30 Things From Wayfair That’ll Affordably Transform Your Backyard


A two-person seating group with cushions if you’re like me and happen to be the only person in your apartment building that doesn’t have ANYTHING out on your porch — aka your version of a backyard. Le sigh. With two cushions, two rocking-style chairs, and a table, this set will not only make your backyard look warm and inviting, but also look like you’re actually living in your place and not squatting in it.

The two-person seating group with cushions


A market umbrella, which, btw, is weather and UV resistant, so it’ll handle all of Mother Nature’s dramatic outbursts. Since this umbrella also offers plenty of color options to work with, you can add a punch of color (I got the Tuscan color in my cart right now btw) to any lifeless backyard that could use some extra pizzazz.

The yellow market umbrella


A gas grill because we all know food tastes better on the ‘barbie.’ Grilled pizza, grilled apple pie, and, ofc, grilled kebabs — you can create all kinds of mouth-watering grub right in your backyard. Plus, this grill comes with a side burner and storage cabinet to make entertaining a large group a whole lot easier. Now, you can put a “Master of the Grill” coffee mug on the top of your letter to Santa this year.

The gas grill with side burner and cabinet


A small ceramic koi fountain that’ll bring some zen vibes to your backyard. Go ahead and open up that meditation app, take a deep breath, and get ready to dial up your self-care game up a notch.

A reviewer's image of the small ceramic koi fountain


An outdoor rug, aka your secret weapon to hide the small cracks on your backyard porch before your overtly critical friends arrive for dinner. Plus, because this rug is durable and lays out nicely from the minute you unbox it, you’ll never have to think twice about it flying away the next time the wind starts getting wonky.

A reviewer's image of the indoor/outdoor rug


An iron arbor everyone — and I mean EVERYONE — will ask where you got it from. Not only does it add some instant fairytale ambiance to your backyard, but it’s also rust-resistant, meaning it won’t fade over time. Time to embrace your inner cottagecore persona.


A set of two outdoor throw pillows for all you folks who gravitate towards a whimsical Bohemian aesthetic filled with bright and vibrant colors. However, these pillows aren’t just colorful — they’re also UV-resistant, so they’ll be able to handle long hours of sunshine like a champ. Now, if only I could sit in the sun that long without turning into a total lobster…

The indoor/outdoor pillows


Or a rectangular pillow to remind you to take a deep breath, turn off your phone, and relax when you’re in the backyard. In addition to its good looks, this pillow is stain and weather-resistant, so if you christen yourself royally with red wine, at least you won’t have a complicated furniture cleanup on your hands.

A reviewer's image of two rectangular pillows with "unwind" and "relax" phrases


A set of solar-powered pathway lights because who wouldn’t want some mini fireworks to light the way when it is pitch black outside? With this solar-powered powerhouse that provides lighting for hours, you’re looking at a major electricity saver over here!

The solar-powered pathway lights


A set of seat cushions that’ll inject some much-needed color to your deck or patio. Bonus! You can also use these cushions on your dining room chairs, so you’ll have something to use indoors and outdoors all year round. Score!

A set of two sky blue outdoor seat cushions


A steel wood-burning fire pit complete with a mesmerizing star and moon pattern on it, because we’re all in need of an excuse to go outside and get away from our phones every so often. Since this fire pit is just the right size, it can easily be placed on small porches and patios without being a total space hog.

the fire pit with a fire in it


A piece of dragonfly outdoor wall art if your backyard fence or shed could use a little excitement these days. And because this piece is so detailed and looks handmade, don’t be surprised if all your guests assume you got it from Etsy or went into a bidding war on eBay for it.

A reviewer's image of the dragonfly outdoor wall art


A set of bulb globe string lights to create some instant ambiance right in your own backyard. These string lights create the perfect warm ambiance (not too bright or harsh) so they’ll only enhance all your get-togethers this summer. Oh, and did I mention that they come with some extra replacement bulbs, so changing them will be as easy as ABC? Because they do.

