31 Things From Walmart That’ll Help Your Whole Family Celebrate Spooky Season


A spiderweb decoration because is it even Halloween without fake spiderwebs? Cover the kids’ bedroom doors so when they wake up on Halloween morning, they have to crawl through the web. Bonus: The included spiders glow in the dark!

Spider web with spiders hanging on bushes


A zombie lawn decoration to make your yard look like an episode of The Walking Dead. Each piece has a spike in the bottom to easily slide into the grass — an easy way to decorate in minutes!

Zombie sticking out of grass


A 12-pack of assorted artificial pumpkins that are great for the whole fall season. AND you don’t have to worry about purchasing decorative pumpkins that will go moldy in a few days.

White pumpkins displayed in books


A Halloween blanket for the Nightmare Before Christmas enthusiast. What better way to watch your fav Halloween (or Christmas!) movie with your boo than wrapped up in this soft, romantic flannel.

the blanket on a bed


A ghost and pumpkin mini cake pan so you can have a bake-off with the whole family. Don’t forget all the frostings and sprinkles because decorating and tasting is the best part. One reviewer even made pizza pockets!

Pan with cookies and frosting


A balloon garland for a perfect Instagram photo backdrop at your upcoming Halloween gathering. It includes 112 (!!!) solid color balloons, eight clear balloons with confetti, two ghost-shaped mylar balloons, 26 bat paper cutouts, one roll of strip, 100 dot stickers, and one string — all for under $20?! What a deal!

Balloon garland with other Halloween decorations


A glow-in-the-dark matching skeleton pajama set that has sizes for every boney member of your family — including Fido. (My favorite part is the heart kneecaps.) Cute *and* cozy enough to wear trick-or-treating.

Family wearing matching skeleton pajamas


A remote-controlled fog machine to create your own haunted house this year. Be the coolest spot on the block by orchestrating a spooky atmosphere for all the princesses and superheroes coming to claim their candy.

Fog machine spraying fog


A Halloween throw-pillow cover to easily slip onto the not-so-Halloweeny couch pillows you have out all year. Great for those coffee-lovers, too!

Black and white pillow


An assortment of Halloween party favors because there are enough sweets going around this holiday season, so give the kid’s teeth a break with this fun pack. Stickers, stamps, and temporary tattoos are sure to keep them entertained.

Halloween party favors


A Halloween wreath that is sure to match your haunted vibe with its creepy branches and grimacing skeleton. It can also be used as a centerpiece on a dining table — just add some candles or pumpkins in the middle.

the wreath hung above a fireplace


A 10-pack of Jell-O shot tubes for a silly way to eat your favorite jiggly snack (with or without alcohol) at your Halloween party. Use red flavors for an ~extra creepy~ vibe.🩸

People holding jello shots


An inflatable ghost holding a pumpkin that’s somehow both scary *and* cute all at the same time. This guy will tower over everyone at 9-feet-tall and has built-in, multicolor LED lights to make sure it’s seen both day and night. 👻

the red and white ghost holding a pumpkin next to a tombstone


A ruched witch hat to use for anything from photo props to decorating the house to a classic and easy Halloween costume. Pop one on, and make some witch’s brew (aka spiced apple cider) in your cauldron this season.

a model wearing the black witch hat


A Halloween projector light that can be wall- or ground-mounted to make sure it projects exactly where you want it. It can be used indoor and outdoor depending on your needs this Halloween season, and has seven light patterns to choose from!

the projector and different patterns


A skeleton with fierce eyes and posable bones so you can display Mr. or Mrs. Skeleton however you see fit. Turn it into a Halloween version of Elf on the Shelf and have it doing different stuff around the house each day when the kids wake up.

the skeleton in a front yard


A set of three glass LED candy corns so your sugar-loving fam can live in a Halloween candy land. Not everyone loves a scary Halloween, so treat yourself to something sweet instead!

Candy corn lights


A monster face trunk-or-treat decorating kit so your car can be as festively decorated as your house at your community trunk-or-treat barbecue. It’s a unique take on the typical trick-or-treat tradition.

the monster trunk or treat decorations in a car


A six-piece crow decor set to create a spooky, witchy scene on your console table or mantel. The crow’s feet are made of bendable wires, so you can also decorate branches, trees, window rails, bannisters, fences, chairs, chandeliers, pumpkins, etc. You could even use them as props for a Moira Rose from The Crows Have Eyes 3 costume.

Black crows and spider webs


A purple and black witch’s broom to add to your Hocus Pocus home decor theme. The broom vibrates and turns while spooky Halloween sounds play from inside. Move over, Sanderson sisters! 🧙🏿‍♀️

Broom next to black cat


A set of 3D bat decals that look like they are invading your home. This cauldron of bats are waterproof, so they can be hung inside or outside. Heck, might as well get enough for both!

Bats hanging on living room wall


A skeleton candelabra to set the mood for a spooky supper. It’s battery operated, so you can take it with you and use it as a prop for your Halloween costume as well.

Skeleton candelabra


A Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie greeter to be placed on your doorstep (or really anywhere in your home). When Mr. Oogie Boogie says there’s trouble close at hand, you’d better pay attention now ’cause I’m the boogie man!



A climbing witch decoration that is as spooky as it is silly. Mount it on your door, next to a window, or on an inside wall to bring some Salem (or Wizard of Oz) vibes to your home this season.

the climbing witch decoration mounted next to an outdoor window


Or, a freaky 6-foot-tall animated witch that has creepy light-up eyes and bendable arms. One reviewer hung it in her apartment, so don’t let a lack of space or big yard stop you from getting spooky with your decorations. Most importantly, this thing is sure to scare any lil’ kiddies passing by. Hee hee heeeee.

Hanging witch


A tabletop decoration because what better word to use this Halloween season than BOO! Place it in your entryway, on your dining table, or credenza, and add some fake spiderwebs to really spook it up. 🕸

Black boo letters


A Hocus Pocus wooden sign that’s perfect for this season’s decorating with the new movie out. Every morning, it will remind you to say, “Oh Look! Another glorious morning. Makes me sick!”

An I Smell Children sign


A three-piece Halloween banner that’s absolutely perfect for hanging on both sides of your front door. All the lil’ monsters coming to trick-or-treat will love your festively decorated porch.

the halloween banners around a front door


A carving kit so you and your family (or friends!) can have a classic pumpkin carving party. This set includes *everything* you need, including 12 stencils, to make the perfect jack-o’-lantern — or, let your artistic side shine and create your own spooky designs!

Pumpkin carving kit


And a pumpkin push-in decorating set for those lil’ ones who aren’t ready for carving with a knife quite yet. This is an easy way to get all the kids involved in the fun fall festivities. 🎃

Sally decoration in pumpkin


A Halloween candy catcher that’s a fun way for your lil’ goblins to fill up on all the tasty treats this Hallows’ Eve. So, ditch that grungy pillowcase, and swing the axe instead!

the axe halloween candy catcher

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