you sleep in longer (key!!). They’re also a super quick way to make a space feel ~decorated~ which is a great bonus for dorm life.


A Command hook variety pack so you can hang just about anything, with no damage to your walls. This kit has hooks that can handle everything from pictures to bath towels or even backpacks, so you’re sure to have the right hook on hand when you need one.


A SodaStream Fizzi that’ll carbonate your water at the touch of a button — no electricity needed. It’s great if you’re looking for a cheaper way to replace your La Croix habit, and creates way less waste, too.

the blue carbonation bottle next to the black soda stream


A memory foam mattress topper so you can actually spend your time in bed sleeping, not tossing and turning and getting poked by a new spring with every movement.

a model's hand pressing an imprint into the blue memory foam


A set of microfiber sheets because I promise, microfiber is the wave of the future. It’s soft, sleeps cool, and has a luxurious feel that you usually only get with priceyyyyyy cotton sheets.


An over the door shoe rack so you can bring your entire collection of kicks, without sacrificing 99% of your closet space to storing them.


A mesh pop-up laundry hamper that you can fold up and store away when you don’t need it, and easily bring out when you do. It has sturdy handles so you can just carry it directly to the laundry room — no need to put it in a totally different bag for transport — plus two zip-open compartments, which means that it can be used in two different ways.


A fuzzy rosette throw pillow for a little lumbar support in bed, an impromptu seat when guests come over, and a nice decorative touch all year round.


A set of string lights with fun, oversized bulbs that’ll add nice warm light and a funky vibe to your room. They’re not the standard string of Christmas lights, and that’s a good thing.


A mini fridge so you can keep drinks and snacks cold and fresh to tide you over in between trips to the dining hall.

the silver fridge in a brightly decorated bedroom


A NutriBullet blender for morning smoothies, so you can have a healthy breakfast when you don’t have time to grab anything else (just make sure you don’t wake your roommate). And if you’re 21+, it’s a great nighttime option for any DIY bartenders out there.

model using the personal sized blender


A retro-inspired microwave that you’ll def need to check your dorm’s rules about — but if it’s allowed, it’s a must-have. Not only is it super adorable, but it’s petite enough to fit on a shelf or desk, and it can easily feed you for a full day, from morning oatmeal to midnight ramen.

the light blue microwave


A hanging closet organizer with side pockets so when someone compliments you on your well-ordered closet, you can say “Thanks! It has pockets!”


A faux fur folding butterfly chair that’s perfect for when you want to do a spot of reading but are sick of your bed and your desk, or when you have a friend over and need some extra seating. And when you don’t need it, you can just fold it up and stow it away, because every inch of dorm floor space is at a premium.

the velvet folding chair in pink


A lighted vanity mirror so you aren’t stuck trying to get ready for the day under those crappy overhead fluorescents. And since you can get ready in your room now, you also won’t be taking up valuable bathroom space, so it’s a win for your roommates, too!

the LED mirror on a counter


A pair of zippered underbed storage bins that are just as practical for storing stuff as plastic totes, but are soft and can fit into spaces that rigid plastic can’t. Plus, with the clear top, you’ll actually be able to tell what’s in them without having to open them up and dig all around.

the grey fabric bin pulled out from under a decorated bed


A dry erase calendar with a corkboard strip, so you can keep yourself organized with any handouts or written schedules, and also pin up special notes and photos — because remembering the good times is just as important as remembering when your midterm is due.

the calendar on a wall above a decorated desk space


A Google Nest Audio because it’s part smart device, part speaker, all useful. You can use it set alarms, get the weather, and play music, all with voice activation, just to name a few features.

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