30 Things From Wayfair That’ll Make Your Dorm A Place You Actually Want To Show Off


An adjustable lap desk that works for laptops, tablets, and books, so you can 100% justify studying from bed.


A portable sound machine with 45 preset sounds, nature sounds, and white noise, plus a built-in timer to craft a super soothing vibe in your space (also just in case your brand-new randomly assigned roomie has a snoring habit).


A five-piece desk organizing set, so you’ll basically have no excuse NOT to keep your study space spick and span.


A set of six battery-powered LED puck lights that you can install so you’ll never have to turn on that dreaded, ambience-destroying overhead light in your dorm — especially helpful for when you’re coming home late at night to a lightly sleeping roommate. The best part? These babies, which you mount using the included adhesive tape, are remote controllable, so you won’t have to get out of bed if you forget to turn them off!


A tiny desktop fan to keep your room and you cool while you work up a (mental) sweat with all that studying you *totally* plan on doing.


A Keurig single-serve coffee maker that’s perfect for keeping you and all your new friends caffeinated — especially come midterms and finals. Bonus points because the single-serve function benefits your wallet AND your nerves.

the Keurig in blue on a reviewer's counter


A pair of glass desk risers in case you’re a multi-monitor type of student, or simply want to ~level up~ the look of your desk space.


An egg maker for when you want to offer your guests something beyond the bag of chips you “borrowed” from the cafeteria. With this device, you can make a quick and easy snack, right in your dorm room. It poaches, makes hard- and soft-boiled eggs, and even whips up omelets! How eggs-traordinary (sorry).

the maker in blue with eggs next to it


A lightweight bagless, cordless Dyson vacuum that will keep those decades-old dorm carpets clean, but also won’t take up *too* much precious storage space in your room. I know you think you won’t need a vacuum at school, but TRUST me, you will.

The vacuum


A double cereal dispenser to bring the *best* part of the campus cafeteria back to your dorm room with you. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all, so why not make it the most fun, as well?

the cereal dispenser filled with lucky charms and fruitloops


A crinkle-design duvet cover set that’ll look super chic on your bed and is *especially* cute on an unmade/quickly made bed — aka the ideal duvet cover for students.


A thermal blackout curtain panel, in case those blinds that came with your dorm room are doing absolutely nothing for your early morning peace (or, if your room is on a lower level, your privacy). The polyester curtains keep out light, and may even reduce noise — key for anyone with a quad-facing room.

Reviewer's photo of the curtains in the color Blush


A laundry hamper on wheels with a removable bag and sturdy steel frame that looks much chicer than the ol’ “bag thrown over the back of the door.” Plus, it’ll make lugging all that laundry you’ll end up putting off down to the dorm laundry room way easier.


A full-length floor mirror to help you test-run all the ~looks~ you’ll be serving on campus this semester. It can be leaned against a wall or mounted, plus this mirror can make your room look larger if you position it opposite a window. Now neither you nor your style will be ~cramped~!


A stainless-steel electric tea kettle because even if you weren’t a tea drinker before now, college will turn you. There’s just nothing more comforting on a homesick or stressful night than a warm cup of tea.

stainless steel tea kettle


A Dyson fan and air purifier to keep the air in your room as fresh as technologically possible, thereby ensuring it becomes THE room to hang out in. This product is also perfect for anyone afflicted with allergies or asthma (those dorm carpets are dust traps). Definitely could’ve used one of these bad boys spring of my freshman year…


A microfiber sheet set with four (4!) pillowcases included, so you can have more than one sad solo pillow on your bed. Plus, you could actually swap out your pillowcase as often as dermatologists recommend, instead of waiting until they get visibly gross! A true accomplishment.

the sheet set in light pink


A memory foam medium support pillow made of hypoallergenic material and built-in cooling technology, to help make your bed into the comfy oasis every college student deserves.

the white pillow with blue piping


A retro microwave because having an easy way to make Easy Mac in your dorm is *essential* to the college experience. Plus, this one actually adds to the cuteness level of your space.


A handmade shag faux sheepskin area rug if the storied carpeting that comes with your room is just…*beyond* saving. This one looks luxurious — so luxurious that you could literally sleep on the floor (this might be you if you get the top bunk).


A hanging closet organizer with four compartments, because that teeny, tiny, shelf-less dorm closet is not doing anyone any favors.


And a mini cloth and metal dresser while you’re at it, for storing anything from extra clothes to books. Basically, extra storage is the *key* to a put-together(ish) dorm room.

the dresser in white and brown


An animal print accent pillow that looks like a prop pulled straight out of a Wes Anderson film, to let all your fellow students know you’ve got ~taste~.


A roll of fractured peel-and-stick wallpaper to help accent those ultra boring white walls, without getting in trouble with your RA.


A weighted blanket that will look super stylish on the edge of your bed and is handy for hiding under when that project you’ve been putting off for weeks finally starts to feel real… roughly six hours before it’s due.

Reviewer's photo of the weighted blanket in the color Pink/grey


A geometric table lamp with two USB charging ports for when you’re burning the midnight oil (sans the titular oil lamp, ofc), and need to charge allllll your devices. I know dorms typically provide you with some sort of lamp, but certainly not one as ~chic~ as this.

the black and gold table lamp on a side table next to a reviewer's bed


A set of three wicker baskets to turn your storage space into a ~statement piece~.


A 100% wool pillow so fluffy, it’ll be like having an emotional support animal to cuddle up to every night, without any of the cleanup or cost of bringing an actual pet with you to the dorms.


A four-level makeup organizer that doubles as a display case to show off your impressive cosmetics collection, whilst still preserving precious counter space.


A portable, height adjustable desk that can easily be repositioned around your room and works as a standing, sitting, or even bedside desk! Perfect for hosting extra people for a study session in your room — or if you’re like me and can’t sit still in one spot for too long (or very long at all, TBH).

The standing desk next to a couch

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