30 Things From Wayfair That’ll Prove You Don’t Need To Move To Get Your Dream Home


A four-piece outdoor furniture set so you can basically add another “room” to the house — and it will 100% be your new favorite space.

The four-piece set in brown with navy cushions


An adjustable-width closet organizer to give you the closet of your dreams (okay, so it’s not quite a full walk-in with a dressing area and a shoe wall, but this will do the trick).


A chic bar cart that will create a social and welcoming space for people to gather around, because you’ve always said you wanted to entertain!

a reviewer photo of the bar cart with bottles and glassware


An elevated garden planter for those of us who don’t have extensive outdoor space. This is the year you become the urban farmer you were always destined to be.

a reviewer photo of the planter on a deck


A stylish adjustable standing desk, because you don’t need the Resolute desk, but you do need something better than the cardboard boxes you’ve had stacked for two years now.

the desk in a home office


A room-darkening curtain panel or two so you can keep the light — and perhaps even the nosy neighbors you’d like to avoid — out.

The curtain pictured in the mineral color


A combination air fryer and toaster oven, because even though you might not have a chef’s kitchen with a double oven, this little guy can work wonders and churn out delicious side dishes while the main event cooks.

a reviewer photo of the toaster oven air fryer on a kitchen counter


A luxurious freestanding soaking tub that will totally transform your bathroom and how you experience it. Who said taking a bath before bed was just for the kiddos?

a reviewer photo of the tub in a bathroom


A hall tree so you don’t feel tempted to move just to get a coat closet. No more tripping over that gigantic pile of shoes, jackets, backpacks, and purses next to the door.

The organizer holding shoes, bags, hats, and scarves


A kids’ playground set that will change your world because you can sit and have a moment of peace (and even drink your coffee while it’s still hot) while the kiddos get their wiggles out.

a reviewer photo of the playset in a yard


A convertible sofa that not only shows you have good taste but also that you’re a thoughtful host for out-of-town guests. This is perfect if you don’t have a separate guest bedroom but really wish you did.


A kitchen cart that can give you the island you’ve always wanted but without the headache of a kitchen reno (save that for next year).


A modern vanity to update the bathroom and give you enough under-the-sink storage to hold your rapidly expanding skincare collection.

a reviewer photo of the gray vanity in a bathroom


A chic chandelier that will brighten things up a bit and have you seeing the home you’ve made in a whole new, well, light.

a reviewer photo of the matte black chandelier


A gold arched standing mirror to make any space look bigger and also provide the perfect spot for you to snap a fabulous pic of your OOTD.

The mirror standing in the corner of a room


A three-bag laundry sorter with shelving that will turn your least favorite chore into the stuff organizing dreams are made of (and maybe even prevent more laundry mountains from forming).

The laundry sorter with cleaning products on its shelves


A set of vinyl peel-and-stick mosaic tiles, because upgrading your backsplash is a great way to *stick* the landing with a kitchen or bathroom refresh.

The peel and stick tile on a bathroom wall.


A Hollywood-style vanity that will add some serious glam to your room, complete with the good lighting a star like you deserves. ?

a reviewer photo of the white vanity in a bedroom


An upgraded shower head with different water pressure options because the ~drip, drip, drip~ you currently have is just not working for you.


An electric fireplace that actually delivers heat because you’ve always dreamed of sitting by the fire with a good book. What’s more is this one comes without all the mess and maintenance!

a reviewer photo of the electric fireplace in white


A set of two pretty canvas prints to hang on the white wall that you’ve spent way too much time staring at and trying to figure out what to do with.

a reviewer photo of the paintings on the wall of a dining room


A pull-down touch-activated faucet that you can install yourself and might even make doing the dishes more enjoyable. Yeah, let that *sink* in.

A person uses the touch functionality on the brushed gold faucet


A pool table to turn your basement into the town’s best new billiards bar (jukebox, regulars, and $1 drinks not included).

reviewer's photo of the pool table


A colorful flat-weave rug that will hide the old flooring you just can’t *stand* to look at anymore — plus, your feet will thank you!

The rug styled in a living room


A solid wood room divider so you can carve out some space for a WFH office or create the perfect private workout area for your beloved stationary bike.

the divider in the natural color


A steel wood-burning fire pit that will have you feeling toasty and like you’re out camping with your friends — even if it’s just in your backyard.

A group of friends sits around the lit fire pit


A splurge-worthy refrigerator upgrade that you will use every single day and wonder how you even lived without it before. The “family hub” can show photos, play music, display recipes, and even show you what’s inside the fridge without opening the door.

The refrigerator in the stainless steel color


An all-season down-alternative comforter to give you a renewed sense of appreciation for your bed and a refreshed perspective on your home each day after a perfect night’s sleep.

the comforter on a bed


A clear plastic organizer that will help give your pantry the rainbow-organized glow-up it deserves.

A person reaches for snacks in the clear plastic organizer


A storage ottoman that can help you take your kiddo’s play space (aka your living room) back to a place where adults can sit and relax in a matter of minutes.

The gray storage ottoman pictured in a living room

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