31 Things From Walmart That’ll Help You Feel Like A More Productive Student This School Year


A spiral-bound date book so you can plan ahead instead of panicking when you realize the project is due tomorrow. Calendars — they’re not just for your parents.

the planner open with dates written on it


A desk organizer set that may actually make you *want* to get things done. The wire organizers come in an aesthetically pleasing rose gold finish that is v ‘grammable.

All 5 of the pieces in the set in use in a home office


A super convenient mini fridge you can keep by your desk for when that mid-study hunger strikes. Instead of having to trek to the kitchen, you can just reach across and grab something to drink and snack on while you finish that 12-page study guide your roommate swears you need.


A set of useful supply bins so you don’t end up reorganizing a messy drawer every time you open it. Stay on task by neatly storing your stuff in these convenient containers.

the bins with office suppies in them


A handy-dandy tabletop drawer so you don’t have to spend half of your study time looking for one single sticky note. This bb will wait patiently on your desk — lookin’ pretty all the while — until a burst of inspiration strikes.

The white organizer holding office supplies


A clear plastic drawer so you’re not just haphazardly throwing your assignments into a black hole, never to see them again. These are also stackable so you can buy as many as you need and keep them all in one place.

the bin with supplies inside


An industrial-inspired desk with plenty o’ shelves to keep your homework essentials accessible and in perfect order. And if you’re scarred from Ikea furniture-assembly nightmares, rest easy — this desk’s assembly requires zero tools and takes less than a half hour according to reviewers.

The desk being used as a home office


A nice n’ simple writing desk because it’s *impossible* to do your best work without a designated study space. The smallish size makes it perfect for dorms or apartments that don’t have the space for that real desk you’ve been dreaming of but it still gives you an essential study space that isn’t your bed.

the desk in use in a home office


A 12-pack of colorful pens because there’s just something about brand new, colorful writing utensils that makes you *want* to color coordinate your planner. These are anti-smudge and will never bleed through the pages of your notebook so go to town with ’em.

the pack of pens


A four-drawer rolling storage cart to get paper, notebooks, and miscellaneous items sorted, organized, and out of the way so you can, you know, actually get things done.

The cart next to a desk


A retro-inspired Novogratz metal locker that will keep you in school mode even at home — but like, in a healthy way. Stow away your study essentials with this fun piece and know exactly where everything is when homework time rolls around.

The orange locker in a home


A cute one-subject notebook to *brighten up* your note-taking. It’s also compatible with the Five Star app so you can scan, organize, and study from your phone.

the notebook open with someone writing in the page


A document tray that’ll help sort out all of the rogue papers on your desk so when you need a reminder of when your final is you can actually locate the biology syllabus for once. Its five sliding, adjustable tiers ensure easy access to not only your files but to that #productivelife as well.

the tray in black


A flowery expandable file folder giving you a way to store the millions of papers your professor hands out. Its 13 pockets provide ample storage of papers by subject, topic, or grade.

the folder


A combination cork and dry erase board for the visual learner in all of us. Sometimes the best way to get yourself to do something is to stare at a reminder of it every day.

the board


A tilting laptop stand you can use to get work done wherever you want. It’s also great for watching movies in bed to reward yourself afterward. Just a suggestion.

A model using a laptop on the stand while sitting on the couch


A white noise machine to help drown out the racket from your upstairs neighbors who apparently study by throwing massive parties. This will help you focus during study time and relax during sleep time so you can ACE that test you have coming up.

the machine on a nightstand


An Epson EcoTank printer that boasts an impressive ink supply. Never again will your cyan (???) cartridge run out right as you attempt to use it at 2 a.m.

the printer


A room divider perfect for creating a makeshift cubicle in the living room or you know, getting some actual privacy from your roomie in your dorm. People on Zoom won’t be distracted by your background and your wandering eyes can focus on the task at hand.

the divider in cherry in a house


A sleek storage set that’ll make your locker a more efficient place. This vertical storage solution keeps your essentials close at hand and strong magnets ensure that they *stay* that way.

the set in use


A two-way brewer so you can sip your way to being the most productive version of yourself. Whether you’re making a carafe for an overnight study sesh or grabbing a thermos on your way out the door, it’s amazing what a little caffeine boost can do.

the brewer


A wireless keyboard and mouse making it possible to work on the computer from your bed, your couch, or wherever you like to put your feet up. You won’t feel chained to your desk and your productivity will soar to new heights.

the keyboard and mouse in use


An affordable bookshelf for textbooks, computer accessories, notepads — you name it. Prepare your workspace for school projects by storing supplies you’re not using but can still readily access.

the shelf in brook cherry holding various books


A plug-in Wi-Fi extender that boosts your existing internet into every room that you want to work in. *Cut to me having to do homework in my bathroom to get a signal.*

the extender plugged into an outlet


A pair of Bose noise-canceling earbuds to block out distractions — from your mom vacuuming to your roommate talking on the phone — so you can focus finally on the task at hand. Reviewers love how long these babies hold a charge (and when you do need to power up, just pop them in the included case to do so).

the earbuds in black in their case


A memory foam office chair for creating a more comfortable study sesh which will invariably create a more productive learning environment. Add its stylish brown faux leather upholstery and you won’t mind cramming for an exam.

the chair in front of a desk


A desktop calendar large enough to fit all your school deadlines *and* your work schedule, while still having space for the occasional appointment or fun get-together. Say hello to time management and goodbye to kicking yourself for over-committing.

the calendar


A four-pack of cable covers to help you manage the confusing tangle of wires hanging underneath your desk. Reset your router without accidentally unplugging your computer so you can get back to work quickly.


A pair of blue-light-blocking glasses to combat the headache you get from staring at a laptop all day so you don’t dread typing an essay for once… well, don’t dread it as much. Super affordable and available in lots of great colors, you’ll want to wear them even when you aren’t staring at a screen.

the glasses in black fade on a desk


A handy lil’ portable charger because as learning becomes increasingly digital, your phone and tablet should *always* be on 100%. Don’t worry about video calls draining your battery or trying to Zoom on 3% — this cutie is here to power all of your devices.

the charger being used with a tablet


And The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, a guided journal based on the teachings of bestselling author Stephen Covey because it might help you better focus. It uses his seven principles to help you find motivation, self-confidence, and personal growth each week.

the journal

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