31 Products From Walmart That Will Confront Your Everyday Problems Head-On


A box of internet-loved Mighty Patch pimple patches so you can nip those blemishes in the bud. These multi-tasking patches keep you pimple-poppers from picking, help reduce blemish inflammation, and even turn white as they pull fluid out of whiteheads. And I personally find that they also help alleviate some of the pain that comes with those big ol’ zits.

model with the clear pimple patch on cheek showing it working to pull out fluid


A wireless charging stand if your devices and cords seem to be taking over your desk — this will stop their invasion and put them (neatly) in their place! And of course, it will keep them nice and charged up so they’re not dead at the exact moment you need them.

The rose gold charging stand powering up airpods in case, and two smartphones


A 3-in-1 bottle brush since trying to clean a water bottle with a normal sponge or dishcloth just never works well. This will easily swipe away any mold and icky bacteria so you can keep enjoying that fresh H2O.

Someone holding the three-part brush in one hand with water bottle about to be cleaned in the other over the sink


A countertop gap cover to stop the crumbs and spills from getting in the exact one spot you can’t clean them: the crevice between the stove and the counter!

The black gap cover


A bottle of Poo-Pourri you and your housemates will appreciate every time it magically masks those unpleasant bathroom odors. Just remember, spray before you go!

Model holding the spray bottle of poo-pourri


A snap-on strainer if you tend to lose half your pasta (or other yummy eats) in the sink as you strain. Just snap this onto the rim of your pot and pour all the water out without sacrificing any precious noodles.


A pair of blue-light-filtering glasses for anyone who tends to get a mid-afternoon headache from staring at the screen too long. These can potentially reduce eye strain and even sleep disruption brought on by blue light. Plus, they’re pretty stylish. Just saying.

a model wearing the glasses in black


An in-between-the-seats purse holder to keep your bag secure and easily accessible while you’re in the car. It’s also the perfect solution for storing other essentials, like tissues, snacks, and water bottles.

the purse holder suspended between the two front seats in the car


An AirPod cleaning brush since you can’t remember the last time you actually cleared out all the earwax and gunk clogging up those buds. This easy-to-use tool will have them looking and sounding brand new!

The brush with wide application kit shown next to airpod earbud, keyboard, camera and smartphone


A Lifestraw — basically a straw with a built-in purifying water filter — so you can drink from pretty much anywhere without worrying about contaminated water. It’s great for camping and hiking (especially if you hate the taste of iodine-treated water) or just to have on hand in the case of an emergency.

A model drinking from a lake using the life straw outdoors


A Wi-Fi range extender if you walk into a different room and suddenly your internet connection drops — and right as you were uploading that ? selfie! Tragedies like those will happen no longer with this making sure you get a strong signal in every nook and cranny of the house.

the range extender plugged into an outlet


A Roborock robot vacuum and mop for a super convenient solution to cleaning the floors. You can program and set up multiple cleaning schedules and even control it via an app!

The Roborock


A Bluetooth sleep headband with built-in speakers for the side-sleepers who need music, white noise, or other audio to fall asleep, but can’t stand uncomfy earbuds digging in (I feel your pain). This is the solution you’ve been dreaming of! Pro tip: it also works great for outdoor winter workouts, especially running.

Model sleeping on pillow with the headband over eyes. caption bubble reads "3 in 1, sleep headphones, bluetooth eye mask and bluetooth sports headband


A smart plug that will let you control whatever’s plugged in — electronics, lights, and more — directly from an app or by voice command. Finally! No more getting up to turn out the lights at night.

a smart plug plugged into a wooden outlet


A 3-in-1 avocado tool if you love adding avocado to pretty much everything you eat but hate all the work and hassle required. This makes it easy peasy to pit, peel, and slice ’em, so in other words, your avo problemo is solved-o!

