31 Things From Walmart That'll Help You Put Every Square Inch Of Your Space To Good Use


An eight-cube organizer that you can orient vertically to save floor space and fill with baskets or storage cubes to help reduce clutter.

Vertical organizer full of knick-knacks


Or a bench with cube storage beneath, perfect for hiding shoes while simultaneously giving you a place to sit while you put them on!

Bench organizer full of shoes and baskets


A three-tier corner shelving unit because kitchen counter space is precious and this will free up a whole bunch. It even has hooks for hanging utensils!

Corner shelves filled with snacks


An over-the-toilet storage cabinet, so you have a place to keep extra toiletries and towels close at hand without cramping your bathroom.

Storage cabinet over toilet


A small cabinet with several drawers that offers some vertical storage and is small enough to stay out of the way, freeing up some floor space in small rooms.


A narrow but capacious hall tree that does wonders for de-cluttering a small entryway. It has nine hooks and two small shelves for storing any number of bags, scarfs, hats, coats, pairs of shoes, or storage baskets!

Hall tree in entryway filled with shoes and accessories


A rolling cart full of organizing drawers that’s ideal storage for any hobbies, crafts, or trade supplies that tend to take up so much space. Great for reducing clutter at your workspace and it has wheels so it’s easy to move out of the way when not needed.

Storage rack in an office with books on top


A rolling kitchen island perfect as a multi-use piece of furniture when you are tight on storage. It gives you another food prep surface if counter space is at a minimum and the shelf below will keep your cookbooks, appliances, dishes, etc., out of the way until you need them. Plus, its built-in locking caster wheels mean you can store it wherever you fancy.

Rolling island in the middle of a kitchen


A stylish ottoman with a hinged top that’s just the right size for storing extra pillows and blankets instead of having them take up room on the furniture.

Ottoman with top open


A shoe storage bench because nothing takes up floor space quite like a half-dozen pairs of shoes scattered in front of the door because someone is too lazy to put them in a closet… it’s me, I’m someone.

Shoe bench filled with shoes


A freestanding cabinet for storing games, tools, important documents, books, you name it. Its tall, narrow design gives it plenty of internal storage without taking up much floor space. Perfect for hiding all of your snacks, too, if you’re home doesn’t have a pantry (looking at you city dwellers).

Storage cabinet in kitchen full of food


A plastic storage rack full of bins that’s a great way for your kids to learn organizational skills and keep their room clean. The angled bins allow more storage capacity without bumping out from the wall as much so you’re actually saving space in two ways.

Plastic storage bins filled with toys


A coffee table with a lift-top so your living room can double as a work space — or a dinner table, like in my house.

Table with top lifted showing storage inside


A broom holder because it only takes a couple of rakes or shovels in the corner of your garage to make a big mess. But not anymore! Keep those corners clear and keep your long-handled implements neat and organized. They’ll look so good you’ll actually WANT to use them for once.

Hanging rack filled with long-handled implements


An over-the-door ironing board hanger you can also use to stow your iron and fabric care products. Throw it over the door to the laundry room to hide these bulky items until your monthly bulk laundry day.

Iron and ironing board hanging on door rack


A set of low-profile organizers for neatly storing things away in drawers and under the bed. These are especially good if you have limited closet space or a lot of seasonal clothing.

Storage bins filled with clothes


A set of three glass canisters you can stack up to use the vertical space on your countertops or shelves. These are just the right size for storing grains, spices, and other ingredients, and could even be used for crafting supplies, decorative soaps, pet treats, or anything that tickles your fancy. Plus, they’re stylish, so you won’t feel the need to hide them away in the precious cabinet space.

Storage jars full of ingredients in a cabinet


A two-tier garment rack with three cube drawers so you can hang and store all of your clothes without needing a bulky wardrobe or dresser. This is also perfect for hang drying your delicate clothes when doing laundry.

Garment rack full of hanging clothes


A six-piece cabinet organizing set so you can make the most of the space above your kitchen counters. No more testing Newton’s theory of gravity with the stack of bowls on the top shelf, or reaching all the way to the back of the cupboard for your favorite wine glass. These wire shelves and baskets offer a convenient way to put everything within reach without spilling onto other surfaces. It’s amazing how much space appears when you actually… organize your cabinets.

Open cabinet full of dishes


A corner shelf unit that turns an under-utilized part of a room into an efficient storage space for small decor, photo albums, journals, books, etc. Ideal in smaller rooms where your surface areas are limited.

Shelves hung in corner filled with small decor


A four-pack of bed risers to instantly give you more storage room under your mattress. The extra height makes it easier to keep an eye on the monsters under there, too because if Stranger Things taught us anything, it’s that you’re never truly alone.

Close up of bed riser supporting bed


A 10-shelf shoe organizer with a narrow profile because when you run out of shelf space for shoes, the only direction to go is UP! Plus its thin design means you’ll hardly notice this taking up room in your closet.

Show organizer hanging in closet


A set of stackable refrigerator bins so you can finally organize the mess that is your condiment collection. No more buying a jar of mayo just to lose it in the clutter and find it years later after it’s grown… fur. *shudders*


A narrow plastic storage shelf on wheels which — at just five inches wide — is perfectly small enough to fit just about anywhere. Great for creating a little more storage in a small kitchen or bathroom without overcrowding things.

Rack tucked between refrigerator and counter


A Murphy bed because even if you rarely have guests, it’s always convenient to have an extra bed for someone to use. With this, when you’re not using it, just stow it away to look like a chest of drawers (note: there is actually only *one* working drawer at the bottom). Plus, it even features a charging port to easily plug in your electronics.


A fold-out desk that provides a working surface and storage shelves when open, and folds away easily to save space when not in use. This baby mounts directly to the wall and is perfectly suited for compact rooms that serve multiple functions, like a living room turned home office.

Desk open with laptop and chair


A low-profile TV wall mount for finally getting rid of that old entertainment center that takes up half of your room. A wall mount gives you a better viewing angle and distance and can also give you extra inches — even feet! — of space in your room.

TV wall mount


A standing mirror with a jewelry cabinet inside, so you don’t have to keep your necklaces and bracelets in a tangled mess inside an old bowl. Plus, you don’t have to go anywhere to check out your bling, just close the door, and voila!


A pair of nesting tables so when they’re not in use, the smaller one can be tucked under the larger and kept out of the way. Ideal for when you have company over and need an extra place to set down a glass.

Small table stored under its partner


A stainless steel, over-the-sink dish rack perfect for drying and storing plates, bowls, glasses, and silverware if you don’t have the counter space for a drying rack. This will instantly help free up your precious space by giving you a convenient place for frequently used dishware and cutlery.

Dish rack over the sink


And finally, a ceiling-mounted storage rack for your garage, because those bins full of Christmas decorations are taking up valuable space in the closet and you won’t need them for another five months. Store them up high until it’s time to rock around the Christmas tree again.

Overhead storage rack full of totes

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