31 Problem-Solving Products From Walmart Your Hair Will Thank You For


An edge control that you can say was crafted by the hair goddesses themselves and has become my personal favorite. This bad boy keeps every 👏 last 👏 one 👏 of your baby hairs stylishly in place without a greasy, flaky appearance. Smooth edges? Consider it a done deal!

A person with their hands in a jar of edge control


And an edge brush designed to work with your hair gel. It boasts a 2-in-1 construction that has a mini comb and a soft nylon brush that gently sculpts and shapes your baby hairs to perfection.

A person with a hair bun hairstyle using the edge brush


A tube of curl defining cream that reviewers say lives up to its name. Made with natural grapeseed and jasmine extract, this essential adds shine, tames frizz and flyaways, and gives your coils, kinks, and curls extra oomph. Curly girls, it’s time to rejoice!


A L’Oréal wonder water treatment crafted to give tangled, damaged, and unruly strands the ultimate reset. This number works in EIGHT seconds to restore straight, curly, kinky, and wavy tresses back to their former glory.

A bottle of hair treatment


A can of dry shampoo meant to tide you over until your next wash day. Thanks to this essential, you can refresh your mane, eliminate dirt, oil, and debris, and pump up your tresses with some volume. 😉

A can of dry shampoo, a white hairbrush, yellow nail polish, a sunflower, and a jar with cotton swabs


A bottle of hair oil for folks who are absolutely tired of patting their head and weaves like Beyoncé. It features a mix of botanicals, herbs, and vitamins that strengthen, repair, and reduce breakage. Plus, it works wonders to control the itch. Scratched scalps are officially a thing of the past.

A person holding a bottle of hair oil


A sea salt spray for peeps on a mission to serve up long-lasting beachy waves without having to take a dip in the ocean. This cult-favorite combines Dead Sea salt and kelp to transform all hair types into a tousled, frizz-free, voluminous masterpiece meant to go the distance. 💕

A can of sea salt spray with a small comb


A set of compact Remington hot rollers for curl-lovers that are determined to rock bouncy spirals without spending hours in front of the mirror. Thanks to its anti-static technology, long-lasting curls sans the frizz is all you’ll serve up. Bonus: This set makes the perfect travel companion.

the set of black and purple hair rollers showing the dimensions


A Cantu cream shampoo because greasy strands are the ultimate beauty faux pas. Made with a clarifying formula, this essential goes the extra mile to gently cleanse your mane and remove dirt and impurities in a snap. Clean hair, do care! 😉

A bottle of cream shampoo and conditioner with a potted plant and patterned head scarf


A nourishing cream-gel for those looking for a one-and-done curl-saver. It combines the power of a cream to hydrate your strands and a gel to give each and every one of your curls supreme levels of definition sans the frizz. Are you in love or what? 😍

A tube of cream-gel and a bottle of spray gel


A scalp scrub for days when a trip to the salon is out of the question. This hyaluronic acid-rich formula comes in major clutch to remove buildup from your scalp while providing moisture — all without the hefty price tag. Scalp itch, who?

A tube of scalp scrub with a small dollop


A can of L’Oréal root spray that’ll keep your hair color in mint condition in between salon visits. This sensational find packs on color that lasts until your next shampoo. Pricey salon touch-ups are now yesterday’s news! Bonus: It comes in 11 shades. ✨


A hair mousse that is expertly crafted to give textured manes maximum hold and show-stopping shine. Now you can spend your time catching selfies instead of duking it out with that wretched flakiness and crunchy feel. Strike a pose, darlings! 📸

A bottle of hair mousse


A curl refresher spray you can bet your bottom dollar will revive limp and lackluster spirals in no time. It features a blend of coconut and jojoba oil that soothes, hydrates, and immediately gets rid of frizz for the perfect bounce. What are you waiting for? Add this to your cart STAT!


A Dove recovery hair mask designed to bring your tresses back to their former glory. Made with textured hair types in mind, this hydrating find penetrates your mane, supplies your strands with moisture, and strengthens your hair to make breakage irrelevant.

A jar of hair mask with bobby pins


A Suave heat protectant made to shield your mane from heat damage of up to 450 degrees. Featuring an amino acid complex, this pick softens, keeps hair strong (and I do mean strong 🦾), and improves manageability in all hair types. It checks all the boxes.

