31 Game-Changing Parenting Products From Walmart You'll Want To Add To Your Life


A kinetic sand set for keeping the kids busy while you get things done. A great sensory toy for children, stimulating multiple senses. Its unique formula makes it stick together so it easily shapes and molds but most importantly doesn’t make a mess like normal sand. (You could even use it with the next product. 😉)

Two kids playing with blue sand


A 3-in-1 outdoor activity table so your kids’ toys don’t completely take over your yard. This table not only keeps your kids out of the sun, it’s great for picnics, and activities. Not to mention it’s not a total eye sore in your gorgeous backyard!


Banana Boat kids sport sunscreen stick to prevent complaints about sunscreen running into your child’s eyes again. This is reef safe and made without oxybenzone or octinoxate because protecting your skin shouldn’t have to harm the reefs.

Sunscreen stick in package with orange background


An outdoor swing set with slide that will provide your kids with ~years~ of entertainment. Plus your children will be begging you to go outside (and when is the last time that has happened).

Women watching kids play on playset


A kids electronic toothbrush set for getting your child ~actually~ excited about brushing their teeth. The cup for rinsing will help to prevent a water soaked bathroom after every brushing. Bonus: it is equipped with a two minute timer to encourage kids to brush more throughly.


A Body Glove paddle pal so you can make sure your baby shark is safe. With all the trips to waterparks, beaches, lakes, and pool parties you want to make sure your little swimmer has fun while still staying safe.

Man watching little boy with paddle pal on


A mini stroller fan for keeping the kids cool while you are on the go. The flexible arms allow you to attach it to just about anything or make the arms into a tripod to sit on the countertop. The rechargeable battery fully charges in 2–3 hours. Chill out.

Four photos showing how you can use fan


A trampoline because screen time is out and outdoor fun is in! This is sure to tucker out your kids who are full of energy. The safety net will also put you at ease. Add a sprinkler and you have an at home waterpark. You are sure to get your money’s worth with this purchase.

Three kids and a dog jumping on trampoline


An automatic toothpaste dispenser so you don’t have to worry about ~slimy~ toothpaste all over the bathroom you just cleaned. This dispenses the perfect amount and is a fun interactive way to get kids excited about oral care.

Tiger toothpaste dispenser


A pop up beach tent because it’ll give your family some time away from those UV rays while at the beach or park. Pro tip: use it for a fort inside the house, just add pillows and blankets.


A hanging diaper organizer so you have all the essentials you need hanging right off the changing table or crib. This can hold up to 50 diapers (you know how fast you go through those).

Diaper organizer hanging from crib


An ice chest with wheels that’ll let you have cold drinks and snacks on hand at your kids sports games. Fresh orange slices for the team, go ahead and pat yourself on the back. The wheels make it convenient for you because as a parent your hands will be full as it is. And two cup holders, score!

Three people enjoying drinks on a blanket next to white ice chest


A rainbow hair clip holder so your child doesn’t constantly misplace their hair clips or bows. Even without hair clips this product is an adorable addition to any child’s room.

Rainbow hair clip holder hanging on wall in kids room


A Polaroid camera to capture those special moments. Sure photos on your phone are great, but it’s fun to have the printed pictures. This is also easy for children to use so they can join in on the fun. Pro tip: give photos to your child’s friends so they have a little keepsake to take home.

Blue Polaroid camera with carrying case


A tablet case for protecting your iPad from the kids when they are fighting over who gets the tablet. This case is made of treated foam that creates a shock-proof and child-proof shell around your tablet, preventing fall damage and scratches.

Blue tablet case


A three pack of toddler plates with suction bottoms so you don’t have to worry about a whole plate of food ending up on the floor. Easily sackable and packable silicone plates you can bring with you to restaurants.


A Band-Aid antiseptic cleansing foam for kids so there is no sting when you are cleaning your child’s scrapes or cuts. You don’t want to have to put you child through more pain than they are already experiencing.


A toy storage hammock, a ~cute~ way to store your child’s expensive collection of stuff animals that they cannot part with. The stylish design of the macrame adds a decorative touch while still being a functional organization tool your child can just toss toys into.

Hammock with stuffed animals


A pack of 50 hair ties so the only Tangled you’ll be seeing is the Disney movie. These hair ties are soft seamless cotton elastic with no metal so they won’t snag or damage your little Rapunzel’s hair.

Showing hair ties and hair ties in woman's hair


A portable booster seat to provide a seat for your little one no matter where your are. Includes a safety strap so you can use on any adult chair because in your family everyone deserves a seat at the table. Folds up small so you can store it away when your little one wants their freedom.


A 3-in-1 Radio Flyer tailgater wagon because tailgating looks a little different when your a parent. This wagon does it all, it has cup holders, bench seating, a canopy, seat belts, *and* a stow away caddy for extra storage. No more making multiple trips to the minivan with this wagon!

Two kids sitting in red wagon with ice chest on the back


A 3-in-1 travel playpen so where ever you go you will have a playpen, crib, and changing table. Packs up into a bag and only weighs 21 pounds so easy to travel with. Bonus: it comes with a mosquito net and hanging toy!

Baby sitting next to 3 in 1 playpen


Burt’s Bees baby ointment so ‘smooth as a baby’s bottom’ is not just an expression, it’s true. This is 100% natural origin ointment so you can use it on the face or body *and* scrapes or cuts!

Jar of ointment


A kids detangler spray because wild hair day is over and you can let those tangles go. Tear-free *and* has a fruity berry scent your child will love.

Bottle of Frozen detangler spray


A boo boo tool to cheer up your little one and bring them some relief. This works as both a heating *and* cooling pad by simply throwing it in the freezer or microwave. I had one like this as a child and it always brought me comfort.

Pink elephant boo boo tool


A pair of nail scissors so you can trim you baby’s nails with ease and continue to do so as they grow older. Nail files simply take too long and it’s hard enough trying to get your little munchkin’ to sit still.

Nail scissors


A choking first-aid kit for both children and adults so you can be prepared in case an accident happens. LifeVac is a non-invasive, non-powered, portable airway clearance device that has been developed to remove an object or food from a victim with an airway obstruction.

Choking first aid kit with intstructions


A magnetic chore chart because no one gets a free ride in your home. All jokes aside, this is a great way to teach your child responsibility and develop life skills. This dry-erase chart can be reused as many times as needed because chores are a never-ending battle.

Kid using responsibility chart


A bath time easy kneeler so your knees *and* elbows aren’t killing you at bath time. The storage pockets allow for an organized space and quick access to bath products when your little swimmer is going for the gold.

Kneeling pad on the side of a bath tub


Cooling relief pads if your child has a fever or if they just need to cool down in this summer heat. Throw a few sheets in your child’s sports bags or carry a few in your purse for immediate relief that lasts up to eight hours.

Box of cooling relief pads


A pack of boogie wipes so your little one won’t look like Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer after blowing their nose. Aloe, chamomile, *and* vitamin E so wipes are extra soft, safe *and* gentle for all ages.

Baby getting into pack of wipes

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