The tool being used to slice half an avocado


A pack of velvety nonslip hangers since they’ll actually keep all your clothes hanging (even those super slippery shirts) *and* they’ll also look super chic hanging in your closet.

the black velvet hangers hanging in a closet, some with clothes and some empty


An anti-fog spray (plus cloth!) because if you wear glasses, they’ve probably been fogging up every five seconds whenever you wear a mask — which is a problem that this spray will conveniently solve. Hallelujah!

the anti-fog spray and cloth


A Tide-To-Go instant stain remover pen so you’re ready whenever disaster strikes, aka you spill something on your brand-new shirt. I used to use this all the time as a teenager, and it was an actual lifesaver. Pretty sure I would have ruined 90% of my clothes without the fast action of this magic pen.

The #1 instant stain remover


A KP Away lotion to treat “strawberry skin” (aka keratosis pilaris) without completely irritating your skin in the process. It’s formulated with ultra-hydrating ingredients but absolutely none of the commonly used harsh acids, thus the end result is smooth and moisturized skin that’s less red and bumpy.

Model wearing towel on body and head holding the bottle of lotion in front of her face


A pet hair remover that will clean up all that fur with just a few easy swipes — and you won’t even have to bother with sticky tapes or adhesives. So simple, yet so effective!

The 7.5 inch roller brush clearing pet hair off a fabric surface with text reading "great for soft surfaces and large areas"


A sofa armchair caddy so you can finally stop losing everything in the couch cushions. This keeps all the essentials (phone, book, TV remote) handy and easily accessible while you relax.

The brown caddy on a sofa armrest holding remote, glasses case, iphone, and journal


A TubShroom since it will collect literally every hair as you shower and keep it from clogging the drain. All you’ll have to do is remove the TubShroom occasionally and wipe off the hair. Yep, it’s really as simple as that!

The tubshroom pulled out of drain with hair wrapped around it


A cooling mattress pad if you’re sick of waking up hot ‘n’ sweaty. Just slap this baby atop your current mattress and let the ~cool magic~ begin. Seriously, it’s such a quick fix for overly hot beds and doesn’t even require you to go mattress shopping, which is not only exhausting but also expensive.

The mattress pad on a bed


A portable charging bank that will save the day when your phone (or AirPods) die. You’ll be so happy when you realize you can charge them up real fast and carry on with your day.

Model holding the portable charger with smartphone


A mountable plastic bag holder so you can finally store all those old grocery bags in an organized and tidy fashion. Plus, the stainless steel finish means it’ll look like it belongs in your kitchen or pantry.

the bag holder mounted to inside of cabinet underneath sink and filled with plastic bags


A pair of sneaker balls if you’re ready to be done once and for all with stinky, smelly shoes. Just pop these cuties in your shoes at the end of each day and say goodbye to those odors!

Hand dropping the sneaker ball into heel of white hightop for instant deodorizing


A microfiber yoga towel that stays put on your mat, helping to absorb sweat so you don’t accidentally slip out of downward dog (or slip at all, for that matter).

The teal towel on top of yoga mat with caption "sized to fit directly on top of your mat"


A memory foam lumbar support pillow because it’s a true ~backsaver~ for anyone who sits in an office chair all day or spends hours commuting in the car. Your lower back will be singing its praises come the end of the day when you’re miraculously free from aches and pains.


A wall-mounted toilet paper holder with a shelf (!!!) so you finally have a convenient spot to put your phone while you take care of business. This is the kind of simple ingenuity we love to see.

The stainless steel holder mounted to wall with smartphone supported on the built-in shelf above the tp roll


A pack of Crest deep cleaning tablets if you, like me, thought your nasty old retainer or mouthguard was beyond hope… it’s not! Dissolve one of these tablets in some water and be amazed at how clean (and germ-free) your mouth appliance comes out.

The alignercare box of tablets that kill 99% of bacteria


An adhesive phone wallet pouch for a simple way to keep your credit cards and license handy when you’re out and about. This eliminates the need to bring an extra wallet or purse, and you won’t have to worry about accidentally misplacing them somehow.

the brown pouch containing credit card attached to back of smartphone

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