27 Under-$50 Products From Target That'll Prove You Can Have Nice Things On A College Budget


A set of lantern string lights for the ideal off-campus balcony vibes. If you learn one thing in college, it’s to never underestimate the power of mood lighting.


A Himalayan salt lamp for a totally chilled-out vibe. Transform your space into the chicest meditation studio in town with this adult nightlight.

A Himalayan salt lamp


A voice-controlled Echo Dot Bluetooth smart speaker so you can ask Alexa to play music, control compatible smart home devices, and basically never have to get out of bed again. “Alexa, remind me to go to class.”

An Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation on a table


A mini waffle maker because waffles are amazing but the mess hall line is long. Treat your tastebuds to the world’s best breakfast with half the hassle and set the world record for the most mini waffles consumed in a week.

A mini waffle maker on a kitchen counter surrounded by food


A woven polka-dot wastebasket that’ll hold your surplus of dirty clothes while serving as an incredibly chic addition to your space. Plus, you don’t have to worry about it getting grimy because this basket comes with a plastic liner that’s easy to wipe down.

the waste basket


A set of curtain string lights for an extra dreamy vibe. We won’t judge you for rocking some Christmas ambience all year round!

A set of curtain lights


A four-pack of marble coasters that’ll protect surfaces from the many celebratory drinks you’re bound to enjoy. Nothing says class like a red Solo cup on a fancy coaster.


An Olive & June long-lasting nail polish because a quality mani/pedi doesn’t have to break the bank. Show your hands off with cruelty-free, vegan polish that’s perfect for playing beer pong.

A manicured hand holding a bottle of nail polish


A facial steamer for whenever you need to take 15 minutes to forget about climate change, politics, exams, and that DM from your ex. Steam the stress away so you’re ready to deal all over again tomorrow.

A facial steamer


A shower curtain so you can shower in peace and in style. Florals? For your bathroom? Groundbreaking.

A decorative shower curtain


A stoneware serving bowl because a quality bowl is the top sign that you’re thriving. What you fill it with is up to you! (Snacks, fill it with late-night snacks!)

A stoneware serving bowl


A dorm-friendly peel-and-stick wallpaper, so you can spice up your walls without committing to repainting. Nothing says adulting like an accent wall.

A floral wallpaper


A plush bath rug, because even if you already have a rug, it has probably seen better days. A newer, minimalist one will instantly modernize your bathroom.

A grey bath rug in outside a bathtub


A couple of curtain panels that’ll serve as the perfect light diffusing shield for your highly anticipated hangovers. Never underestimate the life-saving powers of light-filtering drapes.

A set of black and white striped curtains


A popcorn maker for revolutionizing the way you do movie nights. Grab a projector, an oversized sheet, the most perfectly popped popcorn, and enjoy!

the aqua popcorn maker with popcorn inside


A ceramic color-changing oil diffuser, because your room should smell as great as you do. Cut-out detailing, an eight-hour run time, an internal light, and an automatic shutoff — it’s the best way to hide that “skunk” smell coming out of your dorm.

A white ceramic cutout diffuser on a console table


A wood bed tray for DIY room service. Skip the line at the dining hall and enjoy your meals in the best place in the world: your bed. *Food not included.

A wood bed tray


A desk lamp so you can properly (and stylishly) light up your reading and study station. Pop a color-changing bulb in for the best and brightest ambiance in the building.


An oil reed diffuser for the easiest way to fill your space with sweet, calming scents. Exams stressing you out? Study next to this.

An oil reed diffuser


A set of two canvas prints so you can finally take down your Bob Marley tapestries and upgrade to a sophisticated decor. Framed canvas > torn tapestry.

the two canvas prints with drawings of holding hands


A neutral throw blanket because a supremely soft throw is a must. Bundle up in this blanket of pure joy and binge House Of Dragons all night long.

A throw blanket


A set of three storage canisters so you never again have to face the horror of going for your fave snack, only to discover the bag has ripped and the snack is stale. With these airtight containers, you can have fresh Oreos any time.

the three canisters filled with dry goods


A reversible comforter since your AC is cranked so high it feels like winter. Cuddle up with this blanket and set your phone to *do not disturb* so you can bond with your TV better.

the green reversible comforter on a bed


An oversized velvet floor pillow, so you can always have the best seat in the house. When your dorm room is so small that a chair is out of the question, this fab cushion (that can be stowed under the bed) will be clutch when friends pop in. Decor, function, and oh-so comfortable.

the four round floor pillows in different colors


An electric wine opener because you just turned 21 and always pictured yourself becoming more of a wine connoisseur than a screw top rookie. Skip the boxed wine and wow your friends with the best toy ever.

a hand using the electric wine opener


A portable Bluetooth speaker that’ll make you the life of the party everywhere you go. Go ahead, start a dance party in the library!

A portable speaker


A French press set with two mugs so you can start your mornings off the right way. Fuel up with your daily caffeine fix just like the French — extra bold and super chic.

A French press coffee maker and two glass mugs

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