28 Products Reviewers Won't Ever Go Without Again Now That They've Tried Them


A Revlon oil-absorbing facial roller to get your lovely face looking marvelously matte in no time. Why have you been burning through all those blotting papers when this wonderful reusable option exists???


The perfect tomato-slicing knife, which over 1,000 reviewers love. Notoriously difficult-to-slice fruits are no match for this wonder.


A roll-up dish rack that’s so much more than a dish rack. It’ll save you a ridiculous amount of counter space, both during cooking and cleanup, since you can use it to dry dishes, thaw meat, and strain veggies, or even as just another place to put cutting boards and dishes during meal prep. And when you’re done, you can just roll it up and put it under the sink!


O’Keeffe’s Working Hands cream, the ultimate savior for cracked knuckles (be they from working outdoors or just washing your hands constantly) that over 13,700 Amazon reviewers swear by.


A roll-on headache and migraine relief stick, which I haven’t stopped recommending and buying since I first tried — and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.


A rather miraculous vitamin solution to help even the most pitiful plants grow up big and strong and develop such great roots, they should play on The Tonight Show. It can help with transplant shock, too!

three photos of a reviewer's plant at week two, three, and four, with new roots


Musher’s Secret, a vitamin E and beeswax balm that’ll soothe and protect your poor pup’s pads against the elements, which is no small ~feet~ during blistering summers and icy winters. Reviewers also like using it for dry doggo noses and human feet, too!


DressWeights, heroic little weights that adhere to your hem to prevent a wind-induced wardrobe malfunction. And here you thought the only way to do that was to learn to control the weather.

model applying one of the oval shaped weights to the inside hem of their dress


Super slim and convenient ice packs that are a huge improvement from the bulky monstrosities you (or your kiddo) used to tote in your (or their) lunch bag.


A mold and mildew stain remover for grout sure to make you wanna take before and after pics so you can tile all your friends about it.


A massaging, exfoliating, and blood flow-increasing scalp brush over 6,000 (!!!) reviewers swear by to give you that feeling of someone deep shampooing your hair at a salon, not to mention help with dandruff and buildup, and even help encourage hair growth!

A reviewer using the teal silicone brush on their wet, shampooed hair


Knee-high compression socks woven with copper that’ll help increase blood flow and reduce swelling and soreness when you’re on your feet from morning ’til night, or even if you’re just going for a morning run or taking a long flight. Bonus: These come in lots of cute color and pattern options!


The ToiletShroom, a flexible unclogging tool for anyone who has ever been in a ~situation~ where a regular plunger was just not going to cut it. There is a better way — poo knew?


Super durable and reliable Invisibobble hair ties basically guaranteed to become your new everyday must-have. They blend in with your ‘do and actually stay in place as you ~do~ your thing, unlike the fabric-covered elastics you’ve been using every day since middle school — trust me, you’re never going back.


Arm & Hammer cat litter deodorizer, which is made with stink-busting baking soda to help save you from the stench of your catto’s box. You love your kitty, but let’s face it — they’re nasty.

box of the product


Briogeo’s Scalp Revival Charcoal and Coconut Oil Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo that’s here to save the day if you’re dealing with a dry, flaky scalp. It’ll vanish said flakes so fast, it’s basically magic.

a reviewer's scalp after one wash, with a sore and dandruff flakes, then three washes later with almost no flakes and just one small sore


The Cat Dancer, a super-simple wire toy that every cat and owner alike will become paws-itively obsessed with. It’s the under-$2 way to get your cat to perform the most hilarious antics of their nine lives, so I suggest having a camera ready.


DampRid moisture absorber, which comes in handy little tubs and is perfect for anyone who always assumed that icky, humid summer smell was just something they were going to have to live with in their home. Nope, you plus this trusty product are the superhero duo your sticky bathroom has been waiting for.

A tub of the product on a bathroom counter


An easily portable (and even packable!) handheld steamer to save you trips to the cleaners and keep your favorite shirt looking like the day you bought it. “Hopelessly” wrinkled clothes may not be so hopeless after all.


A super convenient magnetic wristband strong enough to hold up to one pound (!!!) of tools you want to have close at hand, so it’ll be like you have an assistant right there with you. This is like a double whammy of DIY: you can fix the problem of not being able to reach everything yourself *while* you fix other things around the house yourself.

model wearing red wristband with nails stuck to it while they hammer one into wood


CND SolarOil, a low-key magical oil here to banish brittle nails and dry cuticles for good. Nailed it!


Classic Aquaphor Lip Repair with soothing and moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, chamomile essence, and vitamins C and E that’ll basically give your kisser spa-worthy results for under $5.


Sunny & Honey Carpet Miracle, a cruelty-free formula you can use in most any carpet cleaning machine to battle stains made by humans and pets alike. Your dog isn’t the only one who sometimes has accidents, though yours are less the bathroom variety and more the spilling-a-full-glass-of-merlot variety.

before and after of a reviewer's carpet looking cleaner and brighter after 10 minutes of work, plus a test strip through a dirty patch showing how clean it gets the carpet


A super affordable frosting spatula reviewers have used to decorate their creations like they’re from a fancy bakery. Extra Instagram likes are basically included free of charge.


An amazing dark spot correcting cream people swear by for fading acne and shaving scars, and that can even help with hyperpigmentation and sun damage. Basically, it’s a jar of pure magic.

model with lots of acne scars and then the marks mostly faded


A ~handy~ grooming glove over 3,500 pet owners swear by for giving their tiny shed monster a groom they’ll actually enjoy — and saving themselves from a house full of hair.

You and your new must-have product:

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