A reviewer's image of the bulb globe string lights set


A metal bar cart with wheels to make entertaining a breeze. Now, when you have company over, you’ll be able to have drinks, serving trays, and dining ware ready to go like a hostess with the mostest.

The ruby red metal cart


A birdbath that not only adds some color to your garden but also keeps all the wildlife happy, healthy, and hydrated. I mean, Snow White has her animal friends, why can’t you?

The turquoise birdbath


A solid wood dining table, so you’ll have something to eat off of for a lifetime. After all, thanks to its timeless construction, it can withstand all the backyard decor and weather changes throughout the years. And much like a good indoor-outdoor rug, you can bring this table indoors whenever a rainstorm is in the cards.


A steel grill gazebo for…well, grilling. Because when you’re flipping dogs and burgers, you don’t want to be burning in the sun’s and the grill’s heat. Even better is that this gazebo can be moved around easily, so if you’re not grilling, you can easily use it over the hot tub, over the patio, and more.


An elevated garden bed planter with a built-in drainage tap, so all your blooms and herbs can grow without the worry you’re overwatering them. And if it’s an industrial-inspired decor look you’re after, rest assured that this planter will definitely help your patio look the part.

The elevated garden bed planter with a drainage tap


A weather station clock that can be easily mounted to your fence or shed, so you’ll always know what time it is as you ~un-plug~ outside. In addition to telling time, this clock also lets you check the temperature and humidity levels outside. Rustic!

The weather station clock mounted onto a wooden fence


Or an actual garden thermometer, so you not only have something pretty to spruce up your space, but you’ll always know what temperature it is outside. Now, you can really leave your phone inside when it’s relax-o’clock.

The garden accent thermometer


A plastic pot planter that not only puts all your beautiful blooms on display but also dresses up a bare sliding door in a jiffy. The best part? When you’re not using these in the backyard, you can also place them near the front door. See? Awesome items you can use whenever and wherever.

A reviewer's image of two plastic pot planters


An adjustable metal gate kit to make repairs to your old backyard gate or start fresh with a new one. Equipped with a vertical frame, spreader bars, frame hinges, post hinges, two-way gate latch kit, truss cable, and screws, this is one kit that will make you feel like an HGTV superstar tackling any and all DIY challenges thrown your way.

A reviewer's image of the adjustable metal gate


Or a wooden fence panel if building a gate is just simply too much (I get it). This will provide some privacy from nosy neighbors and even add some stylish design to your backyard. Plus, real fencing can be pretty expensive these days, so grabbing two or three of these, can create that fence-like look, without the hefty price tag.

A reviewer's image of the wooden fence panel


A tabletop fireplace for instant mood lighting without any soot or ash coming into play. Personally love the whole ~cozy fire ambiance~ without the literal fire hazard of a real flame.

A tabletop fireplace with flame guard


A long bistro set that can easily be folded and put away when you’re not using it, so you’ll always have easy seating options right at your fingertips — especially when company shows up unannounced and expects you to entertain them.


A white horizontal storage shed if your garage is filled to the brim with stuff and you’re looking for something elegant and functional to spice up your backyard. Armed with two built-in shelves and a lock door feature, expect this shed to not only receive *tons* of compliments but also to hold everything from garden supplies to pool toys.

the white storage shed


A non-slip outdoor mat to breathe some life into your backyard sliding door, and, of course, stop dirt from tracking into your house.

A reviewer's image of a non-slip outdoor mat


A peacock statue that’s really like no other. I mean just look at that ornate design and those mesmerizing colors!! If you must know, I will be adding one of these to my own shopping cart, so better get shopping before I buy them all.

The outdoor peacock statue


A circular outdoor area rug you can fit nicely under all your patio furniture to add a pop of floral awesomeness if maybe you don’t have a super green thumb. With the right amount of pile and stain-resistant properties, trust that this is one rug that is perfect for all the high-traffic areas in your backyard.

The circular outdoor area rug


And finally, a saucer swing set, so all of your littlest littles have a fun way to enjoy screen-free time outside in the fresh air.

The saucer swing set

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