A bottle of hair cream, a heat protectant accelerator, and a hair refresher


A heated hair-straightening brush so you can satisfy your ~pressing~ desire to achieve silky-smooth strands in seconds without the risk of excess heat. This heated brush is a work of art that has a scalp guard, a ceramic construction, and cool tip ionic bristles that make frizz a non-factor and straight tresses a priority. Heat damage? Don’t know her!

A side-by-side photo of a person holding the heated straightening tool playing with their hair


A hair oil treatment for peeps that are ready to say au revoir to frizzy strands. It has argan oil and vitamin E that provides softness, improves manageability, and gives your mane hours upon hours of frizz control without looking like a grease ball. You hear that? That sounds like music to our ears!

A person pouring hair oil into their palm


A satin curling rod-headband for the hair mavens determined to avoid heat at all costs. It keeps your strands securely wrapped as you get your beauty sleep, leaving you with bouncy spirals in the morning. When you know better, you do better! Welcome to the curly hair promise land!

A person using a hair curling rod


A detangler hair brush for all the peeps annoyed with battling knots and tangles. It has ultra-soft IntelliFlex bristles that reviewers say never fail to detangle. Prepare to smooth through all hair textures like butter! 💖

A purple hair brush, a mirror, nail file, nail clip, toothbrush, pink nail polish, a beauty blender, and a scrunchie


An Aunt Jackie’s curling custard expertly formulated to elongate your curls, kinks, and coils to perfection. This bad boy also works to naturally condition, shape, and moisturize your strands, leaving you with a picture-perfect mane.

A person with a dollop of custard on their fingers above the jar


A purple shampoo that’s a match made in heaven for super-brassy strands. This sensational find works wonders to neutralize orange and yellow tones in your hair, so you can kiss frequent trips to your stylist goodbye!

A person pouring purple shampoo into their hands


And the coordinating purple conditioner to keep the brassy butt-kicking routine on track. This essential nourishes, conditions, and imparts hydration to your strands that’s meant to last. Who loves a salon treatment without the hefty price tag? We do! 🙂


A combination hair dryer and styler that works like magic and saves you time! This baby dries your hair fast and leaves you with Victoria Secret supermodel volume with every single use.

A person using a hair dryer and styler


An Aussie hairspray for folks ready to keep their hair voluminously in place long after the last dance of the night. This number is perfect for all hair types and is infused with bamboo and Australian kakadu plum to leave your hair looking anything but flat and dull.


A Dove leave-in conditioner that’s truly a godsend for coily, curly, and wavy hair textures. Featuring a blend of natural plant-derived ingredients, this 4-in-1 essential makes detangling sessions a breeze and provides hair with moisture, shine, and bounce. Textured hair crew, how does it feel to be the hair goddesses’ favorite? 😉

A trio of detangling leave-in conditioners


A Carol’s Daughter Coco Mist for the curly hair mavens that are determined to save their wash-and-go hairstyles. This number has a super-fine formula that works beautifully with wet and dry manes to keep your curl pattern on and popping — all without the heavy feel. You’re welcome.

A hair mist, shampoo, conditioner, mask, moisturizing butter, with cut coconuts, and slabs of shea and cocoa butter


A Camille Rose cleansing rinse for folks at their wit’s end with rough and jagged-feeling tresses. This Black woman-owned masterpiece is made with Asian ginger, castor seeds, and essential oils that seep into your strands to give your mane a rebirth of softness. Manageable hair is on the menu!

A jar of conditioning mask and a bottle of cleansing rinse


A rice water hair rinse to help transform thin hair into thick, lustrous strands. It has rice protein, rosemary, quinoa, and sunflower seed oil that come together to add nourishment and improve the appearance of your mane. Consider it a double win! 😊

A person holding a bottle of rice water rinse with a towel wrapped on their head


An As I Am cleansing conditioner meant to make your wash day routine 10 times easier. This multifunctional find detangles, cleanses, moisturizes, conditions, and creates the perfect environment for growth in just one step. It’s simply genius!

A jar of cowash laid on top of a swatch of product


A pre-shampoo by African Pride that has become my knight in shining armor for my hair. This innovative find goes the extra mile to make detangling feel like a walk in the park while enveloping your strands with moisture that lasts throughout the washing process and beyond. ✨

A set of pre-shampoo jars in the shower

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